• Boss

    sick video





  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    One of the dopest tracks off the mixtape. Dope video too.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Big Homie says:

    Curtis and Hayes both enjoy the life style of the rich and famous down in South Beach.






  • huh



    this was the dopest song on the tape imo, but this video was boring. 50 n that other guy had zero charisma in front of the camera.

  • rahrahrah

    This is what I like about this song. Hayes talked about being across the border during the drug wars, and after seeing his connect cut someone’s head off as a warning Hayes response is “I’m going back to Cali”. I like that because it shows some humanity.

  • Mischief

    That’s what makes a good video for you to enjoy? A male w/ Charisma? That’s suspect yo.

  • Mischief

    That was for @Real Rap

  • the video is dope!

  • the finishline

    Fif on his shit lately, can’t wait to see what the album got on it since all this fire on a mixtape

  • What’s so great about this video?? Same shit,different video. Hoes,yachts, and mansions. Because its a 50 video,huh?! If this was a Ross vid u niggaz would be singing a different tune. And one more thing…song is wack! Real talk
    If half u niggaz stop slurpin his nuts then MAYBE u could give UNBIASED OPINIONS..SMH

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im starting to change my mind on “The Lost Tape” mixtape. OKC is going to beat the Heat tonight !

  • Zoom u did not just say that..OKC is history AFTER tonight

  • huh

    seriously 50 cent been making dope video

  • Joseeezy160

    I dont care what any one says 50 is still dope… war angel was tuff this one not as much fif needs hot beats to be productive… vintage dre or em beats wld help

  • donald

    50 Cent = Definition Of Hustlin!
    Lets See One Of These Other Fucks Try To Do Anything Near What 50s Doing Like Releasing His Own Album, Own Promotion, Own 100% Professional Quality Videos, Headphones,Energy Drinks, Label etc…….

  • Really nice one. I love the track .

    Yo tomigum – once the bawse raps about his life I might consider giving him a chance again, but honestly i dont see it commin. Fif can talk all the bullshit he wants, cause he’s got his ghetto pass full of stamps, while your boss sucks industry dick to get some fake ones.

    I rather listen to some shit-talking from someone with real life experience.


  • ^^ Damn get da nigga dick out yo mouth..smh

  • V.S

    yo im so confused fam.

    we got so many ppl who be commenting fifty fell off… yet all im seeing here is 50 is back.

    man haters just really hate. fif been making some great music. that classic NY street sound.. feel like the game been missing it. i can’t wait for his new LP to drop.

  • zeee

    name yourself after mens underwear

  • Tru Talk

    This my favorite track on the Lost Tape…. Hayes got a nice flow, I hope he ends up G-Unit… Right now he is signed with Floyd Mayweather but being fif and may r practically brothers, maybe they will 50/50 Hayes cause he aint gonna get the same exposure with Floyd as he would under the G-Unit flag……… Kinda like wat lil’ scrappy did wen he got all that attention in 06-07, The BME/GUnit deal

  • U niggaz funny. THE ONLY CONSUMERS BUYING HIS JOINT ARE LOCATED ON THE EASTSIDE,GET IT??!! LOL this nigga music is not being played ANYWHERE ELSE.

  • yo

    @tommy gun jones
    stop hating you cop lover…. rick ross is probably your favorite rapper and your probably upset that rosses album is flopping right now. his latest singles get no play on hot 97. your scared officer ricky is going to lose by the numbers lol ….. ahahahahaha!!!

  • video is dope.that Hayes dude kinda nice. keep it comin 50.

  • Really?

    Very original. Show off your money. Nobody else in the industry can come up with a video like this. Not even mmg or ymcmb can come up with a video this creative thats why they get all the hate.

    Btw I was being sarcastic. You people take dickriding to a whole new level.

  • Crew Love


  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Ok can someone explain to me whats going on with 5: Murder By Numbers? I know its dropping July 3rd but if Interscope is not pushing the album is Fif dropping it independently? And if not doesn’t Fif need Interscope to aprove the release since their distributing it. I mean the album has no single, so how the fuck is it dropping July 3rd?

  • For all u niggaz talkin shit..
    I prefer Trick ova Ross
    My fav is Pac 2) is Nasty Nas
    Bitch nigga
    Go Heat!

  • Irv Gotti

    Ja Rule finished this lames career

  • Drake Was On Degrassi And Now He One The Biggest Rappers In Music

    Remember Wale gets NO pussy!

  • Roc Nation

    J. Cole is dropping his 1st single from his sophomore album “Cole World: Varsity Blues” next month.

  • WindyCityG72

    50!!! FUCK HATERS

  • ADot

    When Lloyd Banks signed his EMI deal Fif took GUnit’s distribution there too. They didnt have a distribution deal until that point which is why Moob Deep was able to get out of there deal w/ Fif. I’m kinda skeptical about this July 3rd date, maybe he’ll go straight digital 1st like Jay & Kanye did w/ WTT. Then hard copies come a couple weeks after.

  • 50

  • Tommy guns is an undercover 50 cent groupie.. he post ten 10 times on every 50 post that aint hate thats love my nigga…

  • Tommy guns is an undercover 50 cent groupie.. he post 10 times on every 50 post that aint hate thats love my nigga

  • ballerboy

    about time this nigga drop some hot shit that other shit has been awful…

  • Black Shady

    Lost Tape is my shit!

    still hope for 50

  • FerrariF50

    50 el Ferrari

  • the One

    Wow it’s about time five 0 come with some heat!! How long has it been damn you on way back brotha!

  • rahrahrah

    You guys are funny styles for that capture of Kidd Kidd. Why go to all effort to hate?

  • 50 just need to sit back and stay rich

  • Anon DCPL

    Yoooo this is that 50 music that goes hard. These are the type of beats 50 flourishes on with his hooks, I hope this is what he will bring to the table w his upcoming album. Hayes had some sick bars too.

    There better be a Banks collabo in that shit too!!

  • NEM

    Nice! Can’t wait for the album, 50!

  • hartman

    tommy gun i wish u harm fagit, nice track 50, its just a mixtape so none of the videos need to be mtv quality. 50/mixtape monster

  • huh

    we killing them uhhhhhh

  • M.T

    i thought this song was gunna be wack but it was actually ok. The video was alright too.

  • Trillionaire

    this aite 50…I was counting you out..you need to keep dropping em though…get back in the swing of things

  • Marko-V

    This is how you combat the peculiar images Oprah threw out into the public wit 50 crying and seeming too sweet.



  • pro reason.

    I seen a nigga write that Hayes signed to Floyd?? Nigga is signed to Aftermath.

  • infamous

    dope sng

  • jimmy

    the joint is heat rocks
    pure piff