New Video: Willow Smith “I Am Me”

During BET Awards pre-show yesterday, the French Princess premiered her new video. A couple of scenes were shot on E. Houston St, a few blocks away from the Rap Radar launch pad. The song and visual received mixed reviews online, but I am on the fence.

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  • DJ Game

    Who is this boy?

  • young hov

    smh.. this gets no Fresh Prince pass..

  • ridalen

    so why is this classified as r&b again? is it because shes black and she sings? this is clearly pop.

  • Carlito

    i’m sorry but that wasn’t good.

  • LA

    This is the absolute worst.
    Another case of parents telling their children they are special when they are clearly not!


  • ….

    chris bosh has a daughter?
    damn im fucked up lol

  • WestCoast
  • the One

    This sounds like a tone deaf Sinead Oconner!!! Go back to school little one as singing is just not for you. With all that money your parents have and they still can’t make you sound good?? It’s a rap kid!

  • ohWORD

    I’m sorry, but I think Willow is going to come out of the closet around the age of 17….

    Will my nigga, I hate it had to be him! lol

  • Trillionaire

    Lol…how y’all gon hate on Lil Willow..smh

  • PistolPistol

    Damn… That is straight up Will Smith.

  • gammaboi

    On the fence? Ain’t nothing to be on the fence about this shit is wack.
    Sounds like a demo and she’s off beat as fuck. ..if her parents weren’t her parents you know this would be getting the Rebecca Black treatment.

  • T

    you guys really hate this that much? she’s fucking 11 lol

  • required


  • NoSoup4Yu


  • Willow Smith should change her name to WILLOW SMH.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    “Will my nigga, I hate it had to be him! lol”


  • onenutned

    damn riley cut his braids off?

  • cookin wit fish grease

  • zeee

    the song should be called. “i am confused”

  • Real Talk.

    Can lil kids be gay?

  • ayyeee

    Yall wrong for that she’s a lil girl!

  • ben_dover

    Nah man….Cut it out Willow

  • ITSDman

    she looks so much like will the shit aint even funny

  • pp

    “I am rich”

  • realwickwickwack

    this is an anthem for all the weird kids out there …good track for them !
    lets give the kid props for actually doing a song with meaning

  • chillymost

    yeah this is weird kid music,,,,,,lololol

  • MR.M.

    sooooo…this is rap???

  • Prophet

    Someone needs a fresh lineup.

    Anyway, this is not what Roc Nation had in mind when they signed her. The Smith’s have to relax on pushing this weirdo image of hers. Anything for attention.


    she has no hair to whip back and forth!!

    Also, stop posting this bullshit rapradar, i tried to give you a chance after you advertised for ice age. come on, though, have some integrity.

  • yahdidahmeanski

    how she 11 yrs old and DEPRESSED n shit? ANH SHE RICH AS FUCK! ….wtf is you depressed bout lil girl? your life is no where near hard, not even a lil bit! what the private chef didnt make your egg whites the way you like’m today? awww poor baby! or did your private yoga instructor take it too hard on you today? awww poor baby! or maybe the heated pool wasnt working n you had to swim in UNHEATED water?? POOR FUCKING BABY :-(((((
    go get some PERSPECTIVE n see what real problems are lil willow, wish you success but dont try n act like your life is in anyway difficult

  • I actually think this song is really beautiful, she’s a kid. It’s a childish song but I think it shows there’s a lot to look forward too. Plus try and compare it to the Disney shit other kids her age are putting out. Not bad fresh princess.

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  • OuTLaW

    I think this was a decent effort from an 11 year old kid, it sounds like she actually wrote this herself so i’ll give her full props if thats so..Rihanna can’t sing for shit nor does she write her own shit and yet it seems everybody loves her..

  • Boywonda24


  • hazz

    All these comments for a kid who clearly says she don’t give a phuck what you think about her is hilarious to me.

  • mike

  • I love it, this is music is supposed to be about, individual expression.

  • bHarm

    in all honesty this is a pretty good song for her to be 11yrs old she has talent more than the other 30 or so asses who dissed the song, her parents are famous okay, but she has to hone her craft in her own way I would love for my son(s) to express themself in manner that produces good vibes and doesn’t show them posturing as a gangsta or fake drug dealer let her be off key who cares her voice cracks a little the visuals were dope and the melody of the song was great I swer since 1999 every idiot with fingers became some self rightous know it all just becasue they can type.

  • Mike Verduzco

    are you all TONE DEF? She has an amazing voice! No this isnt R&B its Folk Lore & its good. If you want her to do pop shes got Fireball w/ Nikki minaj, you want a club song go whip your hair back n forth. But how dare you mock a lil girl for her hair or the way she dress. I remember when dudes who sagged were concidered gay, then they were cool and tight pants were gay now tight pants are cool opinions and are asholes every 1 got 1. In closing go back to your Autotune music dumbfux