New Mixtape: Yelawolf Heart Of Dixie

As the Independence Day mixtapes keep rolling on, Yelawolf shows his true heart all by his lonely with his new mixtape. Tracklist and download link when you proceed.

01. Howdy (3:52)
02. Let Me Out (3:58)
03. Be The One (5:52)
04. Big Nutz (3:07)
05. White Boy Shit (4:43)
06. F*ck Me (4:42)
07. Sobriety Sucks (4:15)
08. Out My Face (3:56)
09. Father’s Day (3:36)
10. Wrap Song (3:07)

Download link

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  • NoSoup4Yu

    Damn apparently July 4th is also national mixtape day

  • Someone

    Dude also put out a video for “Growing up in the Gutter” from Radioactive not on vevo though looks like he couldn’t get it approved because of some “explicit” scenes.

  • Da Man

    Those 2 leaks are dope so looking forward to hearing the rest

  • lll



    Sick Mixtape fuck rick ross dj khaled lebron james mario chalmers
    Fight me if you disagree

  • dmc

    fuckin dope

  • the link they give sucks…. but, i’m finna find a better one!

  • yea the link is terrible. ha. Ima put it on Soul Seek.
    so dope. yela, FSAS movement.

  • man

    This mixtape is fire!

  • G


  • swag

    damn this shit is the dopest shit that dropped yet so far and im only half way thru

  • YMCMB = Yo, Marshalls Crews Much Better.

    “Be The One” was dope as fuck! Great mixtape!!
    And the “Gutter” video is so fucking dope!!

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  • Evil

    Fuckin fire the whole shit! Kills everything out now,dope as hell

  • damn, this mixtape is dope! this should have been his retail album, jus that honest heat he spewing

  • M16 THAT DUDE BRUHH BRUHH!!! GREAT PRODUCTIONS. The Original Duffle Bag Boi!

  • ECU

    Mixtape/album is amazing. Trunk Muzik feel

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  • Yela,
    I really don’t want kids.. but I’ll have your babies any day. In a totally not creeper kind of way. Just sayin. I dig it

  • Tanya Louise Simon

    Should we give money or items?