• figgside



  • hxxvaz

    From the shit he sayin, it sound like he won’t have any Dre beats on the album SMH. i was lookin forward to hearin some Dre production on Kendrick Lamar album SMH.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ what’s the big deal about a Dre beat. This guy made it BEFORE a Dre cosign.

  • herohiro

    Hell never go gold

  • hxxvaz

    @ JustMyOpinion,

    Kendrick Lamar is on aftermath, and him droppin a album on that label without any Dre beats is stupid period !

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    It’s Because The People That Work With Dre Are Tires Of Being Used By Him.

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  • King

    King of the WestCoast???? FOH….kid is nice but mad overrated

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  • Really?

    Name someone from the west coast who is better?

  • Citylivin’

    Really? says:
    Saturday, June 30 2012 at 1:37 AM EST
    Name someone from the west coast who is better?


  • CJF

    Really? says:
    Saturday, June 30 2012 at 1:37 AM EST
    Name someone from the west coast who is better?

  • true that fucking dre just steals people beats and says is him who produced tha track,how can kdots album not have a dr dre beat nonsense

  • Keith

    Yo, I think everyone is missing the point that this interview is hilarious for when Tim Westwood punches that one guy in the face.

    LOL. What a hyper guy.

  • King Chandler

    This dude ever gonna do an interview without a hoodie on or shades, first of all it’s summer time, second, you live in Cali, the fuck you doin livin in sweatshirts. Anyway, Kendrick is dope, as far as Dre I could give a fuck less who gets his beats, the only thing keepin him relevant in current hip-hop is the myth that Detox will come out. Dre pulled a Shyne and changed his whole voice, sounds wack as fuck on that recipe joint. If this Detox album is really ever going to be released I wish he would just hurry up so I can read all the comments saying how its garbage and how “he kept us waiting years and years for this?”. Dude hyped up his album so much it couldnt live up to the hype if the first single featured Jesus Christ with Allah on the beat. Out

  • Evan

    yea regardless if Dr Dre ever drops detox he will go down in history as a pioneer in hip hop music he worked with the best of the best…Kendrick Lamar will have longevity whether he does numbers or not and Pac’s hologram I hope to see next yr at cochella. OUT

  • koO

    Tim W hella annoying

  • Derek

    kendrick king. he’s killin em despite what the haters say. HES KING AND KILLIN EM AHHAHA