• AliX

    Faggot ass nigga

  • bold

    This seems to be one of those performances that will be called upon 10 years from now. So moving. I wish some people could see that simply pain is pain, and he expresses it more beautifully than most artists could ever hope to.

    If Frank stays true to himself, he’ll be the 70 year old legend on stage at the Grammys making a huge guest appearance in 2057. Not sure where Chris Brown will be, then… maybe an irrelevant Bobby Brown joke at that point.

  • Fuck GayLand

    this nigga deserve death

    welcome to : http://www.gayradar.com

  • This cat makes honest music dope track

  • KAJF

    He’s quickly becoming my favourite artist. Well, him and Kanye. Kanye will always be up there.

    If you have an issue with his sexuality, talk to a therapist about your own repressed issues and/or inability to cope with your self-hatred. Don’t post it on a website covering MUSIC.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    He’s actually pretty good live, but foreal some of you niggas are comical, you’ll spend thousands on clothes & shoes designed by gay people but wanna talk shit about Frank, look in the mirror you dummies

  • onenutned

    this shit was dope I ain’t know homey could sing live…any nigga worried about another nigga dick and it’s whereabouts is jealous they can’t come out. stop hiding you pretend niggas.

  • Dani32

    I loved his emotional and heartfelt performance. Bought the album and I love it. A true singer without too much flash.

    As far as the homophobia thrown his way, I can not tell you how brave it is to just refuse to live a lie, even when it may effect your livelihood. Living in the closet, fearful of being outed is miserable. Getting outed is horrible (I know). Living out and proud can be dangerous. Not a lot of good choices there. Being gay or bisexual is not a choice you make.

    I have been where he is (must of us have), and I assure you that heartbreak is no different in the gay and lesbian community, except that maybe you have the added issue of a closeted partner unwilling to return affections simply because they fear being outed. I love that you can genuinely feel his pain in his songs. Not many singers can legitimately convey that, gay, straight or whatever.

  • thegreg

    AWESOME performance. I’m riding with this young man. Tons of talent and potential. Rap Radar is smart to “hitch their wagon” to the “Channel Orange” project.

  • Sc_R

    That’s gay he used that gay shit as a publicity stunt. Letter from December comes out week before album. Tyler says he’s glad it finally out there, etc. but if that’s what it is that’s it lot of gay ass r&b singers and surely some of your fav rappers haha can’t deny the music though

  • The Truth

    I can’t front that performance was dope, dude kinda reminds me of Maxwell with his range, although I don’t agree with his sexuality and that’s up to God to decide but Frank Ocean is talented as fuck!!!

  • I don’t know if home boy is really gay. I just know that his marketing ppl are really great.


  • dll32

    Great music. +1

  • Kemosabi

    All I know is I was a fan of Nostalgia Ultra and if this new project is as good as I’m hearing I’ll cop it as well. With everything wrong with the world I can’t understand how this guy coming out is so polarizing live and let live.

  • Drake’s Eyebrows




  • Leviticus 18:22

    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

  • Me



    Da vi eba maikite pederasi takiva pederasi s pederasi sichkite kato frank ocean

  • The Guy

    I don’t give a flying fuck if he’s gay, bi or straight, as long as he stays away from my music library lol

  • Tiiz

    ^ Sums up the only problem I had with him making that announcement. Two weeks ago niggas couldn’t come up with any excuse to hate on Frank Ocean. Now he just opened the door. Let the music speak for itself..

  • Truth

    Amazing talent and brave soul. It takes a great man to stand tall in the face of hate and allow himself to be vulnerable. While most will stand behind insecure bravado and criticize, remember this; He can still fuck your girl if he wanted to.

  • Inside I’m Ice! Outside I’m Lava!

    I don’t care about his sexual orientation, I just want to know what those lyrics and the song was about. Y’all worrying about his gay status but y’all don’t buy music anyway, so who gives a fuck. If the shit is good then it’s good, how many of y’all seen “Face-Off?”, & dat Travolta dude likes men massaging him, but that shit won’t stop you from watching his flicks. Let’s go people move on. Again what’s the lyrics and song about?

  • False

    Hey Truth He might can fuck your girl but my girl aint fuckin with no nigga takes it in the ass you brokeback ass nigga.

  • Kingrage

    I would buy his album off his name alone ,everything I have heard from him from the mixtape to the songs he write for other people and his live performance I’m a true fan of his work and who he is.

  • migga

    this nigga came out to sell records..SMH

  • Truth

    @false My Dude, I dont do the internet thug shit. You’re behind a keyboard hiding your face but displaying your ignorance. The point is… when you have time to worry about what the next man is doing in his bed room, you aint handling yours. Clearly your own insecurities wouldnt allow you to understand where the comment was coming from. Thanks for proving my point.

  • Rampage

    This is unacceptable. How can people accept this fag. If you say I’m gay for having a problem with him being gay then guess what your gay for thinking I’m gay. See how it works? Maybe you should go see a therapist. I bet you it’s only white “educated” people commenting here. Go read a bible. If you say I’m simple minded and need to get educated just because I go against these fags then guess what you need to get educated. Your saying republicans arent educated because they also go against these fags. Haha. Guess what. I do what I want to do. I don’t accept something just because other people do. You guys should ask yourself what if my son comes out like that? I’m not saying I wouldn’t accept him but I would be deeply hurt if that would happen.

  • I have no idea how anyone can listen to Franks words and honestly believe that being gay is a choice. Did you hear nostalgia,ULTRA? True artists have to suffer for their audience in order to actually connect, and Frank suffered tremondously.

    When you first heard Novacane, you didn’t care who he wrote it about. You only cared that it was a dope song relating to your human emotions and memories. You liked and related to it because he wasn’t speaking in “gay talk”, he was speaking in emotion. Everybody on the planet makes their own personal connection to music, but now that you know what inspired it, why is it different?

    Yes, the song is about Frank desperately wanting to be able to establish an emotional connection with a woman. But in the end, he can’t help but be attached to his first love, so he feels numb to a womans touch. Did you guys even read his coming out letter? The man was yelling at the sky and his Creator for 3 years because he had overwhelming feelings for a man. He begged for mercy because society says that God doesn’t approve of those emotions. He tortured himself for years because hateful people dissapproved of the type of relationship he found love in.

    Even worse, his first love gave in to societies pressures and continued to live a lie. Frank felt lonely and probably suicidal because the world said that the love his heart was drowned in shouldn’t exist. Even if you think its wrong, why condemn it? If it stems from religious reasons, why don’t you just see it as there will be more room in Heaven for you. If its science, maybe nature is trying to fix the overpopulation problem. Humans aren’t even the only species that engage in homosexual activity. Live and let live..

    Personally, I’m not gay and I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to not give a fuck about what another person does with their love life. A man loving a man, or a woman loving a woman, has never and will never take food from anyones mouth, a roof from over anyones head, or clothes off of anyones back. Everyone on Earth has a purpose, and maybe Frank Oceans purpose was to save the lives of a few kids who were on the brink of ending it because they thought they were alone. He might be a fallen angel from the very Heaven you say he’ll be banished from. Find your own purpose and maybe you’ll be standing next to Frank at the pearly gates..

  • Really?

    Why are people so ignorant? Is that the only argument they have? Going against gays doesnt mean your insecure and are gay yourself. You see how ridiculous that sounds. So what your basically saying is that anything that I go against must be because I’m insecure and am really that? Then guess what your logic is all fucked up. I go against racism does that make insecure and make me a racist? Yes this is how stupid all you sound. If your with it then your with it. If your not then your not. Its that simple. But I guess you guys arent simple you guys are “educated”.

  • Inside I’m Ice! Outside I’m Lava!

    Thats pretty well said AL, now interpret the Bad Religion song still cant decipher it.

  • chilleymost

    why we gotta be ignorant?,,, because,,,some of us dont rock with homosexuality,,,,like i said before he put it out there,,,,if he wouldnt of said anything,we wouldnt have thought, anything,,so he wants to be judge,,,,,,but for his album thats coming out,,please,,,if he was that brave,,,he should of come out,,,from the dick,,,no pun intended,,,,,,he can have all the good music in the world,,,,,good for him,,,time will tell,,,,,because there will always be more heterosexuals than not,,,,,so live and let live

  • BxWavy

    kajf, shut your flaming ass up the dudes a fish fin up the game!! that fruit shit thats that shit i don’t like!!!!!! dont try to justify his fruityness

  • chilleymost

    too many excuses for sexuality either you fuckin or you not,,,,,,its a choice to pull down your pants or pull up your skirt,,,either or,,,,love,feelings,,and those other emotions,,,are felt without having sex,,,,like eddie murphy said in raw,,,,i can care about my boy that don’t mean i wanna get with him,,,,,,,,,,,motherfuckers is using this gay shit to get the gay community to spend chips,,,,,his timing is impeccable,,,,,write a letter drop a album,,,,,,hmmmm!,,,,,,,,thats were he loses points,,,,,he could of dropped four albums then came out and the fan base would have been cemented,,,,,and niggas couldn’t say shit cause they copped,,,,the album,,,,,,,,his marketing is lame, and not sincere,,,,,and he is not hip-hop,,,,,,,,FUCK THAT!!!!!

  • herbsaac

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Now I see why Frank Ocean just came out.. It was for album hype/sales.. Who cares if your gay.. hahahhaha Hes trying to exploit this shit for money since he knows only other fags (and I dont mean just gay people.. I mean those who rock Skinny Jeans.. glasses that dont help you see any better.. Extra medium shirts)

    You know those type of fags.. So now he is trying for the main audience by throwing a Lady GaGa esque shocker out there..

    I dont know if its gonna help.. over 100k? Lookin doubtful after listening to how bad that Pink MAtter song with Andre 3000 was.. The andre verse didnt save the song.. Oceans singing doesnt match the pitch of the beat or the harmony melody of the beat..

    Wants to much to croon and swoon and make dieing cow noises.. but .. needs to learn to make a song first

  • Classic performance… And the albums sound pretty good. *Thumbs Up*

  • M.T

    didnt think he was this good live. Dope performance!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    mmm Frank Ocean is so yummy

  • Crew Love

    i hope he got so catchy songs too..

  • MacDiesel illegitimate son

    @ bold This seems to be one of those performances that will be called upon 10 years from now. So moving. I wish some people could see that simply pain is pain, and he expresses it more beautifully than most artists could ever hope to.

    If Frank stays true to himself, he’ll be the 70 year old legend on stage at the Grammys making a huge guest appearance in 2057. Not sure where Chris Brown will be, then… maybe an irrelevant Bobby Brown joke at that point.

    —> Excellent Point. Timeless music is the kind of music that transcends generational/trendy boundaries. I doubt Chris Brown’s music people hold in high standards 30/40 years from now. Does not seem likely. Mr. Ocean on the other hand? If he continues like this our kids will be humming his tunes to their grandkids. Can anyone say modern day Luther Vandross?


  • ironic

    re his sexuality: if a fuck was the size of a cunt hair on an ant, i still couldn’t give it….all of that’s not really relevant, other than i bet it wasn’t easy for him to disclose what he had shared with the world…

    performance was good by today’s shitty standards…the boy definitely has something and hopefully he can nurture it to become great…

    i’m quite interested in the lyrics, because on one level it feels possibly islamophobic, but i’m sure it’s deeper than that..still, worth a mention…

  • Vee

    Remarkable artist…….Channel Orange is sounding dope!

  • He fooled you

    If I remember correctly he mentioned that he had a crush on another male who in the end rejected his affections. At no stage did he state HE HAS HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER MAN, the power of the media to make a mountain of a molehill. You have to understand that Frank Ocean first and foremost is a talented songwriter and uses pronouns interchangeably. This was a very clever and deft way of manipulating the media to draw attention to his album that coincidently dropped when his apparent ‘written’ confession came out. Tyler and his crew know what they are doing and everyone is falling for it. Listen to Forrest Gump he’s mentioning his attraction and feelings but never mentions having sex with another male. You people fell for the okie doke and have been hoodwinked and bamboozled.

  • Cam

    @He Fool You


  • I hate Rap blogs

    Wow (most of) you guys are fucking faggots ESPECIALLY @Rampage you’re some pussy ass nigger who discriminates against people the same way black people were discriminated against. I’m assuming you’re black, but then again hip hop has turned into mainstream music, like Rick Ross, Meek Mill, that white people and h0oD [email protected] listen to which you probably “bump” to show how hard you are

    oh yeah… FUCK GOD

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