Yelawolf x Rittz Gutter Short-Film

This is some spooky gutter shit. Yela and Rittz keep the suspense going with a short-film for their track “Growin’ Up In The Gutter” off Radioactive. Don’t get scared now.

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  • The Truth

    I like that rattle back song by Rittz made a couple of years ago, haven’t heard anything lately though, red neck rap!!!

  • lll

    Yela deserves more recognition.
    This is dope.

  • Redman

    This is fucking awful.

  • ceej

    damn…a little disturbing! haha crazy red neck shit!

  • Really?

    Flop Flop Flop!!!!

  • kriz

    Yela should be independent I think he could build a loyal fan base similar to tech9

  • damn, this shit is DISGUSTING !!!

  • Evil

    Damn thats a sick video.LOL but the song is awsome.

  • casper21

    I think Marshal fucked up mind is rubbing off on you Yela

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    My main man YELA ! It looks like one of them movies from “CHILLER” channel or sumthin.

  • s

    this is what goes on in the mind of a white dude

  • ITSDman

    yo the fuck did i jus watch?

  • Tru Talk

    Yelawolf is killin it… That new mixtape Heart of Dixie is crazy too

  • Brian

    All that footage is real too. Pretty disgusting video not sure of the point on that one to show a bunch of people murdered and aborted babies. Reaching for attention maybe

  • augh

    what the fuck was this ..showing all this disgusting abuse of people and animals . I hate people who are sick like this . Fuck yelowolf he is just trying to be like eminem but take it further . SICK PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD

  • Tim

    Yelawolf is trying to go a different route . His radioactive did not do well so he’s taking it the sick way like slim shady did but a little more further with graphic video . I aint down with the satantic shit myself either .

  • wow…this is crazy! i like it

  • alex

    Yelawolf said he does better with the twisted dark shit and the reason Radioactive was called radioactive is because he made the whole album full of radio singles so that Interscope would have some singles, but they screwed him and he’s pissed because he would have made his debut album the way he wanted it to be if he knew he wouldn’t have gotten any singles out of it.

  • gregg

    This sucks ass . Never liked yelawolf . No one cared about his radio active cd . Vid sucks too

  • Crew Love

    what is cool about that?
    attention whore

  • YMCMB = Yo, Marshalls Crews Much Better.

    This is crazy as fuck!
    YMCMB take notes!

  • Nathan

    I always thought yela was one of them down low racists . like he be saying nigger underneath his breath or behind closed doors . Just another red neck who got into rap music but his true colors came out with this music video . It’s disgusting like a typical weirdo like him . Just like many of you all are saying IT’S PLAINLY FOR ATTENTION !!!!!!! This shit I dont like