New LP: 50 Cent 5 (Murder by Numbers)

After a few push backs, 50 delivers his new project on his born day. This will serve as a precursor to his next album, Street King Immortal. Tracklist and download link after the cut.


1. My Crown
2. NY
3. United Nations
4. Business Mind
5. Roll The Shit
6. Leave The Lights On
7. Money Test
8. Definition of Sexy
9. Be My Bitch
10. Can I Speak To You

Download here

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  • kpamma

    Lol @ 50 still tryin to make music

  • swag


  • TheDon

    Lets see how this goes.

  • swag

    get rich or die trying part 1.5

  • Musikal

    You mean mixtape. Lol

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    “NY” go hard.

  • Ridalen


  • DJAR

    Real niggas hate to love, bitch niggas love to hate.

  • Midsize Jerm

    Big 10>Lost Tapes>5 (Murder By Numbers)

  • swag

    this shit, shits on big 10, and all ur favorite rappers albums, #SK

  • kareem

    that cover looking real ms paint like…

  • Yoko

    Track #2 is bananas……… Shit that’s the 50 I like !

  • Black Shady

    @Amaya do you pay attention to what you post?

    I mean..shit 50 said its not his 5th LP….his 5th one is dropping in november. its basically a mixtape. anyway. good looking on the d/l link

  • Chris

    LOL @ this being promoted as his “album”.

    It’s just yet another 50 mixtape that he’s putting out there, hoping that something, anything off it, will catch fire.

    If this really was what he expected Interscope to release, then a lot now makes sense.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    50’s record sales are gonna get…. murdered by numbers


  • Oz

    go to sleep bitch, no ones checking for your bullshit carter 4 album cover imitations, looks like you got a 1st year graphic design student to do this cover/fuck that (meek mill A1 voice), you got your son to do it

  • Wow

    man ppl hating on album covers now , damn thats sad, its a picture of his son with the number 5
    damn sad

  • Slice Bread

    Straight FIRE!!! to be honest i kinda counted him out. but this is good

  • Flash

    It is an LP. Nothing about this says mix tape other than it’s free. 50 has called it his 5th album himself. On his site it says album. chill out.

  • MHarstad

    Oh you mad he put his son on the cover?..fuck off..and Wayne’s cover was a poor imitation of illmatic

  • What I’m hearing so far this 5 is dope as hell, dunno if commenters actually listened but the production is bangin’, dope hooks, 50 got some fire about him in the lyrics nah it ain’t GRODT but damn son sounds energised… this is better than a gang of albums that sold units lately.


  • swag

    this just an appetizer like he said, yall aint for the real album

  • Brodie Malenko

    this album is hot….. Money is the best song on it to me!! Niggas gon hate cause 50 makes music you cant wear neon colors and dance too. Its cool tho 50 been there and done that. Reebok back 50 did that, had the club rockin 50 did that… had niggas rockin his gear 50 did that…. can afford to make albums and give them away for free 50 did that ( Big 10 was an album if you think about it and so was lost tapes minus riot remix) 50 doing shit most yall favorite rappers wish they could do and not get set back!!!!!

  • static

    cover was changed cuz jimmy still owns 50 and they say when album comes out not 50 he just threw it together for the people its his son 50 isnt on his hardcore shit needs better beats get dre and em back and 50 is a beast still hustle hard on music cant leave rap alone .. fuck haters.

  • bry from boston

    Curtis “my middle name used to be interscope” Jackson & G-Unit were my favorite for 7 years. I mean we all fuckin bumped this shit and nothing but the Unit forever. 50 was beyond that nigga with the best music by far. The very best. I waited and hoped more than anything that the big 10, lost tapes, and murder by numbers would be classic albums… I juat listened to this whole album… here it goes… 1) 50 sounds like he has no heart what so ever on this tape 2) His flow and lyrics are the worst they have been EVER. 3) His production selection is fuccking terrible, every beat seems like its a beat by a newbie thats never produced before, they are not special, dont bang, are repetitve and have no heart in them as well 4) He sounds so unmotivated, the lack of peomotion is the worst excuse, i thought Jimmy Iovine was being hisx douchebag self and just not looking out for his artists, but now agree with him for not puttin out 50s album because there are absolutely no singles, nothing that could attempt and being a single and these arent even album fillers, not even mixtape quality, the tracks are terrible, something mediocre no one would create in there basement with no music ability. 5) Its been such a long time since hes come with something hot, i figured 50 was going to release something amazing that would blow on this nonsense crap rap out of the water (watch the thrown, anything ymcmb), and would be on the same level as Get Rich or Massacre, none of it compares to the worst track on either album. 6) Ferari F 50 i think with this album youve officially put the nail in the coffin with your music career. I no longer expect any of his music to be dope, worth listening to, nevermind the best rapper of the 2000 generation. I am beyond disappointed and i didnt think this would ever happen. GUnit radio Vol. 10 was so fucking dope, we all bumped all that shit for years without anything else in our cars or stereos. Im in no way a hater, i am the ultimate fan and as big as a rap fan as it can get. I still respect your hustler and everything youve done for rap because 50s era was something that nothing will compare to again. He was the last real true rapstar that didnt lie in his raps. Everyone will give this record and every record a play in their stereo but it will never have replay value, NEVER. Im blown away its come to this. 50 Cent is not “back”, nor apparently he never will be. I thank 50 & GUnit fo the amazing music that me and all my friends and every rap fan enjoyed so much but once again im not hating but 50 as we knew him is apparently over FOREVER. We’ve ALL been waiting and what we were ALL waiting for hasnt and apparently wont happen. If you are just shout me out. Sorry 50 but time to put that jersey in the raftors, and hang up them gloves, be the business man you are, make loot and i wish you continued success because you gave us such an amazing era. Thats all i have to say. WE ALL HAVE BEEN LET DOWN FOR THE LAST TIME FIF.

  • @Brodie Malenko

    Word. And when 50 brought Reebok back he did it with his own line of signature G-Unit shoes that made him a bundle of real money, he wasn’t just paid to represent Reebok and wear the shoes & clothes in videos and photoshoots….

  • Brodie Malenko

    Somebody tell Bry from Boston “he’s” been let down for the last time………… From the comments im reading and myself we like it. Speak for yourself NIGGY!!!!

  • swag

    BRY FROM BOSTON needs to shut the fuk up and put business minds and be my bitch on repeat

  • dacid

    MEAN!!!!!!! he shouldve released this shit.. damn..

  • The Truth

    business minds is a serious banger

  • Brodie Malenko

    Since when does free mean mixtape??? You dont need a interscope stamp on it for it to be called a album dumb asses.

  • man

    Mixtape is a banger, only 2 weak tracks are My Crown and United Nations

  • bry from boston

    Apparenly you people didnt grow up on 50 & GUnit through high school and college when rap actually matters in ones life. Not one of the last 3 albums is even close to any of that music they put out in 2003-2007/2008. You guys just dont get it. And if youre young i dont expect you to get it, you guys arent real rap fans apparently because you have no idea what youre talking about. Everyone has different opinions but im right, sorry to break it to you. Its not what it used to be. This is not hot.

  • Tru Talk

    HAHAHA ppl hating cause they scared 50 gnna be #1 againa… haha bunch of bitches… KING 50!! THIS TAPE IS CLASSIC! FUCCK MMG FUCK YMCMB FUCK ALLL THIS BuLLSHIT BAFFOONERY….. MURDER BY NUMBERS=CLASSIC

  • t whip

    can i speak to you, whose featured on that song? schoolboy q?

  • Tru Talk

    @bry from boston …… shut up, i own everyone of those albums that you talking about…. Get Rich or Die Tryin, Massacre, Beg For Mercy, Hunger for More, Straight Outta Cashiville, The Documentary, Thoughts of a Predicate Felon, Buck the World, Blood Money, Get or Die Trying Soundtrack, Rotten Apple, HFM2, and T.O.S and all the G-Unit Radio and other mixtapes, AND GUESS WAT BITCH NIGGA, THIS 5 MURDER BY NUMBERS IS HOT!! U DON”T KNOW SHIT!!! lol

  • King

    Shit ain’t been the same since Game vs G-Unit beef……50 been lost since ’06….Game’s lost since R.E.D……

  • Brodie Malenko

    Shit im 25 and i caught the whole 50 g-unit shady aftermath explosion in high school so i know what im talking bout. Even battle rap was poppin back then, so dont go ranting cause you dont like what you hear. Want 50 old shit…. buy his old album. On to the next one This shit is classic compared to shit thats out now. Droppin thun thun thuns will be on the radio long after anything on this album but it will be in my collection longer than that other bullshit so what u saying. anyway 50 is still that nigga.. he may not have that same mind state but not to many rappers can fuck with him.

  • Brodie Malenko

    Money sounds like it belongs on the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot Shit!!!!!!!!!

  • kareem

    is the whole staff of commenting on here?!?!?

  • Word

    Is Eminem on this thing or not?

  • Wacka

    Damn that Can I speak to you is fire

    50 might be back

  • Happy bornday Fif

  • bry from boston

    go fuck your boyfriend and your mama at the SAME DAMN TIME… Every album you named is a classic, this album is a joke.. little boy. if you have those albums you should know what im talking about or you dont know the rap music culture. i guarantee you dont place this album 1/1,000,000th as much as those albums, in no way shape or form am i hating… im just being real fuck boy… im not arguing on a rap forum blog, im not a homosexual… I just know quality music when i hear it. blah blah blah, fuck bry from boston hes gay and doesnt know anything, blah blah blah…. Blow me

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Sorry @bry from boston but you sound so hurt it’s unfathomable. C’mon son, you’re on typing essays about a guys music that you no longer like? Just don’t listen and keep it moving G. The tape isn’t bad, 6/10 I’ll go back to listen to which makes this an overall good tape.

  • qbeezy

    all the songs have the same subject matter and cheap ass production,, he should focus on business or promoting some other acts,, cause his hand at rapping has been over since he lost the sales battle to ye

  • poetic assasin

    cats be writing novels and ready to stab someone through the monitor when a 50 thread comes out hahahahah

  • damn, is aight… that business mind goes hard! tho


    Jus listened to the whole tape dun and its hot, all I gotta say is QUEENS!!!

  • Stop hating on 50 … geezus… yall waste time and effort giving out faceless comments… son will cook regardless and i bet he’s living 20 times better than all the naysayers



  • the wizard

    dayum! that joint with kidd kidd and the song with Schoolboy Q is bumpin!

  • the finishline

    Fifty need to go hang in the hood for a couple months cause he has no idea what the ppl want anymore. Last time I check for the unit unless he bring back the original members including the stripper and cokehead

  • Anon DCPL

    Not bad at all. I just had to delete that Be My Bitch track, that shit is weak. I was iffy on Roll That Shit w Kidd Kidd, but after a few listens, it grew on me.

    Business Minds, NY, United Nations, Money,Can I Speak To You are dope. For some reason, I can see United Nations and Roll That Shit as videos.

    You can’t come in with expectations that 50 is gonna make save the world type music, ya’ll niggas delirious. I came in expecting some G shit, and that’s what 50 did.

    I’ll play some 50 talking about the same grimey shit over all these other fake ass niggas.

  • Anon DCPL

    and that last joint w Schoolboy is the SHIIIIIT

  • Anon DCPL


  • Goldenboy

    50 go hard in this!! NY that work!!

  • Shit is straight, but it’s clear 50 just wants his last album out so he can get off Interscope all together. Iovine ain’t no fool either, he knows that too, and he’s not letting shit out until he can be sure to squeeze any ounce of juice left in that nigga. He gon have to get Rihanna, Usher, Chris Brown, all them niggas on tracks or he ain’t coming out. Ever.

  • KillThem

    I’m a big 50 fan, but this sounds like a yayo mixtape. curtis is just putting his voice over the beat..

  • lilrizq

    50 Cent still puttin down for NY, and he stay in the Forbes rap king list. now look at this video i edited of me and my dudes mobbin thru Bavaria.

  • 50cent


    TRUST ME SON! That track with Q….OH MY GAWDD. It has that hustlers ambition feel to it.
    Be my bitch was dope
    That last verse on definition of sexy is CRAYYYY!!!

    Ya’ll gotta check it out. Havoc production killed it for real

  • Ele

    its a pretty good tape

  • TDE

    jus had to say that School Boy Q killed the last song and 50 cosignin hard. Hayes, Kidd Kidd, and School killed it… 50 did nice on the tape too, its a good appetizer STREET KING IMMORTAL COMING SOON!!!

  • Biz

    Tape is real real nice!! No matter what 50 puts out niggas gonna just hate regardless. Sk immortal will be fire fuck boys!!!!!!

    Fuck ross. Fuckboy struggling to even put out a single 0 for 5 hahahaha. Fat boy better give all the blogs on his payroll a raise to cosign the bullshit he puttin out. Lmaooooooooooo

  • Biz


  • Da Man

    bry from boston needs to get a life

  • IM730

    I aint ever been a fan of fif so this will prolly be garbage to me. but some of you dudes saying the tape is hot convinced me to d/l so we’ll see.

    I have always like the way dude would walk around punking people tho. that shit is hilarious. And you aint a hip hop fan if you didnt see that picture of him and jay talkin and think that was crazy. I didnt have a clue what they spoke about but they two people i respected in this culture.

  • changeclothz

    United Nations is my shittttt….

  • mothAfuckingPrince

    Lmao, whats up with all the hate?

  • LDN12

    U people need stop kiddin yourself 50’s time is up period

  • pleasure boy


    Comes with the terrortiry, Fif killing all they favorite rappers

  • pleasure boy


    How can your time be up when all your mixtape singles get more views and attention than the so called Hottest Rapper

  • deez

    damn i c there are a ton of fifty’s loyal fans on here, lollll im a fan of 50 but at this point i feel like he really is just further embarrassing himself, like every effort you put out is virtually unnoticed, and with each failed release you become even more irrelevant, i say this with complete respect but it really doesn’t click anymore fif, your real outta touch with today and signing jokes like shawty low “princess paris”, kidd kidd, hot rod, and not to mention pauly d, just makes you look even more bad then you already sorry but some1 gotta step up and say this shit..even banks aint fucking with you no more he knows you outta your bird..

  • Kali

    Tape’s alright,a couple dope songs.United Nations is the shit

  • Kali

    Kidd kidd sounds like he got a dick in his throat

  • deez

    i tried listening i tried to give it a chance, but you talking about smoking when you even said yourself you dont smoke its “to connect with your fans” when you rap about it, its just not genuine anymore it dont feel like you put any real effort into it, the beats are “meh”, and at this point it’s like you don’t wanna stop rapping because then officer william ruined your career, but its all the shitting on the higher ups and dissing and what not that made it so your role in hip hop be very minimal, especially with none of lloyd banks or your videos going on wshh, none of your videos are gonna really be noticed, plus lloyd banks released cold corner 2 and not one fucking video was shot for any song….something needs to be done, banks needs to branch off…

  • frank

    wow this is great n a mixtape cause you will not expect a 50 cent album without features like Eminem Lloyd banks and it is good

  • deez

    @ finishline i concur… banks or no thanks fif..

  • Scrilla

    Lol 50 Cent=troll

  • deez

    ^ word i wouldn’t be surprised if @frank was ole fifty himself or one of his blog team members…

  • deez

    not to mention half of these muthafuckas^

  • deez

    i bet in whichever prison cell ja rule is in, he has a huge smile on his face everyday, karma really is a bitch….you better save that bread of yours and start investing in multiple businesses…cut the headphone shit out too, its even more embarrassing cuz you went against the guy who put you on, and your shitty sms’ aint selling shit….im done this whole situation at shady/aftermath/interscope is ridiculous…only thing im looking forward too is the black hippy album..

  • frank

    hahahahahahah haters are scared know

  • frank

    wow the track money go real hard n NY

  • mane

    Love this blasting it already we stay winning

  • Nchaaa wats wrong Deez : (
    Y u mad lil fella ? wud u like a lollipop ?

    That “IM A FAN OF 50 BUT …” angel doesn’t work, its been done numerous times now … WE DONT BLIEVE U, U NEED MORE PPL SWEETHEART.

    Ok i’ll take u to McDonalds so u can have a kiddies meal OK ? but only if u stop whining n bitching n crying OK.

    50 is just a rapper sweetheart dont let his success get to u.

    Should i buy u the Self Made 2 cd 4u again 2make u feel better …. Im sorry 4u it sold less than G-Units T.O.S in 1st week sales … is that y u mad sweetheart ??

  • Los

    this entire tap, 1 to 10 is fire. anyone that says otherwise is listening with the ear of a hater. dont matter tho, cause as long as he drops shit like this he’ll stay relevant

  • Los


  • deez

    loll @[email protected] your a fuckin homo calling me a sweetheart lmao, you must be one of fifty’s loyal dickriders lmao, im no fan of fucking willliam roberts or his pal robert williams, you sir are a faggot for even mentioning TOS lmao how long ago was that hmmm bout 4-5 years now, i think you’re stuck in the past bruh, just like fif..

  • deez

    and if you actually read my comments faggot, you wouldn’t have to ask me if im mad, im clearly disappointed…your clearly a big gunit dickrider, so you wouldnt agree that its blasphemous that lloyd banks had not one fucking video shot for a mixtape released MONTHS ago?! rriiiiighttt, stfuu..the gunit general has no clue what hes doing no more and thats facts..

  • Business Mind is my favorite. Overall this mixtape/lp is extremely dope.

  • deez

    lol @ the success getting to me part, i would be quite happy to see 50 back on top, but the funny thing is he won’t be too successful for very long if he doesn’t start making power moves..

  • deez

    and by power moves, i mean start up some businesses and start on the final album that will gracefully lead you out of rap and hopefully into acting which is highly doubtful..

  • U still bitchin n whining sweetheart … no kiddies meal 4u : (

  • deez

    lol you must be ronald mcdonald cuz your a straight know im right thats the funny thing..

  • Flash

    So much for a irrelevant 50 that needs to hang it up. Lool
    you dudes stay checking for it and commenting. hahaha

  • Nickey Negrito

    Im going to give it a real listen and afterwards I’m going to “essay” my opinion, and with no prejudice.

  • the void

    haha deez spent time out of his day to hate. nerd lol.

  • HAQ

    niggaz bit offa Nas shit! Knowhati’msayin? *chuckling* Word niggaz niggaz niggaz niggaz caught his little album cover

  • Luke

    Damn, this shit is straight fire!!

  • Nickey Negrito

    Honestly, i’ll give it 7 out of ten. United Nations is nice. I like some of the subject content. Definition of sexy seems like a song that will get airplay. Can I speak to you is a good track.

    I wish Yayo or Banks would’ve popped up here and there. It’s definitely mixtape material besides Definition of sexy.

    The beats are hard and some smooth. The overall lyrical content is above average. For something free, it’s worth the download. Fifty cents album is going to have to be great. Thought provoking and substantial.

    But if Fifty is just doing music cause he has time, well I can’t expect to much. I realized he spoiled me in the early 2000 era.




    STANDOUT TRKS: 1,2,4,9

    2 BLACK THUMBS UP !!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Not impressed. Might need to listen for a second time.

  • Allweedneed

    Hottest tape of the yr hands down

  • HEAT2012Champz YaDig

    this is that dwane wade heat ya dun knoe

  • mane

    Been blasting it all day all day

  • hartman88

    bry from boston no way, u straight hating if u dont like 5, u aint the only unit fan here, im 23 i heard all there classic shit, this album is out one day and ur thrashing it, come on bitch man up

  • Sultan

    If this was an album, it would be below average.
    If you think it is a mixtape, then yeah it is a great mixtape (Hope StreetKing Immortal doesn’t sound like this)

  • hartman88

    deez suck a dick u faggit and FUCK lloyd banks, u want banks go listen to his tape u piece of shit, 50 puts the G in g unit, this tape is sick, ur little hating comments dont mean shit, cos the music hot

  • map chat
  • Evil

    Downloaded it but i deleated it right away.Cheap mixtape beats,50 rapping about doing drugs..! He better step up for the real album.

  • Da Man

    Just finished listening and i gotta say its hot 50 done his thing and kept it New York and he didn’t have to copy what’s hot and use loads of big name features like others artists need to do

    Can’t hate on this

    Money (Prod By Havoc)
    Can I Speak To You Feat ScHoolboy Q (Prod By DJ Pain 1)
    NY (Prod By Trax)
    Business Mind Feat Hayes (Prod By Hit-Boy)
    Roll That Shit Feat Kidd Kidd (Prod By The Letter “C”)
    Definition Of Sexy (Prod By Havoc)

    Fav tracks

  • Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin just posted my tribute song to her, first single off upcoming mixtape, check it out

  • The Truth

    The free album is decent 8/10 but I don’t know why 50 hasn’t evolved, still talking about killing,drinking and smoking knowing full well he doesn’t do any of the three, he needs to step outside of the box, do a song with Chris Brown, Rhianna, Kanye,Wayne, 2 Chainz,Tre Songs,or get some dope ass production,unfortunately 50 is becoming that rapper who hasn’t progressed at all, he also he needs to reinvent himself with a new team, he needs a Scottie Pippen like Wayne has Drake and he should try to sign that Na’Tee chick she nice with it and she got sex appeal, this is what I would love to see but prolly wont ever happen,also get rid of Shawty Lo wack ass!!!

  • Businessminds

    lmaoo why does 50 got so much haters ???? have u niggas heard the tape ???? 50 aint gunn waste his time commenting on forums and shit ppl r stupid its his birthday, hes prolly celebrating hard as hell right now, its a free mixtape ethier listen to it or dont, all i kno is ima be bumping this shit for a hot minute, i just wish i culd see yall haters playlist, its prolly filllled wit fat ricky and washed up weezy, all the hate in the world and 50 still on top of these wack niggas

  • Lethargic1

    For me its a 7/10. A few songs were ehh but the majority of them were good and showed 50’s versatility flow-wise.

  • young

  • Wow

    Lol thought 50 was done, 3+ pages of comments…

  • NEM

    Not listened to the whole LP yet. However, from what I’ve heard. It’s Fiiiiire!
    And this is just a teaser for what is coming later this year, the ACTUAL album.

  • Converse

    The faggot nigga from boston enough said. Down south niggas fuck with 50 while fuck boy ride the c.o dick

  • zakaria-africa

    DOPE now we need Eminem ft 50 cent ( prod by Em & Dre)

  • this wack…. shut UP infamous NY

  • red

    LOL are some people saying this is better than my favorite rapper’s album? lol. please this album has flat beats, flat vocals, like every 50 album since the Massacre.

  • giggidy

    Damn 50 in 03 U was the maaan 50..the fuck happened to you?

  • This is a solid free album.. There are some really good songs on this LP. Starting to wonder how is album for the label is going to sound.

  • spvrk2012

    bruh.. nobody listens to 50 cent anymore, why is this #1 tho… I’d understand 4 or 5, come on Elliot don’t let these artist influence your taste on what’s hot in hip hop.

  • HipHopCritic

    Everyone on here who said this album is trash hasn’t listened to it.

    This is CLASSIC 50 you dumb fucks.

  • Hot shit … only complaint would like to se fif go A little deeper with his lyrics.. but big homie is a beast homie never gonna be able to off him he just not that type of brother thaT folds up and disapears not in his character didnt’ he allready prove that.. that shit Ain t happening.. get over it haters..

  • Untied nations–

  • yaboi

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIF!!!!! Mixtape is fiyahhh. you are in my Top 5.. Salute!! QUEENS!!!!

  • HEAT2012Champz YaDig

    this the best mixtape out now yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa1!!!!!!!

  • BlackGods

    i fuck wit 50 but this aint doing it for me,its the beat selection,i like 2 or 3 tracks but he need to rent fat joe for a week,cuz fat joe can select better beats than these.

  • Black Shady

    Just listened to it from front to back……50 did his thing. Its not AMAZING…..or SUPER DOPE but it has some great moments

    that BE MY BITCH is really dope to me….but the best track on there is definitely the cut with SCHOOLBOY Q…..50 step his shit on it…and Q killed it.

    i cant give it a 8+/10 cuz im theres a good 3-4 tracks I think that they are meh….

  • randy

    wow this is hiphop nice mixtape as 50 always makes

  • dacid

    I Don’t Understand How People Sit In Their GrandMothers Basement, On Their Cheap Ass Dell LabTops & Type “This Was Weak 50.” or “This Is Garbage”. This Shit Was Hard. People Always Say “I Want The Old 50 Back”, But When He Gives Yall Some Shit, Yall Niggas All Unappreciative. This Shit Is Hard.

    • Its_Laptop

      Labtop? Really? you dumb A….F……cuz

  • donald

    @dacid co-sign!
    people think their effecting 50 or even his fan base by hating, but it just makes it stronger. Its 2012 god dammit you people have been hating since 2005! THATS 7 YEARS OF HATING SMH

  • Brodie Malenko

    Say it again…… Want 50 old shit…. Buy his old albums!!!! Whats the point of rapping if you dont progress??? I miss that old 50/G-unit shit but you can’t hang on to what worked in the past. Be happy he aint to big headed to not give out free music like most of these money chasing over exhausting working ass rappers, doing shows everynight just to stack up. 50 gets at more money than the popular niggas get just to show up and do in da club lol. Regardless he dont need to be in the spotlight sitting at award shows tryin to be notice. It aint over just starting over

  • 12 months from now assholes will still be hating on curtis , he’ll still be on forbes, his music still gonna be bangin

  • deez

    don’t you find it wierd that on “you will never take my crown” fifty sounds just like schoolboy q????? lol dead serious i know that mufcka wrote fifs verse…

  • deez

    every verse..**

  • hash

    how 50 fell off when this is #1 on this site and the album was trendin worldwide. everybody now talk about 50 he get lot of views on youtube without even promotion. the lost tape downloaded 501,673 times on datpiff without any help from anybody or any features from big artists. niggas really stupid gotta open yo minds a bit. ITS 50 TIME

  • HEAT2012Champz YaDig

    Dam this is that summer music!!!! HEAT Lebron time Biatch

  • Cam

    HARD.. 50 came with it.

  • Cam

    I thought this was gone be wack. He went in on this.

  • Fiddy mixtapes always go!

  • Cruel Thing

    It’s fire if you actually give it a spin. I had lost a lot of faith in 50 but I don’t know… it could start coming back!

  • ny all day

    man im loving so far

  • mane

    I keep loving this shat the more I am sure some of the dongs will blow if given the right promos

  • NEM

    50 keeps delivering! Want that actual album now, though!

  • qayyim

    Quality Music! this nigga is creative with this gangsta shit.

  • fuck

    United Nations is hot

  • 152

  • HEAT2012Champz YaDig

    dam people still commenting it will be in the 200 by Monday lol

  • jdl

    as a music fan, this is horrible

  • smammy

    nice one im feeling this.

  • jack helium


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    one word: HOT

  • LDN12

    @jack helium lool 45 cent

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