Slaughterhouse “L.A. Leakers” Freestyle

All four quarters of the Slaughter appeared on the L.A. Leakers show on Power 106 and dished a few freestyles over “Ima Boss,”  “Mercy” and “Not Afraid”. Sorry Budden fans, no verse here. Welcome to: OUR HOUSE drops August 28th.

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  • Bangers N Mash


  • NextUp


  • Junebug

    No one is touching Mathers Mob lyrically.

  • deez good looks on the heads up didnt even bother listening..

  • deez

    crookeds nice but he bores me..

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ SMH .
    These dudes are lyrical beast.

  • deez

    at this point theyre all spitting memorized or in joells case written rhymes, at this point i dont blame yall cuz everyones doing that, but we know you can all spit, but can you guys make a hit record, that is the question??

  • NextUp

    As a fan im not asking for a hit record…im lookin for what they deliver…#bars


    nobody messing with these dudes lyrically… Crooked I just a beast

  • deez

    but this album is supposed to be their major label debut right?? @NextUp ?? so yeah their goal is to make a hit record at this point…unless they just wanna go unnoticed like yelawolf’s album…just stating for the record i was a big slaughterhouse fan at one point but they just really really let the people down on this shit….

  • deez

    all three singles were pure what?

  • soooo

    anyone seen this?

  • Slaugust.Royce was cool.Crook spit on this.He got busy. Joell’s part was official.That ab bortion line was dope.Not the biggest fan of this beat.

    I wonder why Budden didn’t rap?
    Loch Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance freestyle

  • Cruel Thing

    Crooked and Joell both went in on these! Royce sounded like he wasn’t trying but can’t wait for the album to drop!

  • The Truth

    Can’t wait for the mixtape to drop in early August before the album!!!

  • Jinx

    Dope! Lool budden saving lyrics for the album

  • damn…. what the HELL???
    S L A U T H E R H O U S E
    keep it coming with them lyrics… please have a HOT album cuz them commericial record aint what
    house gang is all about… jus keep doin what ya’ll did since the beginning…crossover, crossover (NO A. I.)

  • jack helium

    these niccas will neva go platinum. didnt yall get da memo??? DA SOUTH RUNNIN DA RAP GAME BRUH.

  • jesus


  • Unknown

    Joe Budden said a while ago, there’s a single on the album that could be #1

  • PistolPistol

    Chop and serve them up..

  • Croooooooooooooked Motherfucking I (ahhhhhhhhhh). . . He’s spit is just not Earthly. Freestyle king