• Whoa whoa whoa those pants are out of pocket Wiz.IDK about this song.Strange combo.beat is hard 50 was cool but, should have been a radio song with that combo.Hook is weak.
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foAGhFRNBh4

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jump to 1:35 for FIF’s verse. Wiz i dont really care for. FIF was OK.


    shit is cool

  • changeclothz


  • King Chandler

    Turn Up Wiz huh? If your gonna say the same shit every other rapper does at least say it on a beat that’s high energy…abyway, 50 is incapable of diversity, hip hop fans nowadays need more from an artist than 50’s shoot em’ up lyrics, how does this dude think he has a chance at being relevant again?

  • DJAR

    What a fuckin shit hook smh. 50 had a good verse. His flow was on point. Wiz is wiz, that’s all that can be said about him

  • Trillionaire

    the hook is Wack, the beat is DOPE, Wiz came on his verse, 50 did too…but Wiz I can’t look at you with the skinny cut up jeans on dawg…lol..smh

  • Jinx

    nice joint!

  • .Ye.

    Beat is ok
    Wiz’s verse was soft
    50 verse was to hard

    @King Chandler
    50 is incapable of diversity, hip hop fans nowadays need more from an artist than 50’s shoot em

  • waist of a good beat

  • SirPoloDolo

    this joint is hard. I think both verses were good. the hook could be a lil more fuller but overall thats a dope track. #Dope #Stamp

  • herohiro

    Fuck this anyone seen that new boondocks promo for the new season that shit is funny kid that’s my word

  • NoSoup4Yu

    ^ link for boondocks?

  • maury

    fif wins again

  • A great Collabo it’s more then the lyrics 50 spittin he killed it but it’s the hunger you hear in his voice Like Wiz said look at me 50 cent “I a paint a perfect picture a perfect poetry poverty, robbery kill or be killed phycology I shine” Damnn !!!!!!

  • Evil

    Nothing special.This song is forgotten in a week.Expected better from both artists

  • Ohio dre

    ” im all about that money..dress like everyday sunny.. rollin weed like a marly.. smile like everything funny..” – wiz in a nutshell

  • Junebug

    Heard they was suppose to collab but never would have thought it’ll actually go down. Quite unexpected but dope

  • michelle michelle

    Their rap styles are so opposite they sound like they’re on 2 different songs. Fif’s aggressive delivery seems out of place.

  • DOPE

  • Taylor

    They need to drop a video for this and send it the radio !

  • Oz

    the problem with fif is no one buys that gutter grime shit his spitting aas pusha would say the swag don’t match the sweater. sure his been hood and seen and done wild shit but now this point in his life man dude is on opera and shit selling tea pots on tv with the view. its not the same as when you hear meek mill raping street shit you believe it

    last 50 song that was dope as hell was crime wave and as hard as it sounds there was still this i can’t really buy this shit feeling to it but it sounds dope even more so that rick ross which is wierd rick ross, but you can probably attribute that to the fact he beats up bloggers and hasn’t been on opera or been so shit at rapping he has to diss people with comedic videos because he has no ideas.

    allow me to quote T.I on this one “Yeah I know you set your sights on me, tryin to get stripes
    Homie look smaller but feel bigger in real life, don’t he?
    I’m all that and more, ain’t nothin bout the hype for me
    I’m sharing life moments, ain’t nobody write for me
    You a one trick pony, I’m quadruple threat homie “



  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “the problem with fif is no one buys that gutter grime shit his spitting”…I just heard anew MMG song called “This Thing Of Ours” William L. Roberts is talking about moving bricks.

  • seemoregan


    To quote 50…. he spent more years not having than having, you idiot! Hook is wack, other than that it’s a dope record. I get it though, niggas hate but look at me. 50 was perfect for that record. 50 is right there with Jay and Diddy, mogul status. These niggas are just rappers.

  • Lg


  • damn, i luv this shit! feelin the lyrics & smoothness of the track

  • Wiz khalifa is sooo boring when he raps lol


  • Trev -2012 SUB HUMANS

    I CAN FEEL IT!!!

  • Trev -2012 SUB HUMANS

    I CAN FEEL IT!!!

  • CJF

    wiz is wack, why does every1 rate him, most of shit doesnt even rhyme??!! ,, 50 doesnt need to rap and it shows, theres no hunger no more, plus its all the shit he used to rap about, like weve heard that when you were good, now its jus corny :/

  • Crew Love


  • Shit is cool .. but I agree with A couple others about 50 verse A song like this is A Opportunity for him to be A little more diverse wiz verse wasin’t nothing special but that shit still felt more real to me..!! people like @ 2 kings likes 50s verse paint a perfect picture About poetry robbery killer menality but big homie is so far removed from that life that the shit is almost laughable when you hear him talking about painting his grandmothers toes… he lived it at one time but them days are over.. he almost spitts that same line in every song about my nine will split ya my 38 is gonna get ya you wont be able to wALK BULLSHIT and trust me iam a fan but I see A collab that can be something real cool and I cringe like no fif dont waste this one with that same old verse that he tweaks a little bit in every song because I disagree with @King Chandler about 50 being incapable of diversity if he did it before with songs like THEY BURN ME and a few others he can do it again..

  • DJAR

    50 is right there with Jay and Diddy, mogul status. These niggas are just rappers.



    Yeah 50 need to change his lyrics. everything else is cool but its not interesting to listen to what he says in most of the songs, need some wordplay and slick lines that make u go DAMN that nigga said that shit. i was dissapointed bout the last shit he said when he finished it was so basic. fif needs to write what happens to him or sumthn

  • Scrilla

    Damn Wiz how you let that washed up nigga 50 Cent kill you own yo own shit?

  • Boom

    People kill me analyzing 50 Cent’s lyrics. Majority of these seasoned rappers out now STILL rap about guns, drugs, shooting, etc. What’s the difference here?????

  • @ boom aint no differene there lyrics suck to … rap is so fucking fake anymore is sad..

  • Hopefully jul 17 Nasty Nas will show this game what real hiphop lyrics sound like maybe it will push other mother fukas in high gear to keep up.. and challenge them selfs to create better art..

  • Shit was ight

  • yeaa

    this sucks

  • not one single comment about the lyrics … just bitch kids bitchin on forums gtfoh

  • @Artise1

    I hit your weight, then flip your coffin, Bitch get to walkin

  • micah

    Good they can polish this up and album material. Just as good as the Nas and Ross record 4/5

  • Jermaine

    so yall believe Meek Mills raps?…GTFOH the only nigga that I believe when it comes to rapping and actual real life is Gunplay the rest of these niggas are fake…50 took his 9 bullet wounds and made 200 million $’s but Meek is not a real street dude, who would you fear more Gunplay or Meek Mill with that high ass voice nigga needs to grow some chest hair

  • These niggas knows what they’re talking ’bout … I like that !

  • jamesrowdy29

    50 has the power to stimulate the mind and try to create change like 2Pac but he comes with a nonsense verse. I like the song but he is on his way out, as a big fan of his I’m sorry to say that but when I see some of his stans backing away something is wrong. He tries to say his audience isn’t growing with him(which is bullshit) when in fact hes the one not growing with his audience he doesn’t even try to make a meaningful record anymore.

    And to the guy above Meek Mill actually had some heartfelt songs on his mixtape can’t say the same for my fav rapper 50 Cent. Good song but 50 need to stop the bullshit hes starting to be a snake oil salesman. (if he keeps talking about numbers hes gonna be embarassed because his diehard fans are leaving)

  • @ Fake Lyrics … Isint Real hiphop

    you stupid ass nigga … NAS just made a song with Rick Ross, so you better kill yourself and your retarded claims …

  • I enjoyed it way more than the Nas & Rick Ross song that just dropped. 50 might not be living his lyrics anymore but that doesn’t mean he can’t call on his REAL past and talk about that. I mean, Rick Ross calls on another mans past and talks about it like it’s his own so why can’t 50 talk about the life he actually lived? 95% of established rappers are still talking that “I move weight” sh*t when we all know they ain’t doing that anymore. Too many double-standards. Dope song regardless.

  • Tru Talk

    Best 50 verse of 2012… CLASSIC

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  • dopeishie

    this track is too hot. one of the best of da yr 50!!

  • hxxvaz

    50 VERSE= DOPE

  • Sin

    wiz sound like burn after rolling
    no payphone wiz pls

  • deez

    wiz look like the ill jomo in this pic, like wilddddd moooo bro

  • Birdman

    Best 50 verse of 2012

  • lilrizq

    Old Spice Commercial hook….lololol!!!!!!!!!! TGOD Mutha -ucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!