New Music: Paypa “New God Flow (Freestyle)”

SRC’s Paypa takes advantage of G.O.O.D. Music’s new tune with lyrical interpretation. Come and have a good time with some good bars.

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  • zezzoi

    SMFH. Paypa?

    Get all the way the fuck out of here with that rap name.

    Seriously niggas don’t even try no more.

    Joey Bada$$

    the FUCK wrong with this world.

  • Trillionaire

    Who that white man though?

  • Musikal

    Have no clue who this is.

  • Nathaniel


    i was thinking the EXACT same thing.

  • ualreadyknoo

    who the fuck is that white woman with the crown on?

  • SMH

    Laugh and go straight to hell. I’d imagine with a name like Trillionaire, you’re the brokest and one of the most pathetic pieces of trash on this planet.

  • Paypa needs this guy to produce on your next project

  • BxWavy

    lyrics good but sounds like big sean, just being honest everybody’s sounding the same nowadays, be original!!!

  • s

    man .. that cover art is offensive

  • Cruel Thing

    Fuck this Kanye sounding bitch. smh putting burning crosses and shit on his artwork

  • Dashing


    First there were fake Biggies,then fake Jay-z’s, now there’s a fake Kanye.

    Same voice, same flow. Doesn’t have the Kanye-isms though. He can rap but it’s gonna be a rough road ahead for him.

  • The fact that he’s developed his sound to be like Kanye’s super lame. No originality and that’s what’s becoming expected from today’s rappers. Believe me, there are some icons in the making on the way.