• onenutned

    ain’t mad at this…p kilin pussies…you see dat? see what I did?

  • hear ye hear ye

    Pretty thug yeah I

  • Breezy Pweshh

    Eyyy man it is wat it is !!! All I can say is …….I see u fam !!!!

  • NoChildNOTToday

    Yep… Totally gay. The song should have been names Gay Thug. lol

    Why don’t these rappers just come out. Being gay is acceptable now. Imagine if there was no gay people. There would be no good music, fashion, art and everything would be grey and boring….

    He should admit that he likes cock. Its ok. Do it.

  • hazz

    The song works with the visual i can dig it.

  • King Chandler

    Fatigues & Timb rockin P>>>>>>>>>>>P the pretty thug. Just sayin’

  • Marko-V

    Reachin. This is what happens when your passion becomes lost in the mix of gettin money and stayin popular. You can not watch the Shook Ones vid and expect P to switch it up to this. SMH



  • MikeMike

    I guess none of y’all expect these artist 2 evolve….I kno none of y’all wanna b soldiers all ur life we all wanna be bosses.


    Not bad. Dope beat, tho


    Official, top to bottom…get em P!

  • Tru Talk

    MOBB DEEP….. This that certified queensbridge shit that every real hip hop fan loves

  • Night of the living fred

    I rock with P, and a hell of alot more creative than the MMG videos..