50 Cent On The Morning Riot

50 was in the Windy City a couple days ago and caught up with Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot. He discussed Floyd Mayweather’s prison sentence, Oprah, Rihanna, and Young Buck’s frivolous spending. After the jump, he spoke on Dr. Dre’s long-delayed Detox.

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  • donald

    I’m about to buy about three copies of FIVE (MURDER BY NUMBERS) on July 3rd via Itunes of course because Interscope is but heart from SMS Audio’s success.

  • bry from boston

    g-unit where have you been… Old yayo & banks freestyles where have you be e e e een


    I guess he really is droppin on 7.3, seeing how he’s on a radio promo run. 50 needs to link up with LA Reid at Epic, hes not a leech like Jimmy at interscope

  • hxxvaz

    July 3rd is right around the corner. Where is 50 album track list?

  • donald

    If 50 sells more than 50k first week with ZERO PROMO, ONLY ITUNES RELEASE, NO HIT SINGLE (yet), and NOT MUCH BUZZ then we know 50 is truly special.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Another great interview with FIF. Very insightful by the way.

  • E

    I still don’t believe this album is dropping on July 3rd. If it does it will be an iTunes initial release only. Where’s the 1st single?
    Whatever the case I will cop to support the nigga. Once again, another great interview. If I saw a 20 min run time for anyone else I would not have even bothered watching/listening.

    Interscope obviously does not believe in 50 anymore so maybe the will infact release this final album under his contract so he can move on.

  • the alpha nigga !

  • JustMyOpinion

    Mayweather is in prison (emphasis). Why would they expect special treatment because he has money, come on.

    Always SHOCKED regular (terrestrial) radio is STILL in the conversation.

    Why are we talking about Detox?

    Fif & Ross settle their differences in 2015. I called it first. Remember that.

  • damn, a cool interview

  • Black Shady

    July 3rd? LOL even Ray Charles can see it not happening. unless ur ready to flop like never before…..then go for it