• HEAT2012Champz YaDig

    mmgorr all day on u h0e as dudes Ross tha BOSS tha man RR(rapradar) that man maybach o short sweet feet all day we run it like the heat don’t hate kiss the ring biatch

  • NoSoup4Yu

    this BET video player needs to kill itself.

    are those snake skin pants wale?

  • Black Shady

    What are they gonna say when the album sells 75k first week?

  • Musikal

    Damn nothin but mmg today they keepin busy.

  • Anon DCPL

    No, black shady. It’s, what are they going to say when the album sells 40k.

    The unstoppable mixtape music group!

  • RespectTheArtist

    Already purchased mine! MMG we rich forever!!!!

  • Why So Serious

    You can say whatever you want about Rozay, but you can’t knock that nigga hustle. Dude is making major moves. Back in 05 he was nothing, but now he’s building an untouchable empire, bringing reebok back with Swizz, and probably working on many more things we don’t know about.

  • MMG

    i heard 200 000k first week fuck the haters ahahahaha loll
    and next monday new ross single

  • bcro28

    lol @ mmg your a idiot.

  • Fuck Swag

    MMG says:
    Wednesday, June 27 2012 at 12:44 AM EST

    “i heard 200 000k first week fuck the haters ahahahaha loll”


    See you next week…

  • MMG

    @fuckswag ya 200K first week

    @bcro28 see you next week hater

  • bcro28

    bringing Reebok back. lol, keep telling yourself that.

  • MMG

    @bcro28 loll hater

  • bcro28

    damn number 3 on itunes. Linkin park and Maroon 5 going to kill the charts next week. early projections put them in the 200k total. Three way battle for first place between those two and justin b. Going to be a cruel summer for a lot of rappers. All started on june 26th, the downfall.

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  • Cromer Beats

    Damn dudes everywhere! Hate em or love em….they hustlin

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    YN is getting that check from WB this week. Hopefully they wont repossess that piece junk he calls a car.

  • Raymond Okeke

    MMG the World is yours!!Hottest Ni**a in the Game #RickyRozay I’m #Selfmade2

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  • Kaydo

    MMG as a collective group is upper echelon of rap right now but 200k…C’mon son…not in this climate…I mean look at nicki her ass still stuck on gold!!! F the record sales we’re not in that time Frame where record sales mean shit

  • xonoemi

    Everyone go cop MMG’s new album SELF MADE 2 on iTunes now!


  • mitch

    not going to lie, i kinda dig that “So sophisticated” song & the video too, hope ross releases a better single than “TouchN you” next week

    oh and does anybody know the name of that song Stalley premiered on 106 yesterday? the beat was Ugly ( in a good way)

  • Lynn

    They are awesome! cop dat!!


  • mac DIESEL

    Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross

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