• Austin

    Kendrick snapped. can’t fuck with the young boy.

  • PPrrootteesstt

    Real rap.

  • damn

    holy fuck cosmic kev is annoying ” keep going man keep going, i need more” then the faggot had the nerve to say ” i do alot of ad-libs but i didnt say anything this time” fuck outta here
    that being said kendrick a beast

  • damn! WOW… this dude iz ILL

  • Rod

    This fool said ” Know teradactles that still exist that’ll clap you if you resist” shit had me rolling

  • @ttitudeofaGOAT


  • del

    this kid is a beast and i from the eastcoast his flow is like a eastcoast nigga

  • Noles
  • Black Shady


  • K.Dot isn’t human



  • ballerboy

    homie stay kickin that shit..doope

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga

    the best

  • M.T


  • Mike Diggity

    Kendrick Lamar! !! This guys better than most rappers out but will people buy his albums? Nope ! They rather hear Nikki minaj or some wack shit. Starships were meant to go fuck there selves, am I right? Oh yeah, and don’t hate MY opinion. Peace

  • CP

    the more comments and stupidity i read on the internet proves this generation of kids are fucked…ignorance is at an all time high.

    Cosmic Kev might be annoying but he knew how nasty his verse was so he wanted him to spit some more…Why would you hate on this? You just got 3 fire verses from Lamar instead of just 1…”Wahhhhhh!!! I need something to complain about because my generation is just a bunch of whiny bitches”

  • Midnight Marauder

    K.Dot is unfuckwitable, i had to hear this shit 3 times to catch everything. Genius. Good kid bad city