• http://reverbnation.com/crocsmithsonian @AttitudeOfaGOAT

    How is he not in YOUR top ten? Skip all of your empty pandering. Jay-Z deserves his reknown.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Big Homie I like how you’re tone make it seem like this was UNEXPECTED. As if its a NEW single or they NEVER preformed together before. HA ha ha ha

  • teddy penderrass


  • Black Shady

    @Attitude ; I dont think theres 1 hip hop fan who puts Jay out of their top 10. would be ridiculous…

    What I would pay for a SHADY/ROC NATION tour………..

  • http://rapradar JADatsyuk

    Two living legends….they only gettin started. THRONE SHIIIIIIITTT

  • Sad

    Dope!!!!!! Got his bitch beyonce in the mosh pit!!!!

  • michelle michelle

    Hip Hop Lives!

  • http://www.lavishlyferemix.com Chan B

    That’s never really a big surprise anymore. I always expect for J to bring out Kanye and vice versa

  • http://goodmusic.com GoodMusicREP

    How come this kid isn’t signed? I saw 2DopeBoyz posted this and wanted to share it here.


    *His Twitter is: @LoveAt1stSound

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  • Johnny

    No matter how much that song is performed, it will always be a party when it’s played. That crowd looked like they were having some fun. That ish CRAY!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/LilNasOfficiel Joan of ART

    Slaughterhouse ft. Cee Lo Green – My Life (Joan of ART Dubstep Remix)