New Music: Lupe Fiasco “Bitch Bad”

Misguided women get treated with Lupe’s second release off his Food & Liquor 2 dropping September 25. Bitch bad, women good and this track is somewhere in the middle. Cop on iTunes now.

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  • Free Scrilla

    Feds got Scrilla

  • damn – where is the real Lupe? it felt like a spoken word piece by a newcomer.

  • Anonymous

    Get ’em Lu. Excellent track.

  • urrrr

    good shit lupe

  • Gambino

    Nice September spelling. Don’t worry it, spelling is for rich white people @Big Homie. Dope track

  • kayandgee

    dope! lupe is on a whole nutha level, he ahead of his time

  • wow

    you never know what you got till it’s gone all these negative comments that are to come….just don’t get what he’s doing there’s nothing wrong with this track it’s not no “Words I Never Said” but where were you so called fans when that song didn’t go #1? That had to have been the most politically charged song of the past decade at least in Mainstream anyway and never got the respect and accolades it deserved. this track is dope he’s having fun and still keeping it thorough don’t psyche yourself out of enjoying the music

  • Khadd


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  • SlimAnus

    has a Wiz vibe to it

  • Aggie Pride

    It’s iiight but i would expect this song 2 be on a mixtape. This is not album material hope this is a bonus track.

  • dsfdsf


  • JReezy

    Dope track.

  • DJAR

    HE REALLY IS AHEAD OF HIS TIME. The kids of now will not appreciate this song for many reasons. It has vast elements of reverse pyschology and cos the kids just depreciate truth. This is Lupe in all his essence. Lyricism and a message, great song!

  • that truth

    lus my favorite but everything about this is fucking horrible. easily his worst song, not one redeeming thing about it. hes still got plenty of time to take this off the album

  • faith restored

    this track is fire. it works on so many levels. fuck man. this dude’s speaking knowledge, WHILE rapping dope, WHILE storytelling. it’s a fucking sociology lesson BUT it bumps. if people aren’t feeling this i’m kinda disappointed with y’all… cuz this is that shit. And I wasn’t even really feeling Lupe’s recent stuff.

  • Hilles

    not to obvious?

  • KoldCase

    this dude lyrics crazy

  • 2 Stainz

    Lupe touched on so many things wrong with our generation. Lupe= Kendrick on steroids

  • Jus10

    You think this generation is bad? Wait until the next generation, who will be raised by this current f’d up generation… What I’m trying to say is THANK YOU, LUPE. Thank you for risking your career to get a message out to the world. Respect & Peace.

  • wat

    he flips the story and shines light on so many characters perspectives. the young male, the girl growing up, the mother… this dude man… he’s something else.

  • JustMyOpinion

    This song is amazing.

  • Phonte

    Dope. Thank you Lupe.

  • M.T

    Dope song and good concept! liked the outro too. Lupe is 2/2

  • Trevor

    dis some F&L or the cool type shit!! i like dis

  • Donn

    Dope concept, bad song

    It could have been executed better. It sounds like he was in the studio just trying to be complex and artistic and it came out unfinished and subpar. U can do better Lupe. This didn’t come out natural, it sounded like your were TRYING too hard.

    Let it flow

  • Tokyo Tony


  • FlaCityCartel

    Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnneeee… this shit is fuckn FIREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! and I don’t even fuck with Lupe like that !? This song is so out of left field on you mufucks !? Soak it up Bitch Bads !? im out………………..

  • RedRocBoy

    Lupe the God. Very few people will actually listen and understand what the big homie is on. It ain’t cool to respect and the woman coming up today don’t demand it. Really glad we have some one like Lupe making positive music cause all these drug dealers and players are really played the fuck out.

  • artstrong

    peeps saying the song is bad or Lupe’s not flowing in this song doesn’t have an ear for flows. This is a lazy flow but it’s on point. Reminds me of Jay with that offkiltered but still on beat a bit delayed each time. Like Jay on Renegade. This is a laid back track and flow which is dope to me. Lupe going over people’s heads once again.

    last verse puts everything into perspective. the ambiguity of language is really fucked. i never really thought of it that way that the word bitch had a double meaning where it’s been flipped to be perceived as positive while SIMULTANEOUSLY being negative. and that causes problems. fuck.

  • mikey pete

    I appreciate lupe. this is a good message.



  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Lupe !!! One of my favorite’s in the game.

  • tr

    Nice track.

  • rahrahrah

    Nice work. It’s sad that there is so little music out there in the hip-hop genre, mainstream that is, with a positive message. I don’t think this is a great effort, but just because he’s on the positive tip he gets props. I’t a nice message, but it’s not that enjoyable or entertaining.

  • Jaymall

    I’m a HUGE Lupe fan, but this track is doodoo…
    Sounded promising and was garbage… Where’s this guy?

  • @that truth
    So not even the concept of the song is redeeming? Come on bruh…

  • ironic

    great concept and pretty clever, at times. not feeling the music much and lupe’s flow seemed a tad awkward here and there. other than that, i’m not mad at it…


    AMAZING! Lu the GOAT.

  • JReezy

    @Jaymall That guy in Theme Music To A Drive-By was definitely in this song.

  • m

    Lupe is the truth


    I Agree with Ironic

  • Sure he dumbed it down a little but it was a dope story. Overall a good track but it won’t have that replay value

  • @RayRayFresco

    So true, If cant understand the poInt, kIll yaself cuz ur wayyy too sImple mInded

  • See(sic)

    Lupe just paints unreal pictures damn near every time!

  • BigTingsGwanOn

    Niggas on this site kill me with the whole “sub par could have been executed better blah blah”. You not recognizing the concept and art of the song doesn’t make the song bad at all. This song opens up the current state of our culture so much in a dope way its ridiculous. One thing I will say is that I love with every lupe release it brings forth debate and challenges the mind of all listeners. Hate or Love lupe you will always “THINK” when you listen to anything he does, and in that sense Lupe is winning for us.

  • Ferrari

    GOT DAMN!!!
    UNREAL !!!

  • Slaughterhouse ft. Cee Lo Green – My Life (Joan of ART Dubstep Remix)


  • CaliSteppin

    The whole song is dope but dam the last verse is so clever.

  • Ayanna

    my favorite rapper
    Love Him


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  • mitch

    LOVE the production & the hook,. lupe sound like he freestyle his verses but still great. very clever

  • Crash

    This is lupe people were looking for when lasers dropped….now he drops somthing like this and they still hatin…smh

  • K

    That 3rd verse reallllllly was the kicker. damn.

  • Brodie Malenko

    Good message…….. terrible song. Point blank lupe teaches to much, just make music damn. It sounds like he finds everything wrong in the world and raps about it. Well its good and bad thing but hey he doing him. Just dnt expect me to ride for him or his music

  • Jaymall

    Concept and all was good, but the song was just awkward. I like Andre 3000, but sometimes his flows were awkward too. Not taking away from Lupe, he’s a beast, but i’m allowed to say that I dont like the song. My not liking the song doesnt mean I missed the cnocept, etc.,. It simply means I didn’t feel it as much as you all did.

  • Jaymall

    Furthermore, if THIS song made you think and opened up your eyes to the fact that both “bad” and “bitch” have 2 meanings these days… well, um… sorry. That happened for me in 2000 when Trina’s Da Baddest Bitch dropped, but then again some of you all were like 8 then…

  • Hippocampus

    Lame. Everyone already knows this stuff already, Lupe. And the beat sucked

  • @SelectahSnipa

    Dope track. ‘Nuff said.

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  • mac DIESEL

    SHIT IS WEAK!!!!


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  • Architect

    People saying that they like the message, but dislike flow aren’t getting the whole message. He dumbs it down for a reason, he’s mocking radio music. He’s imitate what he thinks all these wack radio rappers sound like over a bass heavy trap music beat. Lupe does everything he does on this track for a reason. Much like when he freestyled over “Turnt up” he played with Soulja Boy’s simple single line flow.

  • Brodie Malenko

    Good Concept…………Terrible Song tho. Lupe needs to stop teaching and just make music…. Tryin to hard to be a freedom fighter or harry p newton or something… i dont know but he aint been hot or “Cool” since Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool…

  • Jinx

    lupe jacked stalley’s flow on this 1

  • ACE

    Wack flow, decent lyrics, beat was straight. that is all….

  • genius

    you guys miss the crossover possibility for this. the beat is picked on purpose. the flow is done on purpose. imagine this shit bumping in the club and the whole crowd rapping along with the chorus “BITCH BAD…. WOMAN GOOD… LADY BETTER!” or in concerts the crowd chanting that. it has the potential to really change shit. it’s like shitting on lame rappers with their own style LOL.

  • “Lupe’s teaching too much, he just needs to make music”

    But he’s always been like this…

  • hiphophippocampus

    Lupe stays killin’ these biiiiiiitchessss

  • whatever


  • @Architect

    This is worse than your average 2 Chainz song.

  • HK

    speaking the truth. salute!

  • Call me crazy….but records like these…..are more like conversations we need to see on CNN. Something about records like these come across as contrived, condescending, and down right preachy. I can’t dig it. I appreciate the attempt to create dialog around the topic, but the record sounds like a force record attempting to be different and speak to the culture from a soapbox. I remember when the art was so well done it masked the underlying messaging which is what made Hip Hop such an amazing and intoxicating platform. You were being entertained while getting a multi-layered message. I feel like Lupe is reaching for something that we DO need….but i think he’s doing it in a manner that while IMPORTANT and GOOD for us……as music and something enjoyable to listent to (this is entertainment after all….i didn’t come for CNN diatribe) it isn’t digestible when fed in large chunks. I can’t dig this record, it feels like its reaching and hard. My synapsis of Lupe as a whole. HATE ME NOW! HA!

  • Keith

    That third verse blew my mind.




  • Architect

    See @Genius knows what’s up. And to the person who did @Architect (@@Architect?) he’s imitating your average 2Chainz song. The beat thumps and the hook is about as simple and chant-able as it gets.

  • Lupend


  • bah

    Am I the only one that thinks this flow, this beat… is just straight garbage? I’m a Lupe fan and I understand there’s a good point to the song, but it’s just horrible tbh.

  • Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    Sounds like it shouldnt be on dat beat… even doe the beat dope AF

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic


  • Dave

    Why are people complaining about his flow and the beat? I thought that was supposed to be the point of the song. He’s supposed to be sounding like those simple artists you hear now on the radio and same with the beat.

  • chuck taylor

    lupe is NOT god niggas!!!! he’s just a rapper and one of the best imo, lupe fans feel that if you are not feeling a certain song of his then you must be simple minded smh, why cant i say i dont like this song w/o getting bashed 4 it?

  • jayman

    LUPE never fails. Hip Hop revolutionized.

  • i feel like Big KRIT could’ve done the beat way more justice while still being able to convey a good message. Lupe on the other hand is so totally off beat its hard to fully digest, its like you really want to like this song, but the one problem is….lupe

  • @Architect

    I understand that that’s your theory. My point is that if you’re going to make fun of somebody for doing something too simple, make sure you can pull it off yourself, because Lupe’s flow was absolutely terrible here. MUCH worse than 2 Chainz, Future, Waka Flocka, or any kind of ignorant rapper you can name. So if Lupe was trying to poke fun at them, then he failed miserably, because the lesson learned here is that he cannot figure out what they’re doing or how to make it work.

  • OhThatsyourGirl

    @Brodie Malenko Harry newton -__- really? i believe you ment huey, now deduct points from urself for that one

  • Architect

    @@Architect But isn’t that the point? Do you say parodies of people or things are much worse than the original thing be made fun of? Just think of this as a parody of sorts. And I beg to differ on the “he fails to see how they make it work” because this is actually already getting tons more airplay than your usual Lupe single.

    Not bashing anyone who doesn’t like the song, just saying don’t say things like “where is the Lupe from such and such track?” Its not like he’s fallen off, he did this for a reason.

  • @Architect

    First of all, this is obviously NOT getting more airplay than your usual anything, because it’s been out for a day. Please refrain from simply making things up, it gets very annoying very quickly.

    None of the ignorant rappers that are out today use a flow that’s even remotely close to what Lupe did on this track. If this is a parody (and I’m not even close to sold on that argument), then it’s an Andre 3000 parody, not 2 Chainz or Waka Flocka. THOSE guys actually know what to do on a beat like this, because the beat boxes you into a simple flow and rhyming pattern. Think about all the remixes to BMF, and then try to come up with one that didn’t start with “I think I’m …, I think I’m ….”. It’s because these trap beats lend themselves to a simple structure. Lupe went 180 degrees in the opposite direction, which leads me to believe that it’s NOT a parody, just a shitty song with a big beat and a wack hook. If it WAS a parody, however, then he failed to key in on his targets accurately.

  • @Architect

    And for the record, I haven’t said anything like

  • Jaymall

    @genius, this will never be played in a club…. belive that…

  • Jaymall

    I said where’s Lupe from this track. I used to bump Lupe hard and extoll the virtues of Lupe’s awesomeness. I used to play snippets of verses on repeat because of his word play. However, since The Cool, I haven’t heard anything great yet. (LASERS gets a pass because of how all that went down) I’m just saying that it wasn’t amazing and i wasn’t impressed by finding double meaning in “bad” and “bitch” … seemed very highschool of a concept to me…or maybe I expect too much….

  • Architect

    @@Architect That “where’s Lupe from such and such” wasn’t even aimed at you, that’s why I put in a separate paragraph. Its aimed at the people who actually said that then posted some youtube video of a classic Lupe flow. And I say its getting more airplay than usual because it is, at least in my home area of DC, not sure where you’re at. And I also can’t remember a time when he put a new single and it got as much love as it did on its opening with multiple twitter mentions from people like Peter Rosenburg. And a complete 180? Really? No, a complete opposite of a Waka Flocka song would be Big Pun in “Super Lyrical” not a preachy spoken word flow.

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