New Music: Childish Gambino x Prodigy “Body”

It looks like Childish Gambino recorded some extra music for his latest project, Royalty. DJ Semtex recently played a new record featuring Prodigy that did not make the final cut. Too bad, because this one sounds pretty good.

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  • bitch.bad.woman.good

    his material is fire royalty is THE SHIT

  • lady.better

    he went mainstream wit royalty #disappointed

  • Hip-Hop Stanssss

    FOH, with he went mainstream…he Killed Royalty and now he is getting the respect in hip-hop that he deserves!

  • ^^


  • imo

    disappointed i guess… culdesac was special. camp was on par. this is lacking (for me). i had to check twice to make sure “rip” wasn’t skipping, like a scratched cd. love the fts but coulda done without them- too distracting. beat selection is suspect, in their entirety. idk if someone got in his ear, but he cut out his drake (can already hear the silly comments) tip all together (rap & sing/harmonize) which to me was his strength. anyway, i digress lol

  • Jay Loan

    MR.Gambino makes good music

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  • BCR

    Great Portishead sample.

  • tko


  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    prodigy snapped I’m new to childish gambino and I’m still on the fence. I was surprised to see him doing a song with P tho, I guess he’s a Mobb fan and with that he gets my respect for being a good hip hop fan recognizing P’s stamp on the genre. but from listening to the other songs I did here from him where he was rather emotional and did alot of introspective stuff if the vibe of Royalty is similar to this track then I can see y his older fans might b disappointed in a switch of style I guess but as an artist they got be able to spread their wings, practicing versatility and all that. I’m sure been piegeonholed as a certain type of artist who ONLY does such and such type music is probably frustrating to an artist who wants talk about more than money, hoes, and drugs.

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    my grammar a liitle off. high as fuck…me and my bitch day at the crib…thank God for all this sativa strains

  • Ummah_es_Salaam


  • Gambino

    he was mainstream, just nobody knew about him or gave him a shot. Don’t tell me Camp and Culdesac weren’t mainstream.

  • Omega Supreme

    [email protected] went Mainstream smh Anyways this track is dope I wish it would have made the final cut.

  • KoldCase

    He definetly did not go mainstream

    Childish always goes hard

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    9 Months ago Gambino could barley get 3 comments and they were all talking about how he making a mockery of hip-hop. Now niggas debating if he went mainstream. GAMBINO WON. He still better than your favorite rapper.

  • Philly Lawyer

    Selling out is shit

  • imo

    He went where the money is! Naturally! Can’t be mad at that! But Royalty is light yrs diff than Camp or Culdesac- even he will tell u that. Mainstream should not be confused with radio though. This tape mos def isn’t underground! But it is mainstream in the sense that it will appeal to a broader audience. Listen to Camp and Culdesac, really listen. Lyrics, emotion etc. What i loved about him previous to this release was it all felt natural. Not forced. On this it feels like he is takin’ himself too seriously. Tryin’ to hard to prove he can rap and is a rapper. He already was, that’s the genius behind him!! I get he growin’ and blah blah blah. I’m good wit that.

    “Online dudes shouting out that they’re better than me
    I’m doin’ three other jobs, bitch you better be
    Cause if you’re trying really hard, that’s embarrassing
    I won’t stop until I’m fuckin’ runnin’ everything”

    In the end all artist evolve and so on- royalty proves he is headed in a new direction! proof is in the puddin’……

  • Tiiz

    How does a song not make a mixtape??? That doesn’t make any damn sense.

  • gambino ho

    ^ Cuz i had to have the tina fey joint instead

  • the void

    i dont like actors pretending to be rappers.

  • Lethargic1

    imo pretty much cleared it up. He was on point with his statements. Song is ok. Beat is nice tho.

  • Berklee

    Beat is nice b/c it’s Portishead. Copy/Paste Producers

  • tr

    Good cut.

  • portishead sample?

  • R

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  • @ R

    ^ go away! ur not exposing sh*t! it’s common knowledge douche bigalow! what’s next, u gon tell us mister Ocean has gay tendencies! WHO THE FCUK CARES (it’s about the music) u perv- smh