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  • Premo

    WOW kanye dissing somebody or saying something controversial.. who would’ve thought… smh
    Fan Pissed That Upon Meeting Rapper 2 Chainz; He Was in Fact Only Wearing 1 Chain http://goo.gl/wlYoq …funniest thing i read all day

  • Knee-grow please. He mad at MTO like they didn’t help make KK popular. Her ass was front page news every other day.

  • lll

    Arrogance is gonna make you go crazy Ye, your music is average at best.
    Don’t try to overhype it with your so fake sensational live performances.

  • brl

    Oh, I get it. It’s a privilege to listen to his music, smh?

  • mc

    fuck mediatakeout

  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    tell em yaye

  • mac DIESEL




  • c0nnectn0w


  • Jaymalls

    Thats my GOAT! :ObamaSmile:

  • Drake’s Eyebrows

    kanye should do what frank ocean did

  • migga

    thats one of my fav 2, good song wiz, make more like it, more cardo

  • Black Shady

    Kanye back being cocky

  • Real Talk.

    Just for this I’m not paying for Kanye shit again, Imma DL it. Thanks to whoever invented the idea of album leakages. Why give my money to these muhfuckas just to listen to them tell me they’re richer than me? I still fucks w/ Ye though, he makes good music but he ain’t gettin my money again.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Mag

    MediaTakeOut is outrageous. Nobody over 14 can’t possibly take that site seriously after one visit. It’s silly entertainment.

  • Kemosabi

    Yeezy should no better than to feed trolls but I’ll say this if MTO is black owned like I’ve heard they should be ashamed of there damn selves. That ain’t journalism and more then that there coons for ripping there own people everyday in the most uneducated way. I don’t even look that bullshit anymore. Gossip gossip niggas need to stop.

  • kbisburning

    Lol @ the haters taking the time to comment

  • lmao Kanye believes he’s the best we have and his music is perfect?…………….Oh i get it, he’s the best because nobody samples music better than him. Beethoven would be proud (smh)

  • WestCoast

    hhh gayfish
    fuck media & illuminati gay puppet a.k.a kanye

  • M.T

    “As a man, I am flawed but my music is perfect!”
    hahaha classic Kanye.

  • not a homo

    Kanye West’s music is shitty pop.

  • Fuck Kanye West

    The faggot sounds like he was about to cry.

  • Cromer Beats

    THis is sooooo unlike Kanye…LOL. PS. Don’t discount sampling…It is an art derrived from poverty. AKA Those unable to purchase a 20 band. Plus many song that are sampled simply would have dwindled into obscurity if it wasn’t for samplers. I sample at times…however i can’t lie an original production will always out do a sampled beat when it comes to composition.


    ***Brand New Cromer Beat “Forbidden”***



  • Fuck Kanye West

    Why do so many people love this big cheek old man? He is garbage.

  • zeee

    kanye is a lil bitch. TMZ report on this dude and his hoe on a daily . why he wont say anything about them. why. cause thats the white establishment. he dear not say anything about them. lil puck ass bitch

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