New Video: N.O.R.E. x Gunplay “Talk To Em”

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Noreaga’s Crack On Steroids

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  • Gunplay is the new Redman. I’m convinced. He’s SUPER dope……i hope more people recognize his skills. Good to see NORE still putting together that NORE flavor….

  • kriz

    Gunplay kinda reminds me of wacka little talent but crazy energy

  • blv

    great hook


    I always had mad love for NORE. This aight.

  • HEAT2012Champz YaDig

    Gunlplay is flava flave with out the clock

  • Frontrunner


  • yesssir

    love the beat and Gunplay on the hook sounds dope. would’ve liked to hear someone other than NORE on this though….

    outside of music — video is real wack

  • zeee

    SMH @micolrankin “Gunplay is the new Redman ” DEAD and im convinced you are the new idiot. just cause he looks a bit like red man doesn’t me can stand next to him on the mic. you people are depressing.

  • @zeee …….lmao…i know he’s lightskinned….but i’m saying in his loudness and skill…..Redman’s charismatic approach to the mic…his raw fuck you approach to delivery……etc……..Gunplay is DOPE….go listen to some of his records. I know it’s easy to just say ‘naw, naw, fuck that…..i don’t like no new artist….hip hop is dead’ like most dumbf*cks do these days……..but i implore you, give him a fair shot, judge him by today standard……and see what i mean. He is NOT BETTER than Redman. But he is today’s Red. Eat that one.

  • Guare456

    this nigga lost his mind talking bout he the new redman.. nigga how old are u.. do u know redman dog.. u really heard redman shit before.. i doubt it cause u wouldnt say shit like that.. redman a lyricst my nigga.. a dope lyricst at that nigga..come on b cut it out.. gunplay wack his catalog weak.. but enjoy.. and noreaster better then this um crack on steriods shit.. wasnt feeling this tape.. that noreaster trump this bullshit

  • jams

    gunplay is no fucking redman. this fag is a joke..

  • dee

    iono about redman but gunplay is dope he never gets a fair listen cause of his appearance