New Video: 50 Cent “Complicated”

All Curtis needs is his radio and a bunch of fitteds. So with his music bumping and his grip on the bat, Curtis keeps it simple in

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  • T.O.S

    Dope video and song ➡

  • dacid

    This shit should be on the radio.

  • jb

    50 still got it. Jimmys a fool

  • Marko-V

    The energy not there anymore. The lyrics, beats, and persona is all there though. Jus missin the energy that propelled his career.

  • dmc


  • figgside

    I’m sick of 50 with all this mixtape crap I wanna hear that album

  • MoOo

    is he dissin ross ?!!!!

  • rahrahrah

    Seriously.. Basic visual, but when he punched through the wall and put the doo rag and bullet proof vest back on…That was nice. Murder by numbers should be a name calling fest, like ghetto quran but without the names. Just talk about all the rappers out there faking the funk. Half of these cats have exposed themselves on reality television, it shouldn’t be hard. He still has a twisted sense of humor he could have a field day!

    Just one big fuck you to the industry. It would be nice to see him on a remix to Pusha T’s Exodus.

  • Ezylyfe – Go hard “Offical Video” ,

  • dodo

    when will dude realize nobody listens to his music anymore.

  • bcro28

    @dodo, you sound bitter as fuck. Let me guess you are a Rick Ross fan.

  • mothAfuckingPrince

    @dodo . you’re listening and so do others. Don’t lie fool, we don’t believe you, you need more people.

  • tru talk

    @dodo listens to ymcmb….. no one cares wat he says lol

  • @rahrahrah


  • DJAR

    this video seems like its gonna be used for a commercial or something on television, none the less, the rawness of it, captured me. his album will be great and he will be calling out every fake cat out there now. JULY 3rd!!!!

  • slick

    finally…… a rich rapper makes a video that doesn’t make me feel like a broke bum

  • Real Talk…
    U niggaz are lame. Reality is this nigga fell the fuck off. All he has is u fuckin cheerleaders on the net. I’m not hatin. I hope the dude makes a comeback cause he’s fuckin talkin 2 Oprah n shit. Lmao makin friends n shit. Oh my bad,he’s maturing. LoL
    Real Talk, he’s just about as sensitive n sweet as half u niggaz are. Fuck Ross n Fuck 50..
    Tell me WHERE THE FUCK IS BANKS??? LMAOOO atleast u niggaz got yayo n hot rod n pauly d n genesis n let me not forget the LEGENDARY SHAWTY LO..LMAO ok I’m done..oh n that young hall of famer Kid Kid..LOL

  • I know I’m a hater…bitch ass niggaz

  • Omega Supreme


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @tommy Water Pistol jones. Your a YMCMB groupie. FIF is that dude. Respect Curtis !

  • That’s how u niggaz TRY 2 show disrespect by saying I’m a YMCMB groupie? Really? Nigga fuck Wayne leggings wearing ass. I fucked wit BG. That’s the one I respected.


  • Realniggashit

    My nigga 50

  • HipHop4

    @tommy Gun

    if 50 was in front of u.. you wouldnt say any of that….. youd ask for his autograph..and tuck ur tail in ur loose buttcheeks….. PLs stick to ur YMCMBitch shit..

  • Omega Supreme

    I see the shot he threw @ Shyne

  • MHarstad

    That was really sick

  • Jazz


  • @Artise1

    You either love or hate.. That’s why all 50’s post get more comments than any other post.

  • He should be saving these gems for his album this All His Love and OJ should of been on 5

    @Big Homie you just s basic blogger

    You think you balling cuz you got a Blog Ahahaha

  • @Basic Homie what is wrong with keeping it simple for once..I got a new name for you To go by now B.H.T.B.B (Big Homie the Basic Blogger)

  • Black Shady

    This is my joint off the mixtape

    this is the 50 that needs to come back!!!!

  • this song should/could be a single off the album

  • Crew Love

    song is dope
    video is trash

    what’s with these cheap directors hes working with??

  • Guare456


  • Jazz

    This shit go hard…Replay..

  • Name Withheld

    50 Cent singing like Ja Rule. Nice!!!

  • There goes pussy ass tommy guns again saying 50’s done but your punk ass is here again on every 50 post get a fucking job nigga get your money up… following around people you claim to hate is the biggest bitch move known to man…

  • Slaughterhouse ft. Cee Lo Green – My Life (Joan of ART Dubstep Remix)


  • Elem

    Nice An Simple Visuals..Good Trak…50 jus stay In this zone and u aint even gotta worry about it..The over pressure to just please what the ppl want can take you out ya element jus like Lebron b4 the ring….fall back an realize what brought you to the top, find that place and keep it….fuk they extra talk.

  • D-Bo

    this is better than most shit out at the moment and its fresh

  • maury

    this tht undeniable shit, 50 haters can’t stand this shit