• OOPH

    HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!

  • Ze Pequeno

    gatDAMN ya boy’s back

  • bluengold85

    Cole World, No Snuggie

  • Trillionaire


  • Cole World

    Got em’

  • Truu

    He crashed it. Cole never misses.

  • Cromer Beats

    “The best part of waking up….Is lyrics in your cup”…


    ***Brand new Cromer beat*** “Forbidden”!!! New Beat release every sunday!

  • ddave

    With all these lames trying to get in the game, and these rappers putting out silly beefs in the time frame I see you Jermaine!

  • Cole need to hurry up with that follow-up.

  • Word

    I cosign that “He’s alive!” comment. The game been missing Cole its about time we get a new song, feature, news, SOMETHING. I think he’s dropped maybe 3 songs and done like 2 features since October. Don’t want him to over saturate himself or nothing but he shouldnt be giving ppl that “Oh shit, I forgot bout Cole” feeling.

  • Lyrics ! That’s what it’s all about and Cole is one of the few who really gets it !

    5 Nas most Blasphemous lyrics http://leblacketlaplume.com/2012/07/07/5-nas-most-blasphemous-lyrics/

  • Black Shady

    My nigga still here!!!!! love to see this nigga being successful. still remember some of yall fuck boys wouldnt believe me when i kept saying his debut would sell and shit. hahaha now look at him

    second album will just be bigger, with bigger singles, with bigger #s. just watch!

  • map chat


    yea shady i remember waiting for ths nigga to blow but now i aint on’em like i used to be


    You see what that boy doin?


    Ok lightskinned Jermaine, keep doing the damn thing.

    3 #1 Urban singles off a debut album that’s been cooking for 9 months.


  • weedhead

    cole is the truth.. he gon be a legend. yall sleepin on him fo real..

    cuz i make classics, what that take timing? cole under pressure, what that make? DIAMONDS

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Damn. Cole, where the hell you been?

  • Dee

    got him trending last night, ain’t been on Twitter in months, but def gon’ still be a Cole Summer if he just drops something

  • JHP

    One thing I’ll say about Cole, is he hasn’t taken the Chris-Brown approach and over-saturated himself by dropping like 100 songs before and after his album came out, he’s just been touring, resting up, and keeping it lowkey.. I’m sure he’s about to slowly start building up to his sophomore this second half of the year, he bout to be killing shit again, maybe more so than the first time

  • JReezy

    Dope verse.

  • Young Simba

    Cant wait for the album his and kendricks album I’m anticipating the most!
    Cole World!!

  • Jax

    Cole World!!!!!!

  • Romo

    Nice… he’s playing his part not flooding us with a bunch of throw aways just waiting for the right atmosphere … Nice I wasn’t antisipating the next album till now

  • M.T

    fire! I’ve been dying to hear some new material from cole. Nigga needs to drop something soon.

  • Cole World

    This time he didn’t fall off! Although he did in Frauenfeld…literally!