• NipseyHusslex2


  • Heckpot

    Mac Miller used to be so corny but he totally changed te direction of his music. Macadelic is one of the best projects of this year, without a doubt.

  • Oh

    So…you were not moving AND writing Mac Miller? Lmao

  • Troncity

    Sorry whigity whack miller nothing you ever pen will be profound.

  • Grits N Gravy

    CO-THE-FUCK-SIGN Troncity.

    Nothing this dude has ever said has been the least bit profound, he has nothing interesting to say at all, and no perspective on anything. The only people who’ve ever even heard this song he’s talking about are 16 year old wiggers and bros who don’t know good music from their own dick. Unless he completely fails to grow personally and continues to be as square and retarded as he is today (which he very well might), Mac Miller will look back at his life in the public eye in 20 years and feel a deep sense of shame.

  • waggie

    herpes on his lip?? gross…this dude sucks dick

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  • D!A!E!

    What’s on yo lips nigga?

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