Donnis Signs With Fool’s Gold

One label’s trash is another label’s treasure. And after parting ways with Atlantic Records, Donnis is now signed to Fool’s Gold. Here’s his new single “Hello Kitty” which will be featured on his EP,

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  • Devante

    I thought he was already with them?

  • mac DIESEL

    One label

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  • Jinx

    loooooooooooooooooool donnis was on xxl 2010 and ain’t done shit since.

  • Black Shady

    who the fuck is donnis???
    and what the fuck is Fools Gold?




  • what is this? smmfh

  • belight

    What is this the re-introduction to fools gold? He’s no Danny Brown Atrak, save your money.

  • Chris

    I guess I’ll be the lone guy who say how dope I think Donnis is… Dude can rhyme his ass off… Should’ve stayed with FG in the first place, the major label lane ain’t for him.

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    When do these one hit wonder realize their career is over?

  • recordpusher

    No Church in the wild….

  • LoverofHipHop

    Never been sold on this dude. His shit was eh…sometimes coo….but never nothing crazy. Always came across as the guy that the hipsters loved…or liked until they found someone new to latch on to…and that happened a few years ago. He def not no Danny Brown thats for sure. I wouldn’t even want to see him opening up for Danny Brown in all honesty.

    Was to me a great example of how the internets and blogs hype will gained the majors attention and they’ll follow suit and sign but if nothing materializes quickly from said signing they drop the artist as quick as their last posts on the blogs reaches page 3. In short, proof that internet hype doesn’t translate into real fans and a movement.

    Hope being at Fools will be better for him…will stay tuned to see how it transpires.

  • agrippagodson

    Hip hop heads, check this out if you get a chance. Any feedback is welcomed, thanks for listening

  • Kev

    that asian bitch is bad tho..

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    I won’t go as far and say Donnis is wack but he nothing special either. He tried to take the mainstream lane before he he got any type of buzz and never tried to get a solid fan base. He’s nothing more but a nigga with potentiel but I’ll check for Donnis b4 I check for Wale overrated weak ass.

  • gammaboi

    This isn’t news. He’s been on Fool’s Gold way longer than Danny Brown.

  • Brooklyn

    Is Cudi still on fools gold?

  • George

    all i know is a-trak is doing it large! all from starting by being kanyes DJ/ winning dj championship

  • Pissed

    Dude ain’t great but he ain’t totally garbage either…just couldn’t really get into his stuff.

  • Superfly Jimmy Snuka

    This was awful. Only reason I let it run for more than the first minute was to see if the asian girl’s ass was gonna at least come close to matching the titties…it didn’t.

  • ridalen

    donnis is the gay rapper.

  • Real Deal

    Donnis is trash. Kinda suspect too. He went to Atlantic to sell out like Wiz did

  • FerrariF50

    Lol weak ass nicca FOH…with that shyt dont fly ..clown ass nicca

  • MegaMind

    No one gonna say how he switched labels and STOLE Theophilus London swag in this video???
    That’s LAME as hell!


  • onenutned

    this is actually the first joint of his I’ve ever liked…seemed like he was trying to hard in his other shit…good job.solid song but it’s more spring board material…gotta parlay it into a bigger single.good start tho.

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  • A-Town

    Heard this nigga was actually gay.