• Get Real

    Looks like a convention for kids w/ down syndrome.

  • NoChildNOTToday

    This kid is ass. Worse than Soulja Boy. Why promote this hot mother fucking garbage?

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Cmon son. That shit look like roots.

    But I grew up in the burbs so I guess I wouldn’t know nothing about that.

  • realwickwickwack

    how the hell did this kid get signed ?
    i remember thinking the same thing about waka but this one takes it to another level

  • Da Man

    Looks like a convention for kids w/ down syndrome.

    how the hell did this kid get signed ?
    i remember thinking the same thing about waka but this one takes it to another level


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just embarrassing.

  • The Truth

    This will make kids wanna not stay in school even more, who ever gave the green light to give this kid a record deal with Interscope should be fired!!!

    “The Truth”

  • Trillionaire


  • lolmanoman

    Why this nigga always have about 4-5 dudes around him with shirts off? That’s what’s hot huh?

  • crysis

    hot garbage is an understatement. pretty sad

  • How wonderful…

    Im a black man, so let say that before my remark sparks any racist debate, but the black and white shots of them dudes without shirts looks like some old slave ship imagery. This type of shit is the reason why i dont really deal with hiphop culture anymore. This shit is terrible. Cool beat by Lex Luger, but otherwise This is trash compactor worthy music!!

  • Anon DCPL

    I’ve never bothered to give this boy chief keef a listen, and as I watched this video, I found out why.

    Who is backing up this fuckery??

  • How wonderful…

    I agree Anon. I agree. This is the first thing ive listened to from him. I wish I can go back in time and unwatch the video and unhear the bullshit.

  • Stan

    lmao @ NoSoup4Yu

  • mudasuckka

    the white man is laughing…..im white….bang bang

  • KOB205

    @ How Wonderful…

    Listen to Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar….real hip-hop is still a live and out there it just doesn’t get radio play

  • Churrch on the move

    listen to skooda chose, mikkey halsted, marvo, joey badass,spenzo – these dudes from the chi and rep real hip hop!1

  • Cromer Beats

    I grew up around the hood…I understand this is the life dudes live every day. But what gets me is the excuse for acting like primates is that “we have no choice in the hood”. They get a way out and not only behave like they still have to be there but condone others to live the same way…Today I appreciate Waka, Souljah Boy, and Lil B even more.

    Damn…I hope this lil nigga dont keep it “too real” and get his as shot by one of the hundreds of shirtless apes that surround him. One tek can’t hold all dem hungry niggas off…

    ****New beat every sunday, bless up***

  • Lisa

    LMAO….at the top comment about the video looking like “Roots” that shit is funny and true, free/r.i.p chief keef cuz this right here will definitely end your freedom/life

    Jimmy at Interscope is giving this nigga lashings…..OUT

  • Tru Talk

    I like gangsta rap but c’mon…. can’t people atleast support a gangster rapper who actually can make good music and rap???? 50 Cent, Alley Boy, Ice Cube, Prodigy, Cashis, Trouble, LEP Bogus Boys ECT……. Those guys can actually rap and/or write good songs

  • mitch

    “ladies please use contraception, deception’s at an all time high when sexin’, use protection, these fuckers should’ve never been born, how the fuck you get signed , how the fuck you get on”

    interscope must know something about this kid that we dont, ’cause so far ….nothing

  • franky

    just when u think U.S rap couldn’t get any more worse with dudes like soulja, waka, gucci,.. here comes chief keef. The white man has succeeded again, silence intelligent rappers that kick knowledge to the people and support retarded wannabee goon rap so we can filll up them prisons fast.. Is there really nobody that has any memory on how the game has changed the last 5 to 10 years..

  • Cesc Fabooluz

    The whole lot of u is haters. Hip hop is a music that came from the streets. Being a good rhymer aint all the music is about. Its a combination of things. As an artist you try and sell your fans a full package. Thats why man like Kanye and Ross make hustle and rider music even tho they aint never been on road in that way. Chief aint the best rapper but man like me can relate to the ENERGY & PAIN and environment that breeds his style. This kid just trying to make a way out that shit for him and his niggas. Dont Hate. Congratulate!

  • Alex

    Yeah yeah we get it, Chief Keef sucks ass. But did ya’ll hear the Trel verse? Trel is NICE. His voice and delivery is unmatched by any other unsigned rapper. I think he has that intangible quality about his voice where he could be saying ANYTHING and it’ll sound great.