• deez

    his boy got murdered and he went on stage and muttered some bullshit that you can’t even respectfully understand..

  • deez

    dudes deadass neeeded a transcript !!!!!!hahaaaaaa

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”I say man thats how God work. That nigga crazy

  • smh at you judgmental dumb-dumbs. its a funeral, show respect.
    shouldn’t have been recorded any damn way, much less criticized

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Who the hell records a funeral anyway? So disrespectful and tacky. Folks that pressed for YouTube fame??
    Oh, you thought Webbie was gonna perform? smh.

  • This nigga recorded a FUNERAL ROFL,The camera guy must of known that webbie was going to say some dumb ignorant shit….Like so lol

    “God my nigga,You know?”


  • required

    the fuck is this shit. stupid people ” ya heard me ” SMH

  • BG

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic: The fact that they recorded a funeral or Webbie’s ignorant slaughtering of the English language. I’m not racist, but this dude is certainly perpetuating a stereotype.

  • Kemosabi

    That is all kinds of fucked up. This life is fucked people recording funerals and acting like this guy speech is the problem here. His Nigga died he’s hurting and if I was to assume which I don’t I’d say he’s on that shit. Regardless, you don’t record funerals that ain’t trill, amen.

  • MarvD

    man this is mad disrespectful who records a funeral or someone who just passed im just saying

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  • Itz Yourz

    Ok, I don’t what kinda funerals y’all ever been to. But the ones I been to …hoodass ones…do this, “fornthise who couldnt make it” . Hell they even takes pictures with the decrease, put drugs and all other type of shit in the casket with them. In Louisiana, no lie they have a drive by window to come look at the decease…now that was the weirdest one I ever seen. And I’m sure ppl saw him or whoever that was recording it and if they felt a certain way about it would of handle that shit. Everybody mourns differently. Case in point lil webbie. Who knows what the hell he was saying.

  • Marko-V

    In all honesty, I know where Webbie was coming from. And it would’ve been disrespectful if he didn’t say nothing. He repped his Trill fam the best and only way he knew how. R.I.P.

  • the void

    smh @ “Big Homie”. this only got posted so the ignorant bloggers that this web page breeds could laugh at it. that some bitch shit. bitch niggas do bitch things.

  • Lord help him!

  • Umakemoneynow.tk

  • dmfslimm

    @ Itz Yourz where in Louisiana they got drive thru funeral homes? Not in Baton Rouge. If so, enlighten me.

  • ghashawn

    When u go to a funeral and have to give a speech sometimes u get chocked up and ur words don’t come out right no one knows how close they were and how much love he had for his friend I say rip lil phat and sorry for ur lose webbie……

  • Yung Boogie

    Dis nigga is fuckin illiterate. This like da 2nd video I seen n he was jus sayin a whole bunch of nothin!! Rappers be dum on da low lol, look at Waka..

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  • John Doe

    I know this man was hurting and all, and it was hard for him to speak his mind, but this some of the most ignant shit I’ve ever heard. And you got dumb ass niggas on here tryin to defend this fuckin gibberish. SMDH. My people we gotta do better!