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  • dacid

    @herohiro he’s doing an interview with Oprah. He’s obviously fuccing relevant.

  • herohiro

    well you make sure to remind me in the checkout line whe youre buying hes album

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @herohiro. Curtis Jackson doesn’t hide about his past unlike William L. Roberts. How can you be mad at a dude thats helping to feed families?

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  • michelle michelle

    I kind of feel sorry for him. He sounds lonely and his music career sounds directionless. If his goal is solely financial then he’s clearly a success.

    If his goals include love, friendship and/or a musical connection to his audience then he seems lost.

    His role as a father and a philanthropist seem to hold out his best hope for relevance and happiness.

  • Black Shady

    50 is that nigga!

  • slick

    daily motions video player sucks, how you gonna put a commercial in the middle of a video? put it at the start and let it play through

  • seemoregan

    @michelle michelle

    i saw nothing that showed signs of loneliness. 50 just doesn’t let people in his life. You have to save something for yourself.

    You’re clearly an idiot! 50 is happy as heaven and now he’s figuring out ways to give his life even more meaning instead of being selfish like most of these rappers.

  • jigga

    @herohiro has no idea what relevant is…for him to be on oprah he has obviously made it to where ross and company will never be>>>> so he obviously has to be a hater

  • mac DIESEL

    michelle michelle says:

    I kind of feel sorry for him. He sounds lonely and his music career sounds directionless. If his goal is solely financial then he

  • michelle michelle

    @mac DIESEL I agree with you on the music side

    On the personal side, I get it. “The circle gets smaller the walls get taller”. I just felt for 50 when he was discussing his personal relationships.

    Last week Oprah asked him if he has ever been in love, he said no …he’s 37. When she asked who loved him or who has his back he struggled to come up with anyone other than his grandmother. He eventually said Mayweather was his friend but that their friendship isn’t based on character or similarities, it’s based on the fact that they both have money.

    I usually don’t have much sympathy for the rich and famous. I think it’s a testament to 50’s honesty that he allowed us to see this side of him. Maybe he should bring this honesty to his new music.

  • donald

    Im Buying His Album EXPECT HEAT

  • herohiro

    Well if y’all think any rap niggas are gangsta 24/7 prove it to me there just hood niggas with money that’s it 50 maybe the smartest of said niggas but music wise he’s not important, ifso where’s he’s hit single right now I turn on the radio all I hear is mmg I’m not an mmg by anymeans but ross is doing something right.

  • herohiro

    @zoomzoom never said I was mad just saying musicaly he may be uninspired…when kanye beat him with the graduation album,that was the day gangsta rap died

  • Damn how easily people forget about the impact someone had on music and culture.. This dude 50 ruled my H.S senior year.. that first album plays like a soundtrack to my life at that point.

    he might not have a song on heavy rotation 1000 times a day on radio nation wide.. but the impact his life and career has made on the whole industry can never be touched.. only by others like Jay, Em, etc… Sorry but that kind of impact doesn’t happen anymore in this heavily recyclable climate of music we live in today.. Especially Rap music that is played on radio….

    just my 2 cents about this here 50 cent


  • herohiro

    Well most people have flame the burns longer then others his was a dynamite the “aftermath” shook up the whole industry but it was a an event that is gone but not forgotten so in conclusion he’s washed up musically the only reason he’s popular is because of flloyd mayweather …

  • Tru Talk

    @herohiro a chief Keef, Drake, nicki and officer ross fan lol

  • herohiro

    I’m as far as a fan from them niggas as I can be lol slaughterhouse all day youngin infact if you watch their vlogs they post I can be seen in the intro went to there show in houston they killed [email protected] talk a lil zane, jarule, lil romeo and ace hood fan.