50 Cent Explains 5 (Murder By Numbers)

Last Friday, Curtis released his free digital LP, 5 (Murder By Numbers). Speaking with MTV, Fif explains the reasoning behind its release and his situation with Interscope.

“What I’m releasing right now is a part of me wanting music out during the middle of the summer. I had a plan for myself: I wanted to have the new record come out during my birthday. I don’t really need label support for this project. It’s about the actual music, and I don’t think people buy what record label you’re on; I think they buy music or buy into the actual artist themselves.

They’re in full support of me now. We cleared up audit issues. That’s always an issue, when you get to the final album or the final requirement you end up going through the books with everything that you’ve done. Once those things are resolved, everyone is ready to get back to work, and that’s where we’re at.”

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  • Real Talk

    Stop talking about this and release the project I’m tired of hearing all this talk.

    5 (Murder By Numbers) was weak as hell anyway, maybe it’s time to retire and stick to business.

    I don’t think 50 really cares about the music anymore, not since Massacre.

  • The Truth

    I have never heard 50 given an interview without saying the word actual or project in a sentence , look up his interviews and I bet you hear the word actual!!!

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Cool story fif, just release the album or stfu

  • how was his music diff from his other stuff — wasn’t he talkin bout this new sound and how creatively diff it would be, and how people will be shocked when they hear it — surprising features etc etc etc

  • The Truth

    Also why does 50 keep saying Dre produced P.I.M.P when Mr. Porter produced it!!!

  • qwerty

    Haha @not since Massacre.

    Dude nobody check for your shit, go the florida, pitbull way. they may not be hip hop but they get $ and do some shity 16 bars.

    His biggest song was his first, the one white people know him by

  • Name Withheld

    @The Truth
    Lol. I’ve noticed that as well. 50 uses it the word “actual” like it’s going out of style.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    The 50 interviews are revealing tho, it looks like he’s trying to convince himself more than anything, like he’s trying to reassure himself that it’s not him it’s the label or lack thereof. The writing’s on the wall Fif you had an incredible run & you milked it for all it’s worth “it’s all over now take it like a man” the irony tho

  • bylaw99

    OK so niggas gone act like 5 MBN aint one of his dopest projects…as always RR is full of jegging loving ex correction officers fake blood azz niggas! I hate your rap artist too…LMAO

  • same album – diff name

  • matrix

    You niggz kill me like seriously 5 was wacc? 50 is over? NIGG STOP IT…you Lames need something better to do with ya lifes then worry bout a so called wac nigg thats over…MOVE THE FUGG ON THEN…smh 5 is fire and 50 still that nigg…CHUUCH!! I hope this fuggin label stop fuggin wit my nigg album if they dont wanna put his shit out release the nigg and let him do him shit is stupid…

  • Drake’s Eyebrows

    i´m sorry but his free digital LP is trash.hope the other album it´s good

  • dmc

    to bad it was wack, i’ll still by the one coming in November though.

  • Black Shady

    Honest opinion from a 50 fan ; the 5 project is a miss. Lost Tape is better than 5

  • Commentator of Common Sense

    I love 50 nd what he represents, but this material was just lackluster. Big 10 was better. IMO he needs to reinvent his self or align w/ some fresher talent the way all of the older dudes are now.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    FIVE isn’t’ as bad as you dudes are making. 6 of the 10 songs I’ll go back to listen to. If you don’t like it keep it moving suckas.

  • deez

    fif you didnt explain why lost tape and this shit 5, they were complete wackness and went unnoticed, and why are you wasting time on kidd kidd, when you should b directing lloyd banks’ videos..for v6.

  • ridalen

    good to see 50 fans finally coming to terms….dude lost it….i still have a little hope for dude tho

  • changeclothz

    Fidddy is done musically

  • jason jonathon jerkoff

    who ever thought 50 cent wud of fall from grace , i remember 50 cent used to clown other rappers and their music , ja rule , fat joe , rick ross etc , but look at your music right now its wackkkkkkkkkk .WHAT I’M TRYIN TO SAY IS THAT EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY …..

  • frank ocean was Mr cee favourite client

    isnt this the same 50cent who used to be clowning other rappers . look at how hes strugglin musically Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. he not done yet though he just needs some grimey beats . and i think the yes men around him are afraid to tell him his music is wack for fear they get fired ……so they go along with everything like its dope when its not …

  • 85

    NIGGA !! I am more G listening to this and washing dishes, then you’ll ever be listening to that fake shit….

    NY, Business Mind, Roll That Shit, Money, Definition Of Sexy and most def. -> Can I Speak To You ?!

    quality street music ..

  • BlackGods

    its not really fif, its the beats, the beat selection on 5 is lacking, big10 had some good beats.
    he needs to pull out some classic hard hiphop beats,u see nas is going classic on life is good thats why its prolly gonna be a classic. these new space age beats homos rap om nowadays aint really for 50. He needs this next album to be hot so when he drops his 6th studio album without interscope/shady he will have his wave in motion, then he can collect all his album proceeds himself.

  • Joker

    50 is strategic. He was saying that this was a album to create a buzz when really it was a mixtape. He needed all eyes on him so he can really promote his album Street King Immortal. You really think 50 would approach an album with 2 verse songs? This was clearly a mixtape from the beginning. 50 is always going to be 50. His beat selection is what sets him apart from the game, If you dont like dont listen! there is so much of that generic bullshit 50 doesnt have to do that shit too! I always respected 50 because he stayed true to his craft. Plus 50 always tryin to give us something free to bump in the summer…He always has mixtapes for the summer time sincerly yours southside, war angel, forever king, those sms tracks….he gives so much free music & they all have quality you may not like the beat but its not that generic bullshit.

  • 50cent

    Word to mutha @the truth

    plus Q said it best. You can hate his style, hate his beat selection, just plain ol hate the dude… But you CANNOT, even for a minute that he sounds gangsta as fuck on a record. Tht confidence in his voice is unrealistic. Alot of these new cats immitate his flow n style but best belive it when he says it “there’s not alot left to talk about but.. The money!”

    I been a hardcore fan thru out his career and to mr no matter what he puts out- fif is STILL that man. It’s crazy how y’all can hate on a dude like that, he represents growth n innovation to the bone. Only nigga to be known as an entrepreneur, critically acclaimed rapper, philanthorpist, actor etc etc and still have a heart big enough to connect with fans with free music. I swear to God y’all frankly don’t deserve free shit.
    But I must agree the best beats on 5 were : money, the crown, can I speak to you, and the two ladies songs

    if u denyin the fact that he the realeat out there you might wana check yo’ self…

  • qbeezy

    how he repping growth when he talking about the same shit from ten years ago??? Diff album names but same old tired ass bullshit

  • chilleymost

    time to sign some new blood,,,to g-unit,,,,,, cant rock dolo,,maybe your old shit,,,,,shit,,,,even jay got kanye,,,puff got everybody,,,,lololol,,,,,got have that constituency,,,,,,,wooord!

  • Q