• gammaboi

    Tone Trump is wack.
    Boo Rosini is wack.
    Slick Pulla is wack.
    Man, Jeezy’s no talent scout. Every artist shouldn’t own a label.
    Freddie Gibbs is the only signing of his I vibe with but I rocked with Freddie prior to CTE so that shit don’t count.

  • Ayanna

    Cassidy!!!! love him so much!


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  • StackDoe9900

    Jeezy giving niggas the opportunity that no one else giving them to shine & provide 4 they family .. A lot of rappers R trash but make that 1 hit they need to change they lives N they families lives … #salute Snowman 4 dat …

  • coolc

    Every nigga u say wack but they all real niggas

  • gammaboi

    So wait, I should suffer through copious amounts of garbage amounts of what music just so niggaz can eat?!
    I’m a fan of music and this dudes are in the MUSIC came therefore they should make dope music instead of making trash and being okay with it because they eat. If they actually put time into their craft there’s a possibility they can eat more because the music will be legit and more people will wanna buy it.
    Jeezy should give these dudes desk jobs or something instead of fucking up the art.

  • D-Bo


    not every artist is trying to go mainstream and top the charts


  • Its the World

    Good Song Tone Trump…Philly all day…I guess yall didn’t hear those shot fired at Meek Mills by Cassidy…Audemar reference (Audemar)…fake tupac (Tupac Back song)

    Cass is a battle rapper and Meek don’t want no parts of that..ask Freeway..

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