Faith No More Covers “Niggas In Paris”

Recently on their European tour, Rock band Faith No More, did a rendition of The Throne’s hit. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until we get a Streisand cover.


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  • @YoungMcFly

    So its ight for him to say NIGGA/NIGGAZ but not Gwyneth Paltrow .. Who’s making the rules here??

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ I was thinking the same thing, more like, it was cool UNTIL it got to the 0:46 mark.

  • Sam

    Haha. That was pretty cool!

  • Sam

    @YoungMcFly there’s no rules, if you want to be offended, be offended. I think the context means more than the word. No one yells at Bob Dylan for using the word ‘negro’ in his early work.

    • Yasmin Zulaiha

      because Negro is a scientific name. Nigger is a fucking insult. Why the fuck are you all so fucking ignorant?

  • realwickwickwack

    dunno if mc fly is white but THERE IS NO RULE
    this shit is funny for so many reasons …unexpected cover ,i knew he would slip and say it …i aint mad ,white man made me laugh

  • ThishereADwightMare

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, he shoulda switched it up… its almost awkward now

  • TheTruthIs…

    He couldn’t do the radio edit though?

  • yo

    i actually thought this said “no more covers of niggas in paris” and got really excited

  • Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga lol I’m white

    • Yasmin Zulaiha

      say it to a black person irl, you disgusting bastard

  • Chink Money

    They made this video WAY back in the day. Mike Patton is the best rapper ever, he can say whatever he wants lol

  • Keith

    Mike Patton gets a pass because he’s a legend and a musical genius. Like, if Nickelback did this, I’d be mad, but it’s Mike Patton, so it’s all good.

  • Keith

    I’m glad someone posted a link to Epic. Super 90s.

    Here’s another link that shows that Mike Patton’s hip hop roots are deep.

  • koO

    “Mike Patton gets a pass because he’s a legend and a musical genius. Like, if Nickelback did this, I’d be mad, but it’s Mike Patton, so it’s all good.”


  • crysis

    why not the whole clip it was getting good. i know you just wanted to be racist to show he said NIGGA so effin what get over it. black culture throw it around like a bag of shit anyway aint nothing ya havent heard anyway no matter in what context you use it in.

  • teejay

    Mike Patton has been rapping for a long time. He was also in europe, nigger and its variations thereof don’t have the same stigma there. He probably didn’t figure it’d be a big deal. I think if an artist is willing to put the word in their songs, they should accept that fans ought to have the right to repeat it. He didn’t call anyone a nigga, just sang the song as it was written.

    The most offensive thing about this video was how he looks. Time did not serve him well, and he was never brad pitt to begin with.

  • meezy

    ^^^^ @teejay you so full of shit. If you say nigger around a black person in the UK, France, Germany or Holland you’re still going to get your ass kicked. Pretty much everywhere in the western world its known that if you’re not black you can’t say the word nigger.

  • searchingforchetbaker

    Here’s the full show of Mike Patton and Rahzel in Philly. Damn good show.

  • Deadprez

    @meezy I don’t know where the fuck you’re from nigga, but you must be in deep denial if you haven’t realized that ALL OVER THE WORLD white kids and their upper-middle-class parents are using you’re magical “N Word” EVERY DAY. Trust me. More than half the white people I know think it’s funny as hell to say ‘nigga please’ after random shit. And they ALL quote their favorite rap songs on the regular, “N Word” and all. It’s a wrap for the taboo of the word nigga. I’ve been using it around “black people” since I got into hip hop in the early 90’s and nobody ever gave me any shit for it. Yeah I’m white. Basically if you’re still hanging onto the controversy of the word, you missed the point completely. Hip hop culture trivialized the word by using it constantly in popular culture, and by doing that they disempowered the use of the word as a racial/social slur. If you haven’t realized that the word nigga is now basically just a pronoun, you’re just a bitter old motherfucker trying to hold onto the past. And for the record, Mike Patton is hands down one of the realist niggas to ever do it. And THERE IS NO CONTROVERSY OVER HIM USING A FUCKING WORD. I guarantee he isn’t even aware of the kids trolling rap blogs who are shocked and appalled over his use of a damn word. He’s an artist… Nigga…

  • ^bravo lol

  • Thatguy

    Mike Patton is freaking awesome, even though dude is white as fuck, he is still blacker than Kanye’s pink wearin’ ass. Lmao.

  • nibblenecks

    what if i told you that Patton is mostly Asian & Native American.

    • Yasmin Zulaiha

      Asian. Bitch please, go do some proper fucking research

  • nibblenecks

    also, this is relevant :

    couldn’t’ find him & flavor flav from the late 80’s/early 90’s- but it happened.

    he’s not “white,” and he pretty much gets the blessing from other black artists artists in hip hop.

    the real problem are people who automatically assumed he is a white guy saying nigga.
    thats called pre-judging, without researching. dangerous.

  • Yasmin Zulaiha