New Video: 2 Chainz x Drake “No Lie”

With more than enough women to please our eyes, 2 Chainz and Drake keep it simple with the black and white in their new video. Directed by X.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    @ MAC I need that short bus shawty video asap.

    Wish he’d hurry up and drop that album so it could flop.

  • ya boy



    Song flopped on the hot 100

  • M.T

    this track been growing on me lately. cool vid


    Everyone bussin these black and white videos now? Like it none the less. Can’t hate.

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  • Gambino

    great pregame song…terrible when it’s edited tho

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  • DAMNlookatHIM

    It looks like an unimaginative version of Hova’s “On To The Next One” vid. Decent track though.

  • JustMyOpinion


    We get it… make beats.Give it up.

  • Rob Forte

    Nice vid.Check me out and subscribe. There’s WAY more lyrical songs as well on my YouTube page.

  • Dope song cool video.This been my real simple.I see niggas ain’t trying to spend.Nice chicks.

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  • Cromer Beats

    @JustMyOpinion…Kool I get it. I used to be you. I bashed niggas all the time for exactly this. Just scroll past it or join the movement. I’m sure in real life you do the same when you see something you don’t like or support.

    I’m a regular ass nigga just like you trying to make life better for my family. I have no manager, no backing, no label, nothing…… It’s called opportunity. Plus quite frankly I don’t care how you feel about it. I will post a beat every time i comment…every single muthafuckin day till my paste button breaks.

    Shit your lucky I don’t post the same beat every day for a month. i come out with a new track EVERY SUNDAY for ppl like you who don’t believe until you do. Thats strength brother….

    But ya know what…I don’t promote hate even when they spit on me, so I say to you again…join the movement. You might actually like what you hear bro. Bless and one love.

  • Cromer Beats

    Oh yeah i forgot….

  • s

    drake run this game

  • Fuck Swag

    G.O.O.D. music fail for this guy…

  • Steve

    Riot = Run This Town
    No Lie = On to the Next One

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Cromer Beats

    Your response showed you didn’t understand MY post. We understand you make beats and nothing about my post was “bashing” you. I am just saying, if we want to hear beats we go to a beat website, we come to RR to hear music post BY RR. That’s all I was saying.

    Added note, I listened to your work once before. You got skills. As mentioned above, I don’t think this is the format.

  • Cromer Beats

    @JustMyOpinion, Kool I respect you replying like a man dude. Real talk. You are correct in the fact this site wasn’t designed for producers. But when you think about it, this site would not exist without the producer. Half of us who come here have some sort of desire to be in the industry one day, rappers, song witers, hype men, etc. So in essence I believe I am in the right place. Plus like I said I don’t have much of a choice. Why wouldn’t I take every opportunity I get to be heard?

    The big question is…does it really matter? How a youtube vid comment effect anyones day by seeing a still shot of a youtube vid (with pretty damn good graphics)? Ppl have been doing this since this site was birthed (see 9 comments [email protected] Forte).

    I won’t stop. But I do respect you being 100 about it. What I can promise is that I will ensure that if i do spam you all…Its with good damn beats, and never over a week old.

    Whats your dream anyway bro. What you trying to do? (not being sarcastic).

    Bless up.

  • Ohhh Yeahh

    ^ My man trynna eat, lol

  • Gayke

    Does Drake have a dick or a pussy? Just wondering.

  • bah

    These comments are way more entertaining than the song, IMO.

  • rhymes & reasons

    If you like hip-hop, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It

  • bah

    ^ proving Cromer Beats’ point, hehe.

  • 2Chainz! One of my fav artist at the moment. Hot track

  • Realhiphop

    Go see by yourself!!!! Stop bitching!

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Cromer Beats said “half of us who come…. industry one day, rappers, song witers, hype men, etc”

    ^ Not me, fam. I just enjoy coming here listening/seeing to the music/videos then call it a day.

    Respectfully, I think Fif said it best “they’re no more fans, everyone’s [in the industry]”

  • Black Shady

    Chris Brown mad at Drake’s verse lolol

  • Cromer Beats

    @JustMyOpinion Word…Man you don’t understand how refreshing it is to disagree with someone without ppl getting disrespectful and e-power drunk, LOL. Again I respect you for that my dude. Any way you cut it we all gotta exist together anyway.


  • deez

    yoo yoo fuck this shit if yall aint seein this bshit drake transition then yall stupid , all a sudden he go to bein all non humble nd cocky nd shit, actin like he really bout any type of life except for being an actor..

  • Cromer Beats

    @deez I see it. This is a straight up marketing move. Looks like he’s gonna get a flag or bullet soon i guess. This should be interesting when shit gets real.

  • hahaha

    @ cromer beats u should get on twitter an send ur beats to rappers try @winkloc

  • o_0

    yup it really does look like they just made Jayz’s “on to the next one” pt.2

  • Itz Yourz


  • JReezy

    Typical Drake verse at this point, not impressed.

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  • This video is NOT ORIGINAL. Don’t believe me go check Check out Stark Mad on You tube by a girl named Courtney. The date is way before this recycled work.

  • Uriel

    God drive away fallen angels. Amen.