• akismet-c86d2b8e69c349ac2f05d47c31abafd3

    donald glover is dope. this is ok though

  • Lethargic1

    Verses are dope but the hook is ehh. Can’t wait to cop Royalty.

  • akismet-c86d2b8e69c349ac2f05d47c31abafd3

    this reminds me of an old lil wayne song too idk why

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Childish Gambino

    ……..GTFOH ————-> HOLLYWOOD!!!!


  • Maura

    OMG, I can’t wait for this to drop! Meanwhile, check out Chris Brown’s latest single

  • RealHipHopBack


  • Real Deal

    Switched it up a lil bit. I like it

  • Marko-V

    I dig Childish Gambino as an artist however I’m afraid he might ride the wave instead of being more adventurous merely for acceptance in the Hip-Hop world. C’mon dude you got money elsewhere and enough talent to be bigger than this current trend hoppin. Fuck the rules and break some barriers.



  • Aggie Pride

    I fucks wit the beat. The hook its kool I’m rockin to it. The verses and flow was almost perfect. [Overall] PRETTY DAMN GOOD SONG!!!


    jesus donald you sound like ASAP/wayne instead of a weird drake/wayne/kanye impersonator on this one.

    better then alot of bullshit i listen to on here.

  • Why So Serious

    All i hear is A$AP, and a lil bit of Wale mix with Big Sean on the second verse. He only sounds like himself on the hook

  • bah

    Who’s the guy on the first verse? Can’t be Donald.

  • KoldCase


    its steve g, who ever that is

    CG stay dope

  • Capt. Obv

    This nigga getting Rap Money, Tv Money, and Comedy Money, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!

  • Cali760

    STFU with all the rapper comparisons you fucking trolls. Every rapper is inspired and sounds similar by somebody else and I never read you guys say shit about that.
    Royal should be DOPE.

  • Why this nigga sound like A$ap Rocky

    Why this nigga sound like A$ap Rocky

  • B.Hill Johnson

    You niggas are dumb as hell with all this “he sounds like” bullshit. He only sounded like A$AP on Eat Your Vegetables. Gambino is too dope. Lame niggas be quiet.

  • Crisp Flow

    The first verse is a$ap and second verse was childish.

    *rapRadar must have made an error by excluding Rocky`s name

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  • Bjimenez

    The first verse was his brother they performed this in prospect park

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