• JustMyOpinion

    LOOK…………America’s favorite POP artist. SMH @ people using rap as a way to transition into POP music. Just go POP from day one.

  • FTW

    This shit is fucking horrible. This nigga basically made a Ray Band jingle. I can’t even hate because I know he got paid extra racks for that shit. A Ray Bands commercial as your lead single tho? Lmao Bob said fuck it, I’m going for the cash. He fucked it up tho, cause now I can’t even rock them like that, this nigga single-handedly destroyed Ray Bands.

    No integrity ass niggas are hilarious.


  • Black Shady

    mad corny BoB…….what happened? smh

  • CBH

    Really y’all? I don’t think the song is bad at all. I think B.o.B always has great performances (he actually performs) but this one he seemed a bit out of it. He didn’t have the normal energy and projection he normally has. Probably fatigue. Regardless, he still performs better than your favorite rapper.

  • FTW

    Nah CBH, how is this shit not bad?

    I think he’s out of it because he knows it’s some bullshit.

    Fuck it, we all have to pay bills some how.

    Can’t be mad.

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  • Damn what happened

    Get your money my nigga but damn, Nikki, Pitbull and Flo Rida and B.O.B this video is for you…starting from the 1:41 mark on

  • YaMother

    Anyone thinking this song has anything to do with sunglasses is an idiot