New Video: Young Chris “Sweetest Joy”

Back in his home of Philly, Young Chris rounds up the troops for his new video. The clip’s pretty straight forward which leaves little room for any highlights. Alive coming soon.


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  • Luciano

    can someone tell YUNG CHRIS that nobody cares about him… :/
    Fan Pissed That Upon Meeting Rapper 2 Chainz; He Was in Fact Only Wearing 1 Chain …funniest thing i read all day

  • brl

    Great message for the children. Strong work.

  • Dope song….. @ Luciano And some people don’t give A fuck about mainstream pop hop or the artists that are out front wit that bullshit movement just because it’s popular… Some just Like Real music no matter what charts they on…

  • BlackAnastasia

    This Ashy Ass nigga couldn’t blow next to JayZ.Does he actually think he’s gonna blow now?

  • young chris is still a beast on the mic — no gimmics!

  • CJF

    young chris was always the best from state prop, glad to see hes still at it

  • CB

    Ypung Gunner always been a spitter and he knows how to make songs. I dunno why he hasnt blown up like he shpuld, maybe he doesnt have the right business people behind or he needs better business acumen or it could be the gift and the curse of pnce being seen as a Jay z prodigy

  • Kenny Gs3

    Chris hasn’t popped because of his production .. jumping in with Cardiak was one of the right moves .. but he negeted that when he signed to fucking rico love .. over at division one

    chris need to get a few more dope ass producers in the stable and drop tapes … them rico love club songs = TRASH!!!!