New Music: Game x Chris Brown “I Don’t Like (Remix)”

Seems like Jayceon is getting back into the groove of things and gives DJ Orator the go ahead on his latest remix. This time he adds a verse to Chief Keef’s street banger. Not bad at all.

UPDATE: Added verse from Chris Brown. Diss towards Drake.

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  • King

    Game on fire!!!

  • marc

    This nigga is body-ing everything lately!!!!

  • Pkay

    That boy Jayceon killing everybody shit now, Get em chuck!

  • marc

    cheif keefs version < games version

  • Bertie

    alright i dont really fuck with game but this was sick.

  • 50 cent

    He is washed up ! He always raps over other peoples tracks and he shouldn’t !!

    If they wanted him on the track they would have called his wack ass !

    I wish that dude would retire ! Or get his own original beats and make them fire !!

    He can’t because he’s a name dropping biting ass negro ! He’s making himself look like a foo !!

  • Stunna

    @50 cent

    95% of songs on his mixtapes since 2010 were original production..

    At least he doesn’t have the cheek to call his remix official..50 cent RIOT remix lmao

  • the One

    Fuk game you on some real shit finally! wow!

  • VAE

    I wonder if he name dropped any one to lazy to listen

  • First off….they fucked the beat up and those gay ass adlibs are annoying.

    Game always sounds like other people,he rapping like ace hood weak ass on this song.

  • West

    People always say game stealing someone elses style on songs, because he doesn’t use the same flow on every song he changes it up with the beat, unlike Rick Ross who been using the same flow since BMF on every song

  • County Of Kings

    @west u right about that rick ross statement tho

    can somebody please do a name drop count. its becoming entertaining in a joke sorta way. i dont even wanna hear the song, i just wanna see the name drop count thats all i wanna know. can one of you game fans do that for a nigga

  • RAzoredgREquiem

    name drop:
    lebron james
    meek millz
    Chief Keef
    Dirk Nowitzki
    French Montana
    John Wall
    hot boys & turk
    thats just a few

  • Evil

    Dope shit.Game goes hard always

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Game is the Westcoast William L. Roberts.

  • chief keef

    game is the shit!! why do people hate name droping?? ya niggas rather listen to that sucker for love shit huh

  • marc

    lol, tell me why chief keef has the weakest verse out of everybody…..and its his song!!!!!!

  • Game has been going nuts with the freestyles.this is tough.
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle

  • Really?

    50 is the new york william l. Roberts

  • Musikal

    He killed this shit.

  • Black Shady

    50 and Game the last real niggaz in this rap shit………no impersonators…….pretty sure their resume is accurate!

  • Unknown


  • IM740

    I mean ain’t they all William Roberts in a way.

  • Unknown

    when do 2 R&B dudes fight? LMAOO

  • required

    ok ,not bad .. now rihanna should say something , drake can

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  • IM730

    The saying goes if you ain’t say no names then don’t respond but eyebrows and ovo yolo is close enough. C’mon humor me. Drake will murk breez with rappin tho. But its competition and it ain’t serious so instead of bottles lets throw shots nigga!!!

  • Young Fly Flashy

    Dayyyyyuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Chris Brown………THAT NIGGA NICE!!!

  • I do believe chris would beat drakes ass in a one on one
    But then again drake will murder chris on a verse
    Drake is too witty with the flow

  • Mag

    “YOLO no I live TWICE”

    This shit is hilarious.

  • @unknown
    So because someone sings rnb there less likely to fight?
    How childish are you

  • ThatKid

    Oh shit, here we go! Drake gonna crush his ass. Drake> CB .. Like em both though

  • Mag

    FYI, Chris Brown’s album comes out on Tuesday.

    “Nowadays niggas reach just to sell their records” – Drake

  • fuk waka

    CB bodied that shit!! BUT Drake gonna come back Hard and rape him!

  • Swaggy

    “nowadays niggas reach just to sell they record” thats a flase guote to throw on fuck ass Christopher even tho i dont even fuck with Christopher he just straight talking shit just cuz the bs with him and Drake popped off right before his album don’t mean nig reaching fuck Christopher tho drake will out sell that niga christopher album whack as shit with his House Music

  • ben_dover

    Chris shooting.

  • ?

    No win situation for Drake.
    If he doesn’t respond it looks like he’s a punk who throws bottles like a female but he’s scared to battle on wax.
    If he does respond then it looks like Drake’s “tough enough” to respond to a R&B singer but too scared to respond to respected rappers like Ludacris, Common, & Pusha T.

  • ElSkool

    Why he diss him before the album dropped?
    Then again Chris is da same one snitching to da cops talking about I hope this blows over

  • Musikal

    Chris got em on this one. Drake you got to respond to this.

  • Nawy

    Chris murdered Drake
    #TeamBreezy all day !

  • yeah he had some nice shots at Drizzy, but man his delivery was very poor. Drake was right “nowadays niggas reach just to sell they records.”

  • britothe

    Fuck chris brown n anybody that love em



  • @gtfomike

    why would drake be scared to put it on wax lol
    he’d murk chris brown. and as we all know drake isnt THE ill mc, chris brown is just too mediocore

  • @gtfomike

    it’d be hilarious if lil wayne stepped into this for drake aswell

  • Nice verse by Game. He sounds much more excited and energetic now that “Magic Mike” is in theaters.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Chris Beat’em Down Brown !!! Goof Nugget aka Darke aint about that life.

  • WestCoast

    bunch of Gays

  • @shad1914

    lol this shit funny as hell.. s/o to Chris Brown for holding this beat down..

  • RAzoredgREquiem

    did he fuck nicki

  • dll32

    Chris did well. He could have gone harder though…

  • Okay

    So Chris didn’t see anything wrong with his verse coming right before Kanye’s?
    “But I

  • Gayke

    Drake and Chris Brown are both goofy faggots but I gotta admit Chris just fucked that dweeb up.

  • Collar Cali

    Drake needs to drop a regular hit for the fans & ignore this dumb stuff. Chris should drop it. I like them both though… Game stay rippin!

  • macTOWNcrip

    funny cuz chris brown would most off yall nerd asses in1vs1 GOOOO CHRIS BROWN !!!!!!! FTW

  • @MrRight516
  • County Of Kings

    this is like you got served all over again

  • Keith

    I like Chris Brown. I like Drake. I hope they squash their beef. Peace.

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  • marc

    just heard Some billionair wants to pay chris brown and drake to fight each other, lol. i’d love 2 see that.


    Im more a Chris fan so i like this alot.

  • cheddar bob, bitch

    @Black Shady really though? Male strippers are real niggas?
    @gtfomike and do another response like he did to pusha T?

    aside from that the drama is entertaining as fuck for me, couldn’t give less of a fuck if either of those two faggots shot eachother up.

  • damn… wow! this tight: had to laugh at this shit tho

  • King

    Lol cb yolo but I live twice….ha

  • I hf

    Chris trying to create a buzz for a flopping album

  • Lolol

    Chris always sells records period. You drake stans use that “nowadays niggas reach just to sell a record” as an excuse. Its sad and pathetic. Face it drake lost and don’t want no problems with cb lol

  • @Artise1

    Them eyebrows, them sh*ts is Yikes.. lmfao..

  • fuckswag

    looks like swaggy never gets invited to the cool parties, house music is the shit and so is fortune

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  • hahaha Chris is burnt.

    Murder Feat. Ryan Anthony

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  • I love how he shouts out to weezy to try and keep weezy from killing him on a verse. Fake ass, bitch ass, weak ass nigga. Ain’t even in the same ballpark as drizzy.

  • DJK

    Hey Y

  • JReezy

    @Superman Wayne kill somebody in a verse? That’s a BS statement. Wayne is a garbage lyricist, it’ll be a long time before he kills somebody in a verse, if ever.

  • countdown

    if Drake’s “No Lie” verse was about Rihanna, which im pretty sure it was, than Drake already got CB.. no need to respond. “just need to know what that pussy like, so one time is fine with me”

  • countdown

    Drake already got CB with his “No Lie” verse! no need to respond to this

  • WiscoFinest

    Breezy really don’t want to be doing all that big talk in them little britches…

    Drake ain’t hard, but he will body Chris on a beat any day

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  • thatloud

    ayy breezy go hard


  • LukeCage

    Tell DJ Orator to bacdafucup with the tags until he learns how to spell CHIEF

  • lcnsong56

    Everyone is forgetting that the one wronged in all of this is Chris Brown! Come on guys, Drake played Chris dirty from the get! He messes with his girl, plays him like a punk, and then tells him that “Yeah, I f—-d your girl!” Chris has paid dearly for their dirty immorality. At least Chris Brown showed some class and upbringing by trying to behave humanely and call a truce. But Drake has to show his manhood (with 20 something guys giving him muscle to talk smack) and tries to punk Chris in public. Drake, I used to be a fan….now I am disgusted! Next time take some lessons from a real pro like (50 cents) at trying to be a pimp. Because from my perspective, you look like the real p—-y you truly are, hiding in the shadows!

  • lcnsong56

    No matter how you old “Gee’s” look at it….Chris Brown stood his ground like a man, he deserves credit for shouldering all the back lash! Now Drake, all he has shown is that he knows how to pull out his little man in the shadows…and run like a p——-y! Chris is trying to hold onto some pride and manhood.

    I say, not bad for a Young Blood! You keep doing what you are doing Chris, vent it into music, artistic growth, and wisdom. Pain is the best element of emotion to bring out the genius in anyone, but especially those whose talent is God Given!

  • Drake would whoop chris asz

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