G.O.O.D. Music “Mercy” Hits Platinum

It’s already a Cruel Summer for G.O.O.D. Music. And before the album drops August 7, their first single “Mercy” has moved 1,059,000 units. Cop it here. Swerve.


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  • Real Talk


  • NoSoup4Yu

    “Roof gone… George Jefferson”
    “Chain the color of Akon”

  • Malik Yusef

    Good looks on the Good music fam, doin big things

  • That’s awesome G.O.O.D Music in this bitch!

  • dmc

    they’re gonna be huge in august ..

  • Johnny

    Don’t sell me apartment I move in the lobby!!!!!!!!

  • Jeezy wins again

    Wow with less promotion & interviews than the Mixtape music group..they sold a million…men lie, women lie..numbers dont…90k…flop William Roberts..

  • Pkay

    Justin Bieber sold more in this SECOND WEEK than the “Untouchable” MMG empire did in their first week, they debuted at #4 I don’t see RR posting that?

  • figaro

    “Let the critics praise, let the charts do it”

  • Russelllll

    damn i thought this was just a throw away track loool even is this was it would sold this much…. yeaaaahhhh this just says how powerful g.o.o.d is and kanye

  • glen

    ^^ Wow you’d expect more since it was a collective effort. Ross fans buy 50k. Wale’s same. and Omarion if he has any. Shit tanked but it’s the boss’ best group debut so far. that triple c’s album?LMAO

    Congrats to GOOD Music btw

  • mac DIESEL


    The first-week sales projection for Maybach Music Group’s latest album Self Made Vol. 2 has been revealed.According to HDD, the Rick Ross-fronted crew will move between 80-90,000 copies of its latest in its first week.


    ………CRUEL SUMMER!!!! HA!!!!


  • Kali

    Not surprised,Kanye alone has more fans than the whole of MMG combined.Always a chance to hate on MMG i guess

  • The Truth

    That’s what’s up, shady, and G.O.O.D best camps for quality music!!!

  • Really?

    Funny how mmg comes up in a post that is not related to them. I guess mmg is on your mind 24/7. When mmg has more posts than the topic that’s when you know there doing something right.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Really?…I’ll tell you whats funny…MMG. Congrats to G.O.O.D. Music.

  • Jaymalls

    GOOG Musicccccccc!!!! I don’t think MMG makes bad music nor do I think they should be brought up in this post… But they are the complete opposite of GOOD Music… They oversaturate the industry…

    With in the last 6 months… MMG HAS RELEASED OVER 60 FREE SONGS, and 70% OF THOSE 60 SONGS SOUND THE SAME! That hurts the hip-hop industry and makes the average consumer not appreciate music anymore!

  • Donn

    Niggas stay talking about MMG even when the post isnt about them. Shouts to GOOD Music. Their on a different platform. Why cant fans just like both groups. All this unnecessary picking of sides

  • RR on the MMG payrolll

    What happened to the behind the scenes Rick Ross video, was he getting clowned to hard and paid to remove it.

  • Black Shady

    GOOD Music we fresh we fresh



  • Scrilla

    It’s only plat because of 2 chainz

  • quapinmybackpack

    @Jaymalls, co-motherfuckin-sign. i’m thinkin they are trying to repeat or mimic what wayne did with his mixtape/free music push years ago. GOOD music has brought and continues to bring the creativity and artistry that is required to innovate and expand the genre.

  • RR on the MMG payrolll

    It went plat despite 2 chainz.

  • Rampage

    What’s funny is that the instrumental overshadowed all of them. What’s funny is that 2 chainz killed them on their own track.


    Black Shady says:
    Thursday, July 05 2012 at 2:31 PM EST

    GOOD Music we fresh we fresh


  • PPrrootteesstt

    May not be the most lyrical song, but its a good song for hip hop. It’s not really a club track, and its not for the bitches, it’s a straight rap song. So I’m glad it went plat, shows that straight rap can still be successful. Flossin’ n stuntin’ have always been a part of hip hop.

  • this is Kanye’s year.

    meanwhile, MTV’s ‘hottest rapper in the game’ has less than a month until his album drops, he’d better bring something better than…wait…whats the name of that single he just dropped?

  • M.T

    song was aight. The beat bangs. Congrats to G.O.O.D music.

  • Young Lucky

    my thing is why are people using this post and platform to hate on MMG? Theyre out there doing whats expected of them. None of them except Ross are “superstars”. Dope acts in their own rights, but none are super stellar acts. 2ndly, i respect ross to the fullest, 90k or not. WHAT ARTIST PUTS THEIR CAREER ON HOLD TO HELP OTHER NIGGAS GET $$$?? Thats a real boss and I respect salute and appreciate BOTH crews for what theyre doing for the culture!!

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  • face

    You know what’s funny? As far as how well everybody did on “Mercy”, I’d rank it:

    Pusha T > 2 Chainz > Big Sean >>> Kanye

    But when it comes to who had the most influence in it going platinum?

    Pusha T < 2 Chainz < Big Sean <<< Kanye

  • Cromer Beats

    Man these niggas just destroying everything…not just putting out allot of nothing…but allot of GOOD music.

    ****New beat every sunday, bless up***

  • Word

    Swerve! Cosign @Jaymalls

  • JHP

    First off “Mercy” went platinum, not Cruel Summer. So why are people comparing the overall sales of GOOD’s first single after 2 months, to the first week sales of MMG’s album? B.o.B. has showed us how you can have a big single that easily goes platinum, then still have an album that struggles to go gold. That said, MMG definitely doesn’t have a platinum or gold single from that album anyway. And I think Cruel Summer will still sell more off of Kanye’s involvement alone. But I’m surprised this single has been successful as it has, I always felt it was more of a buzz record, but it’s peaked at 15 on the Hot 100, #1 on the Hip-Hop/R&B and Rap charts, gone platinum, gets radio play, etc. That being said, they should bring a single out with John Legend or Mr. Hudson singing the hook or something, that has potential to crossover to the pop audience

  • Cruel Thing

    So is it going to be a G.O.O.D summer or a Cruel Summer? HA! Cruel Summer boi

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