• D.BO

    This is so hot

    Harry Fraud out-shinned Curren$y

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Yesss, new currensy. I was really feeling stoned immaculate

  • NoSoup4Yu

    * was not

  • Curren$y taking a page out of James Brown’s book to be the hardest working. man in showbiz. I swear he doesn’t take a breather. I’m still trying to digest Stoned Immaculate…. one thing I can say is that for the amount of material he puts out, its still solid

  • caseyp

    $pItta just doIn It to em agaInn.

  • suckit

    that pic looks like a young eminem. from like his high school pic

  • on his smooth ridin’ shit as usual…. the homie spitta always consistent like this! fresh off his new album & gave us THIS: damn, rap hustlin’ 4 real

    J.E.T. Life

  • Been A Currensy Fan Since No Limit Had That Boy

  • crodz305

    This is rowdy as fuck. If you like this you’ll definitely like Ritt’z new video “Walking On Air.” The guy murders it… check it out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWdXqU_VSYg

  • Curren$y is becoming very consistant over the last year or so..

  • yeaa

    #3 d best one

  • LDN12

    Damn Harry Fraud knows how to make beats and Spitta always come wit dat high grade shit

  • Cam

    Most consistant rapper right now. next too Officer Ricky. Quality quotable raps. Alot of slick talk. Dude is on his shit. I fuggz with Spitta.

  • jtm

    spitta has released 13 projects since How Fly in Aug 09… & aint none of them weak

  • Cam



  • SFX36


  • zezzoi

    Harry fraud next up for real.

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