Mac Miller On Lord Finesse Lawsuit

Kool-Aid and frozen pizza may cost a few millions for Mac Miller. DITC leader Lord Finesse filed a $10 million lawsuit against Mac for sampling his “Hip 2 Da Game” beat. He used the track on his debut mixtape, KIDS. Once Mac was caught in the loop (no pun), he reacted via Twitter account.

I’m supposed to be on hush but lemme speak on this real quick.

1. I made that record and video as nothing more than an 18 year old kid who wanted to rhyme and pay homage, no other intentions.

2. Finesse and I spoke on the phone for an hour after he heard the record and cleared the air. We even planned to work on music together.

3. All I wanted to do is shed light on a generation that inspired me.

4. When I heard there was a problem, I reached out to him to try and solve it. No response.

5. Finesse never cleared the Oscar Peterson sample on the original record. I did nothing wrong. We spoke on the phone had a good conversation, he was cool with the record. It’s all love tho. I ain’t even mad at dude. He still a legend.

Lord Finesse, thank you for what u did for hip hop. Thank you for bringing my favorite rapper into the game. I should just drop some new music.

UPDATE 2: Lord Finesse took to his Twitter today and responds. via HHC

1. I appreciate Mac’s kind words but his people did not handle his business correctly.

2. Basics – Mixtapes are one thing, but you can’t take someone’s else’s entire song, shoot a music video and call it your own.

3. Mac’s on the top of his game right now. I wish him the best in Europe and I hope to hear from him besides on Twitter.


UPDATE 4: Rostrum Records statement.

There have been a lot of misstatements online and in the press, so we thought it’d be best to make some brief comments.   First and foremost, we stand by Mac Miller in this situation and we will fight the case together with him.

Mac never pretended that the “Hip 2 Da Game” beat was his, despite what’s being said in the suit.  Lord Finesse was given credit on both the video and the mixtape from the very beginning.  We’ve never distributed “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” for sale on iTunes and have consistently policed digital retailers and other sites to make sure that no pirates were ever illegally selling the song.

Lord Finesse has known about “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” for a long time and never objected to the use.  For some reason, he has very recently changed his mind.

We look forward to resolving this issue soon, and we appreciate all of the support that we have been receiving from the entire music community.

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  • Birdham

    Ok, I’ll tell him 2 words tonight @Gotha

  • FTW

    Lord Finesse should fall back, he’s looking like a old desperate broke nigga.

    This is the problem with hip hop… the music is comprised of uncleared samples and factory drum kits, so when we go back to sample the legends they’re not making any money from the music. If any thing Mac has to pay Osar Peterson’s estate not Lord Finesse. Same thing with Lupe and Pete Rock.

    To legendary hip hop producers… With all due respect: YOU DON’T OWN THOSE SAMPLES SUN !

    Lord Finesse deserves money and respect, but he has no wins regarding this track.

  • germ

    Kids was like his 3rd or 4th tape and if it was put out for free on the internet how can he sue just like how some guys tried that with 50 on a free mixtape track

    Dude must be broke

  • Devante

    Like how Mac tries to still be cool when this guy wants 10 million from him. Lol

  • Converse

    It may be a free mixtape but u can also purchase it online. Im sure this cornball making bank from it

  • @brainsnmuscle

    What y’all not seein is that Mac was makin money off of the video bec it was on YouTube and they was advertising before video was being played. So once Lord Finesse found that he wasn’t getting paid he had a problem. If it was the mixtape by itself then there really is no case due to precidence of past rappers jackin beats for mixtape purposes. But the making of a video that you get paid for brings a new dimension to the situation. It a news game that being written right before oh eyes #itschess

  • Goonie

    sounds like a bitter OLD rapper trying to come at him now…

    13Yr Old Girl Says Her & Lil Wayne Got a LOT in Common, “We Both Kiss Our Daddy B4 He Go to Work” ..this ish was TOO funny.

  • How Wonderful..

    ^ @ Converse…I agree one hundrede percent. Mixtapes are released for free on the internet, but eventually they end up on itunes and amazon, so mac Miller and other artists are making money off these “Free Mixtapes”. Its a bias for me anyway, born and raised in NYC, i always liked Lord Finesse and DITC. Lord Finesse is a legend and his Awakening EP is still in rotation today.

  • Jack Bahlzak

    Lord Finesse is a bitch. I hope you reading this ya broke bastid!!

  • IM730

    This nigga tried to get all deep in his tweet and conceal the fact that he just a broke nigga.

  • Lethargic1

    It may come across that Lord Finesse is a bitter old rapper but if the video is getting ads on it then Finesse should get a cut. 10 mil is a bit much. 100,000 sounds reasonable but 10 mil is a bit outlandish. Mac is making money off of that song regardless if the project was free or not.

  • deez

    lmao im loving this…this is good that some1 is finally sticking up for hip hop, i know what lord finesse means, this dude would never have been accepted on a new york stage if big l was still alive, let alone would mac miller be rapping since big l is his “favorite rapper”, lmao the dude went and used a beat, that he claims he was authorized to do so, but i highly doubt that since you were a nobody at the time of the songs release, it must be a shitty feeling to know that your favorite rapper wouldn’t fuck with you if he’d been alive now..

  • deez

    plus it seemed like you were rapping just for the fun and enjoyment of it in that first video, and not to mention that video caused you to first get noticed, now you talk about sipping lean, your completely tatted, and your overall just garbage compared to the other rappers that should be in your place, i bet if it had been any other rapper, finesse probably wouldnt be suing in the first place..

  • Citylivin’

    look at that nigga’s twitter background… screams “struggle.”

  • Real Talk.

    He just made himself look like an old desperate broke nigga forreal, what about the part where they were on the phone for over an hour and cleared the air? Besides who is to say that THAT song is what put everybody on Mac? My homeboy put me on Mac and it was after The best day ever that I DL’d kids. Finesse is a legend but he just tarnished his legacy with this wack move. Idc how yall may ride his dick but Legends aren’t perfect.

  • deez

    1. I made that record and video as nothing more than an 18 year old kid who wanted to rhyme and pay homage, no other intentions.

    ^ when you gotta add the no other intention part, it usually means ya did have other intentions..lolol i really hope this dude wins the case, hopefully somehow itll put an end to mac’s slowly dying career, he’s losing that “college kid frat boy” image, so yeeeah move along, you made your money in hip hop nd hopefully a good portion is lost, and you could go on to do a different normal job, and you don’t have to embarrass yourself or your friends anymore..

  • moet

    check dis out god flow freestyle

  • FTW

    Bullshit… Bullshit… Bullshit… If that’s the case everyone should be suing everyone because rappers have been getting paid indirectly off mixtpes since the creation of the fucking mixtape. 50 launched his whole career off free mixtapes. Wiz launched his whole shit off free mixtapes. The shit is a promotional tool, a free tester so people can become interested and go to the show, buy merch and the album when the time comes. You can’t sue a nigga for using a track on a free mixtape. On the grounds that he’s getting paid for it indirectly some how way way down the line…gtfoh. Youtube ad revenue, really? What part of the game is that? Just like the Drama’s case made mixtapes free. This case, if it goes Finesse’s way will destroy the mixtape and the recycling of classic hip hop beats.

  • GeoffieTheKid

    If what Mac says is true, everything was on the up and up. All they were missing was a signature on the dotted line. Anybody making gentleman’s agreements with Finesse should think twice in the future.

  • Cam


    you obviously live in you grandmothers basement, with a bottle of lotion nestle right next too your computer, you probably spend your evenings enjoying your favorite pastime while trying too find the right scene on too jerk off too.

    Mac is out there living his dream. Its ok. You can do it too. or just become a professional rap radar commenter. its your choice. but don’t hate. it makes you look like a sucka.


    Finesse c’mon bro…this is petty dude. Gotta get paid upfront. Men lie, women lie, contracts don’t lie.

    (Contact info in videos and on youtube page)

    Cromer Beats

  • Black Shady

    Devante says:
    Wednesday, July 11 2012 at 9:53 AM EST
    Like how Mac tries to still be cool when this guy wants 10 million from him. Lol

    LMAO!!!! seriously!!! 10 milli nigga??? All you’d hear from me is FUCK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY BITCH hahahaha

    but yeah on topic ; if Mac got any $ from this song…….well he’ll have to cut a check

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    Finesse and Pete Rock should start a support group. Nothing is sacred, it’s hip-hop, we sample.

  • epinz

    If mac owes finesse 10 milli. Then 50 owes missy and ll cool j 1billi each lol



  • Tiiz

    @deez I hope you get an “A” on that paper about Mac Miller that you’re writing.

  • Nathaniel

    there’s no way Lord Finesse is getting money for this. these broke ass “legend” niggas need to get on their do for self and stop trying to slick get back pay off another nigga. envious fucks.

    “he got paid indirectly” <—— nigga of course he did. it's a mixtape. what are niggas putting mixtapes out for, if not to profit 'indirectly' off the buzz the free mixtape causes. that's why they are PROMOTIONAL tools. promoting what? who? the music of the nigga who is gaining a fan base from it in which he'll go on tour/get record deals/endorsements etc.

    10 mil? fuck outta here. i doubt mac even has 10 mil to his name off rap.

  • zezzoi

    Thats pretty pathetic. This shit will be thrown out of court. Are you serious Lord Finesse? It’s so much #deeper ?? Nigga you broke and you want money off an artist thats poppin right now.

    Pathetic ass old niggas. You should be ashamed of yourself. Fuck what you did for hiphop, your credibility is shit now nigga.

  • green lantern

    that nigga deez is retarded though

  • green lantern

    by the way mac mustve realized that he was making money off the video cuz the official video from his youtube page no longer exists..

  • @Artise1

    If they let this suit continue, every Rapper will sue every other Rapper for freestyling on their sh*t. Sh*t.. 50 Cent got in the game rapping and re doing other n*ggas sh*t. So that means everyone of those artist can sue him. This case won’t stand. Hell, its not even his track; he sampled another n*gga.

  • Fuckswag

    Every song is sampled from another…since the beginning of hip hop. Even Can I Kick It? was a sample of an oldie. This case is silly and although im not a huge mac miller fan, i hope he wins the case.

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  • Pete from Harlem

    Lord Finesse files suit.
    Mac Miller contacts Oscar Peterson’s estate.
    The estate files suit against all parties for sample clearance and royalties.
    Mac Miller would have to pay for covering the song since it’s not actually part of an official release.
    Lord Finesse would have to pay back royalties and sample clearances since it was part of an official release from a major record label.

    Check and Mate.

    “The shits Chess, it ain’t checkers…”-Training Day.

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  • RC

    It’s hilarious how dumb some of you muthafukas are on this Site when it comes to business.

    How stupid are statements about hating when it comes to money.

    Mixtapes are free. But once things like YouTube and performing mixtape tracks on stage at paid shows, the shit is no longer free. It’s generating income.

    Rappers brag they are doing shows off a mixtape. Got signed off a mixtape. That’s income! And if you got uncleared samples or beats that don’t belong to you on that mixtape and you make money from any of it, you owe the owners.

    Quit quoting checkers and chess. This game is checkers anyone with a brain should be able to plainly see this. These fucks watching ads on YouTube all day thinking YouTube put them there just to annoy folks. Like they ain’t being paid for those spots. Even the YouTube sensations are being paid.

    Some stupid fucks in here. The person who will cake is the Original owner which is neither mac nor finesse.

  • How Wonderful..

    Well said RC, very well said. I agree, but if the original song is more than like thirty years old. The original composer wont really get anything. I may be wrong. But like i said before. These mixtapes are free but eventually pop up on itnues and amazon. People should just check for mixtapes that they have dowloaded for free. For example Tru Realigion by 2 chainz and any G-Unit mixtapes are on amazon and Itunes.) So all that FREE MUSIC being put out, alot of artists are making a living off of it. GET THAT MONEY FINNESSE!!

  • Jack Bahlzak

    Nathanial Hörnblowér says:
    Wednesday, July 11 2012 at 11:30 AM
    Finesse and Pete Rock should start a support group. Nothing is sacred, it’s hip-hop, we sample.


    Thats pretty pathetic. This shit will be thrown out of court. Are you serious Lord Finesse? It’s so much #deeper ?? Nigga you broke and you want money off an artist thats poppin right now.

    LMFAO!!!!! Man theze commentz got me dying!!!!!!!

  • @Cam cmon that was below the belt… EVERYBODY get it in on xvideos lol

  • RC

    Lol hip hop is samples.. But show me where it says hip hop gets to sample for free.


  • Jules

    Ya’ll dudes really hate Mac that much huh? That’s like the epitomy of wasted energy, I’d worry about Chief Keef if I were you. Talking ’bout some real garbage. At least Mac is on the up on the artists that pawed the way before him unlike most rappers his age. Fuck if he’s making money off the tape or not.
    Smh at both Finesse and Pete Rock, if the same thing had happened to them back in the day rest assured they would have a problem with it. From Chuck D suing Biggie to this shit? Try to prosper instead of profiting for once. PeacefuckitImout.

  • Itz Yourz

    Everybody gets sued for using other “legends” shit…from beyonce, Diddy, Jay , Kanye, 50, and a slew of others. Mac miller is not exempt just because you like him. He didn’t know now he knows…and y’all can breathe easy he not going to pay no 10 mil dollars. That amount is probably the max he can get sued for…and your lawyer…if a smart one would always file for the max…so it leaves room to negotiate for a less amount.

    Finnese need to just settle before all your winnings go to paying court cost and your lawyer and then you back a square one.

  • deez

    @cam lmfao you must be a sad wiitttle mac filler fan…are gonna cwy???your favorite wapper isnt even accepted by his own “favorite rapper” who to be honest wouldn’t be his favorite had he been alive..and yeah some1 up there mentioned that every1 jerks off however i prefer better. ..but yeh back to the point faggot this kid would get tomatoes thrown at him if it were the early 90’s and he really rapped in the times he speaks of…he acts like he really does this shit for the art and what not, we all know thats horseshit, getting stoned and taking drugs and then recording something isn’t music….thats it doggie bout to smeeeeooke.

  • deez

    and no im not gonna go into a recording booth, and start saying stupid shit like this faggot..

  • deez


  • deez

    lol everything to every1 is “hating”…nobody can have afucking opinion no more…stfu retard

  • @RC

    artsts arent getting paid for performing an individual song theyre getting paid for performing at a venue…it mac did kool aid and frozen pizza in one of his sets, he wouldnt get paid any more or less by the venue than if he were to replace it with lets say live free or something.

    now with youtube thats a different story because youtube was paying mac for the popularity of that song…BUT if mac and lord finesse did really speak on the phone and cleared the air then it should not have been a problem

    and in terms of these free mixtapes popping up on sites like amazon, mac isnt responsible for that…people are selling his shit on sites like amazon to make money for themselves…they downloaded the tape for free just like everyone else theyre just hungry money bastards

    what it all comes down to is whether mac and lord finesse actually did clear the air although i dont think lord finesse will admit that at that point…this is just an unecessary situation and unfortunate for mac.

  • Pissed

    Bottom line is, this kids business people are fuggin up. Yes, the song is on a mixtape, but we are not talkin a sample here. We are talkin a whole instrumental. And his career was elevated off the song & mixtape, and trust me that kid is getting paid when he performs that song at venues. I remember early on he was confronted by some other producers that said he used one of there beats without giving them credit on the tape for it or something. Easy resolve, Mac could have credited the beat to Finesse on the mixtape, had him do a cameo in the video, or at least when a ton of kids were askin him were he beat was from he could have told the truth. I mean, he’s paying homage, right?

  • Tha Boss

    As a law student who is specializing in intellectual property I have put some thought into this issue. On the surface it is straight copyright infringment, Mac Miller took the entire beat and literally profited from it. So Mac may not be able to call it fair use or a parody of the original. But Mac’s lawyer’s could get creative and literally dig in the crates and find other artist who used the beat and clame the defense of Acquiescence, which is a legal term for when someone’s rights is being knowingly infringed and they do nothing about it. So if Mac’s lawyers can find other artist who also sampled the same beats or even other Lord Finese beats and say he did not file suit he may win. Or they can both settle.

  • deframon

    he can sue him doesn’t matter that he was giving it away for free. that song didn’t belong to him . it wasn’t his to give away. he’s probably looking at multiple lawsuits here not only from finesse but from who ever finesse sampled to begin with.

  • Shock

    @deez Man people like you are the worst type of people. Its people like you who stop people from living their dreams, while you sit on your ass and wait on people to fail. I ain’t a fan of Mac, but he has drive, he’s respectful, and if his side of the story is true, he doesn’t deserve this shit. By the way, how do you know that L wouldn’t fuck with Mac if he was alive? Are you a medium? Did you know the nigga personally? Let me hold that crystal ball fuck boy. Get off your ass and grind if you want to be a respected artist, but don’t hate on this man because he doesn’t fit the profile of the “90s rapper.” Its 2012.

  • Lord Finesse is basically the inventor of punchline rap. He deserves a cheque from half the cats in the game right now. I doubt if he’s broke. He has production credits on Biggie’s “Ready To Die” and Dr. Dre’s “2001” albums. He got paid off of that Fatboy Slim song (check it out now, the funk soul brother). He is still active dj’ing and producing and tours regularly.

    This is all about respecting the og’s. If wack miller wanted a finesse beat, he should have hired him to produce some tracks; maybe do a collabo or something. It was this song that got him a buzz, but his album was weak and kinda flopped. Finesse could’ve helped him out.

    As for Miller exposing the original sample, what part of the game is that? No snitching on samples is one of the rules of the game, so is paying dues and not being wack. wack miller is 0 for 3 right there.

  • theyre not gonna fuck mac miller over cause he’s JEW. end of story

  • SanchoDick

    That dudes just broke.
    If i were a legend (or not)
    And i heard someone sampled MY shit i would be like
    “Ohhhhhh thats wassup”!!
    Even if it sucked.
    I would just say they have goo taste in music, i would fucking sue them.
    i mean, if (i) already made my record and made money off of it
    And all he did was use a bit of it then i wouldnt care.
    More power to him.
    And mac’s ill at times so fuck wat ya heard.
    I can like any music i want to
    You biased fags

  • ayo fuck this nigga finesse youse a bum ass nigga for real for real



  • vincent

    fuck mac miller. finesse is a legend. if it wasn’t for him there’d be no big l eminem etc. he literally invented/perfected a style of rap that is incredibly popular. if he made a beat and wants money from the dude that took it without asking so be it. might wanna cut in oscar peterson tho lol



  • deez

    @ shock dudes like you i just consider to be dickriders, my opinion (ive gave a full explanation) shouldnt matter at all to you, plus its not like you need a crystal ball to know that big l would NOT fuck wit mac, at alll, so you can say this and that about how he has drive, yeah he has met the right people at the right time and went to the right highschool, and knew the correct nerds..let me state again i am not in the least hating , in my OWN opinion this dude is real corny, lol at these dudes get all emotional when some1 speaks the truth bout they fav. rapper..

  • deez

    @shock yeah did you just im an artist?? no FUCKBOY im not like all these jokes out here all trying to rap or make it in the entertainment industry..i go to school b, i gets my edumacation on gzzzz

  • Pete from Harlem

    I totally agree with @RC and Tha Boss. Once again, it’s still about out maneuvering the next in court and proving your case or making it not worth pursuing for the other party….again, it’s chess not checkers.

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  • the void

    basically lord finesse didnt want a wack rapper using his shit.

  • mac’s live set definitely doesn’t include this song

    not before and obviously not now.

  • dc

    it’s funny how many racist Mac Miller fans there are… So Finesse is just another “broke nigga rapper” huh? Isn’t that what this is all about? Mac’s people thought they could just punk Finesse and found out otherwise. I mean, maybe Finesse ain’t Kanye, but he clearly has enough money to take Mac to court and get a million dollars worth of free publicity at the same time. Looks like an OG has seen a few movies in his day…

    All I got to say is, if Mac blew up rhyming his own song over say Beastie Boys “Shake Your Rump” there would be no question that the Beasties would be getting paid somewhere down the line. Mac’s people decided to get greedy about it and now they just made Lord Finesse famous.

    Again… long live DITC!

  • 87baby

    real talk i am not a fan of mac miller. but lately he has been impressing me.

    1. with his westwood free.
    2. how hes handling this situation

    if he keeps it up he may be gaining some fans that are actual heads and not 15yr old girls.

  • dc

    and just to be clear, I’m talking about doing your own song over the entire instrumental version of “Shake Your Rump” not just a sample from the song… but I guess “mixtape rules” means if you’re a white kid then you can do whatever you like for free as long as you’re doing it to an “broke nigga rapper” right? LOLs

  • dc

    sorry for the typos 🙂


    @deez you go to school, but you must not be paying attention in language arts, old illiterate ass nigga. I said in my previous post that Im not even the fan of the white boy, but to hate on someone cuz they getting do and their shine on is spineless, bitch nigga shit. And once again, NIGGA YOU DON’T KNOW BIG L. you can’t get in another man’s head, old Ms. Cleo ass nigga. You’re a hater. Own it.

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  • Nomad of Norad

    The problem with this $10 Million (!!!!) lawsuit is that if it goes all the way to some eventual, final verdict, instead of being settled out of court or simply being dropped altogether is…. this could unwittingly bring about a scorched-earth result. The fact that the vast majority of rap, or of other sorts of recently-developed styles music (techno, for instance), are based largely on sampling, to one extent or another. So, say Lord Finesse wins his 10 million dollar lawsuit, and a permanent injunction against this particular mix song ever seeing the light of day again… he could also seriously damage the ability of any other rapper to reach the level of success that he has, or even that Mac Miller has… over what really amounts to a petty disagreement over what’s probably no where even remotely close to 10 million dollars. My guess is, we’re probably talking over amounts in the thousands of dollars. Tops. Okay, maybe the Mac Miller song could possibly eventually result in tens of thousands of dollars. But ten million? I’m sorry, I don’t give a damn how big Lord Finesse might be, or might have at one point been, or might be in the future. I don’t give a damn how big Mac Miller might be, might once have been, or might eventually be. A lawsuit for ten million dollars over this is beyond irresponsible. And that I say as much because lawsuits are something that should ONLY be pursued after ALL other POSSIBLE avenues have been EXHAUSTED. ALL of them! We’re not even REMOTELY close to that eventuality yet. And it sounds very much like Lord Finesse pursued the lawsuit route as his FIRST action, before even *attempting* to contact Mac Miller over this. This WILL cause BOTH parties AND the rap industry irreparable damage. I am NOT joking!

  • Amit

    LMAO the reason why Lord Finesse didn’t sue him when he first heard the track is cuz Mac didn’t have any money back then. I love Lord Finesse but c’mon dude, don’t be a douche.

  • C’mon Son

    So he took the beat for a free mixtape, so does this mean Lil wayne can Sue Kendrick Lamar for Jackin the entire Carter 3 instrumental album, his career was elevated by it also And Everybody can sue lil wayne for drought 3, squad up 1-7, no ceilings, Drake could sue Eminem for dispicable? we can all act like a bunch of whiney bitches and sue each other, This is not the first or most ridiculous claim finesse ever made, he put a link on his twitter to Courthouse news which claims he did “writting” for Biggie …..cough,cough BULLSHIT cough cough. you produced the outro to ready to die, you literly wrote nothing

    Broke ass dude always trying to cash in off of white boys, i wonder how much he made off of Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim. I think he dont like white boys playin his music. Fine by me, never listened to him anyway,and i aint gonna start now. your career was over along time ago

  • niggasiswack

    @Cam.u crazy [email protected] lookin up tna right now good lookin out. lol!

  • CG

    Come on man. One, lord finess is suing for a sample that he never cleared his damn self lets just keep that in mind, so is he going to give half to the originator of the sample that was used? Second, even if he is in the right to sue due to Mac making money on youtube how the f*ck did he come up with 10 Mill for it…….Seriously 10 Mill and lord finess is trying to say its about something deeper. Yeah its about you trying to retire off a young MC thats on the come up. I really doubt that Mac made Millions off of that song let a lone to be able to give up 10 Mill. Thats what makes it a desparate move to me, a thirsty one at that. I could see if Mac made a Mill and he was like give me 10 percent but this dude must be trying to pay off some serious debts or soemthing.

    All these old rappers tryin to advance
    Its all over now take it like a man
    niggas lookin like larry holmes flabby and sick
    tryin to playa hate on Macs shit can eat a fat dick