• MacDiesel illegitimate son

    Currensy. we get it. you have a ferrari. congratulations. You show this same 6 year old ferrari model in every fucking video/pic you post. At this point its kinda sad because we all know you dont have money like that but its evident you want us to believe you actually do. I’m assuming you probably spent the last of your young money check from 06 & your high school dance tour performance money to cop that. Your clothes/lifestyle/album sales tell a much more bleak financial picture.


  • Rod

    Best song on the tape btw all that hating shit is sickening and it’s fucking up our youth

  • Smh at this dude above me. did Spitta fuck your girl or something? why be so butt hurt over something somebody else is doing? how does it affect you?….

    btw, fav track off the album

  • young

  • TityBoi

    MacDiesel illegitimate son is loose butthole.

  • B-LO

    I swear this album is so fuckin slept on.

  • damn… J.E.T. Life fool! i gotta get this recent album

  • MacDiesel illegitimate son

    currensy sucks. if his album is so good buy it you internet dick riders. Is he paying you to defend him online? LMAO you guys are mad your favorite rapper is broke and puts out shitty music.


  • dacid

    @MacDiesel illegitimate son

    How do you hate on Curren$y ? oh, because you aint getting no money. Do you have a ferrari ? a new one ? could you afford a 6 year old ferrari Illegitemate son? hunh ? naw..which is why you type from the saftey of your mothers basement next too a bottle of avon lotion, just incase you get the urge too go on Porn Hub. If you don’t like Spitta, then fine. But don’t comment on the man as if your doing something better with your PG-13 life, you dime sack smoking blog commenting motherfuccer..


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    Curren$y ain’t the same Curren$y to me. But Check it out.

  • Riz o rap

    Smooth track, Spitta is real nice, people who hate aint really listening they just making assumptions,

  • Word

    Spitt doing something right if ppl hating on him. And it’s “The STONED Immaculate”. Not “Stone” Amaya.

  • 4chan


    Jet Life