• TriggerMan

    Alley Boy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • the void

    alley boy stays dissing jeezy but he like these weak brick squad niggas? smh.

  • The Truth

    What yall niggas know about the dirty glove Detroit stand up!!!

  • ….editing sucks. Nigga got 0 attention when he dropped that Jeezy and TI diss now Trouble buzzing way harder than him.

  • Chainz

    So Ice Burgandy just HAPPENS to pop up for the first time in months the day after Game makes news for pushing 40 Glocc around? I don’t think I’ve heard a single thing about this guy since he supposedly knocked Game out at the mall.

  • really23

    Ice Burgandy look like a younger Juvenile w/braids.

  • oh shyt

    guess these wack rappers all teaming up

  • the void

    ps. ice didnt knock game out. it was his friend. his friends is dead now.

  • Loced Out

    Ice Burgundy you a bitch. RoseMo in the grave over your beef and you ain’t retaliate bitch nigga. Its only a matter of time!