LL Cool J Working On New Album

It’s been four years since LL Cool J’s last album. And during his press conference for his new digital partnership on Wednesday, he told XXL that he’s working on his thirteenth studio album.

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  • Bring Real hiphop back lyrics that talk about what your actually doing or shit that is really going on around you..

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  • Kenta Kente

    I’m sure all the kids will run to store to cop that

  • dopeaom

    No hate, I’m cool with Cool but I honestly didn’t think he was actually doing music at all. I though he was all about his books, fitness videos, acting, hosting and whatever.. will check it out though.

  • Kemosabi

    Rap wise he hasn’t been relevant since G.O.A.T

  • Not Again

  • Jus10

    Ehhhh…. I really want a new LL album, but this dude is almost always a 50/50. For every track he gets right, he crashes with the next “experimental” song.

    DO: Mr .President
    DON’T: American Girl

    DO: BABY (Rock Remix)
    DON’T: Baby (Original)

  • He should do a song with Canibus. That would have the Internet going nuts, especially if they both kill it and the beat is bananas.

  • zeee


  • gammaboi

    I agree, Kemosabi. The last album I liked was GOAT.
    Once he pulled that no more cussin’ card he become so corny and watered down.
    Some rappers can do without cussin’ but he failed badly.
    The Definition was such a mixed opportunity. Imagine GOAT LL on those Timbo beats. Instead we got LL boarding on Will Smith, with a Bubba Sparxxx style delivery on some songs.
    Exit 13 was trash too!

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  • avery

    LL does music for all types of peeps. He is a Versatile Rapper, MC and artist. Yall need to understand that. He makes hits for young, medium, old and older. You and I and all of us can listen to LL tracks no mateer where you are. If you want gansta, life tracks, chicks, drank, etc LL got it. Rememebr LL always originates allot of the stuff hitting now. Cars dranks and Chicks was all LL, but when he started it along time ago peeps didnt understand it. Now look. Bling bling and patron and whips is in songs now but they forgot who statred that. Once again LL will originate sumin again just give props to the creator.

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