Meek Mill Responds To “Amen” Boycott

“Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.” —Matthew 12:32

Lord have mercy. Philadelphia pastor Jomo K. Johnson appeared on QDeezy’s afternoon drive on Hot 107.9 and accused Meek Mill of blasphemy for his song, “Amen“.

In today’s edition of the Daily News, he encouraged others to boycott the record. Shortly after, Meek called the station and questioned the pastor’s motives.

Sidebar: Oh, the pastor raps too.

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  • the brain trust

    Lmao @ pastors sometimes.

    Caught up in their own mythical world where blasphemy isn’t a victimless crime & freedom of speech is non-existent.

  • deez

    lol @ robert tryna think of the right charge ” na it wasn’t even aggravated assault” lmao this pastor obv dont fuck with cops, robert…

  • deez

    “is it possible for him to listen though??” hahaaaa

  • lmao I seen this coming months ago………………it was a bad concept from the beginning.

  • Hey guess what B. Dot…..hes actually right!! Wow can you believe it, a rapper did something wrong.

    You know what I can tell you…is that…when the WORLD starts accepting things and making things ok, you can bet that its NOT ok, cause this world will be dead and gone when our spirits dwell somewhere else.

    Maybe Meek Mill should take heed to what this man is saying because its up to people like him who the world gives the influence to use it in a positive way, and hes not and u know why?? Because THE WORLD will pay you to put TOXINS into the young minds of this Nation. Alas, ODD FUTURE…ETC….

    and yeah, IM RIGHT.

  • Mr.November

    I hate dudes that try to force you to believe in their religion. We’re in the U.S.A. bro.

  • Real Talk.

    I was raised in a christian home but the song Amen is in no way blasphemy, Amen means let it be, it doesn’t mean God nor anything. And the bible has been so altered by man and also misinterpreted by men. Jesus ascended over 2000 years ago yet the letter J is barely 600 years old so was his name really Jesus? so if somebody says Jesus in a rap song in connection to something is that blasphemy? Organized religion separated the people and is killing us. Now I only believe in the most high.

  • This makes Meek look horrible. It really was a bad concept of a record, you’re arguing with a pastor on the air, and the first thing you start the call with “if you needed money, you could have asked me.” SMH. And then he goes on to say he doesn’t believe in God. If you dont believe in God, why get mad when people who do believe are being disrespected?

    Sidebar: It’s crazy how Meek is dissing a pastor and the pastor’s criminal charge outweighs Meek’s boss.

  • Yeah!!

    THIS PASTOR IS AN ASSHOLE.. smh.. Fuck this nigga.. Real talk…

  • The Other P

    This is a bunch of bullshit & self promo on the pastor’s behalf. Amen.

  • Eddie Longstroke

    Black Christians Are The Worst! Defending A Religion That’s Not Even Ours And Given To Us Through Chattel Slavery. Preachers Are Pimps And This Is Clearly Obviously About An Undercover Gay Preacher Seeking Publicity, He Wrote A book About Wayne For Sale lol

  • Cardin

    Meek Mill has his points, but to just keep talking without letting another man express himself the same way in which you are doing makes him look childish. That church sh*t is bs anyhow.

  • LoneXionc
  • Ronnie Mack

    See this is why I don’t get into conversations on religion. Believe in what you believe in without judging and tryna impose your beliefs on others.

  • weedhead

    lol imagine if u was meek how fuckin frustratin spendin time on that shit is.. is jus a gay ass dude trynna get famous fuck analyzing how meek handled himself it was jus some bullshit i agree fuck spendin time on that

  • ayoooo

    the line that pastor was talkin about was on his feature on ‘scared money” with n.o.r.e –

    “if i ever go broke, imma take your money, have my niggas snatch yo bitch and rape yo hunny”..

    but for real when i heard that line i was like OHHH MYY GAAAWWD

  • B.Dot

    u make valid points.





  • Phillyway(215)

    This same pastor once lived a similar life…so he should know how misguided This citys youth is. Instead. Of trying to reachout to youngbul on a more personal tip he run to the press to gain attention.. this was nothing more but to draw attention. To hisself who I might add has a Gospel album do to drop in the future.. and most pastors have some type degree if I’m not mistaking #church

  • JustMyOpinion

    There’s always someone attacking rappers. I have yet to see Hollywood release a movie and then someone attack an actor. Rap music is an art form, its freedom of speech, rappers are not role models, their rappers.

    This has been going on since N.W.A., stop the attacking of rappers. Rock bands and everything other genre has negativity in their music. Don’t single out ONE rapper, Meek, as every other rapper, took themselves out their circumstances and doing better for their families.
    Meek handled himself appropriately.

  • JrfIIesq

    I’m a Meek fan but he could have at least let the man state his piece. Came off real immature and seems like he could use some media training. His publicist needs to get on her job and resolve this internally.

  • michelle michelle

    Meek shoulda been in the studio, that was a waste of time.

    If pastors want to leave the pulpit to engage in political/social change they should be feeding, clothing, helping to find employment for people not censoring rappers.

  • TeeCartt

    BOTTOM LINE: WHERE WAS HE AT? MEEK MADE 2 SOLID POINTS: “Why you ain’t talkin to people writing these crazy movies? Why you talkin to me? Why you zeroing on me? We have over 100 rappers in Philadelphia, why you talkin to me because I’m the most popular/famous and most current. You look like you want attention” Secondly, “Why ain’t he talk about when Eminem talks about committing suicide and killing his mother, nobody has nothing to say.. why you talking to me?” WHERE WAS HE AT? THIS PHONY ASS PASTOR RAPS TOO LMAO. REGARDLESS IF THIS PASTOR REACHED OUT TO HIM OR NOT, HE REACHED TO THE MEDIA…AND NOW HE FUCKED UP. HE COULDN’T EVEN TELL MEEK THE LYRICS NOR THE ACTUAL SONG!!! MEEK HAS BEEN SHOWIN NOTHIN BUT LOVE IN PHILLY GIVING BACK TO HIS COMMUNITY BUT HE WANNA SINGLE OUT MEEK? COMEON.

  • @Real Talk

    Here’s the lyrics to the first part, not even the whole thing:
    [Meek Mill]
    I just wanna thank God
    For all the pretty women he let into my life
    All the Benjamins you let me count
    Wealth and health
    For my family
    And lettin’ me ball on these niggas

    [Hook: Meek Mill]
    Now there’s a lot of bad bitches in the building (Amen)
    A couple real niggas in the building (Amen)
    I’m finna kill niggas in the building (Amen)
    I tell the waiter fifty bottles and she tell me say when
    And I say church (Preach)
    We make it light up like a church (Preach)
    She wanna fuck and I say church (Preach)
    Do Liv on Sunday like a church (Preach)

    [Verse 1: Meek Mill]
    Bottle after bottle, drink until I overdose
    Pull up in the Phantom watch them bitches catch the Holy Ghost

    There are a ton of Christian references in there, so to overlook that is just ignorant.

    If you want cats to be creative and all that and if you don’t believe in the Most High (through Jesus), then don’t disrespect the people who do.

    Thank you @B.Dot.


    Meek handled himself horribly.
    -You go on to say you never mentioned anything about rape in your lyrics, but as ayoooo mentioned, it’s there.
    -Whether you agree or not or have a disagreement with an ordained minister, you don’t go and badmouth the dude while he’s trying to talk. It’s out of respect.
    -You don’t try and justify your opinions on religious matters with money or “turkeys”! C’mon son!
    -Meek even went ahead and said he doesn’t believe in God. So where does that make him able to diss cats? Same way the gay agenda keeps getting pushed, those who don’t go in that route shouldn’t need to have their beliefs dissed either.
    -Meek is pretty ignorant if he thinks Eminem wasn’t prosecuted. So many different movements and organizations prosecuted Eminem for his lyrics that he even changed his ways in lyrics in some aspects because of it, so that was a very ignorant statement by Meek.

  • TeeCartt


  • Citylivin’

    too bad “Amen” is one of the hardest songs MMG had in a loonnngg time…the rest of that shit is garbage….too bad it’s blasphemous tho……soon as the pastor said something about Meek promoting violence i knew he won that argument…that’s all that nigga rap about…..and I don’t think the pastor was tryna get famous I didn’t hear him shout his church out once…maybe his street but not the church.

  • Truu

    I’m african, my parent’s are methodists and anglicans but I believe the christianity was forced on to us. The white man came to Africa to steal from us and force their fabricated religion on us.

  • TeeCartt


  • Lethargic1

    Meek is a fuckin’ idiot.

  • MJ

    As much as I love Hip Hop, there are very few redeeming qualities. When it comes to Hip Hop, it seems that if it’s hot and/or makes money, it is to be respected and accepted. No matter what it is. For the most part, no one in Hip Hop stands for anything, and the music has sadly become an embarrassment to the culture. But it all started way before Meek Mill.

  • if the pastor really wanted him, he couldve got to him off the record. point blank. people dont understand the “in the spotlight” feeling until youre there. meek was defending himself. right or wrong. Christianity isnt the black man’s true religion anyway.

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  • Oz

    do these idiots know that the bible was written by a man (human being) just like you and me, a very good author at that. to quote that shit like some divine being created it in the pools of neptunes rings. if you look at your history africans were taught christianity and that book yo hold so dearly. amen is just a word. just like i can say fuck jesus and not worry i will burn in hell because the bible is all parables and metaphors of our inner conciousness not the outter world, heaven our desires hell our fears god our good decisions stan our bad decisions take a chill pill preacher man

  • tr

    Meek looks horrible here. Why can’t he have a civil discussion?

  • Reg

    Religious ppl sound so delusional when they’re defending their religion…

  • Po

    smh damnnnnn meek, u a clown for this…… that tone of voice dont sound like that of a winner. ya niggas is losing, this that proof in the pudding. actions speak loud. music speaks volumes. MMG(meek mill group) killing themselves softly….. o ye, f*** religion. spirituality is real, and the savior is coming sooner then we all think.

  • Dune

    Man people take this shit way too seriously. The lyrics in Amen aint even bad, its a celebratory song. I love the song and the concept and Im a christian. That Pastor needs to chill out.

    Meek had a point when he asked the pastor why he only targeting him. If it really wasn’t a publicity stunt he would be boycotting every single rapper out there and would have been picketing with the rest of them when Eminem was in the line of fire. Although Meek could have handled it better its just gona be one of those things he will learn with time and that pastor did sound crazy as shit.

  • Keno

    I’m listening to amen right now…lol

    13Yr Old Girl Says Her & Lil Wayne Got a LOT in Common, “We Both Kiss Our Daddy B4 He Go to Work” ..this ish was TOO funny.


    This is when education and streets have a divide. Meek should have listened a little more. Stop patting yourself on the back kid, we all wanna help Philly. Your 50 coats are cool, but chill out.



  • atheist

    well at least he isn’t gay

  • Mike Strong

    This “preacher” who some of yall are defending not only raps himself but has a book deal on deck. lol Typical black crabs in a barrel syndrome, nothing more. We as a people need to stop regressing and progress. AMEN

  • young hov

    Blaspheming the Holy Spirit isn’t a single act but rather an ongoing/ willful rejection of the Holy Spirit.
    *just sayin*

  • Musikal

    This whole thing is a mess.

  • Person

    I’m not gonna lie, the song “Amen” is very sacrilegious, like I can’t listen to it.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Meek is trying man, he helps his community,dude came up hard. Let him enjoy his dough. This brother mouzone ass nigga needs to STFU. Amen.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected] said “F” the pastor. WOW !!! Meek looks VERY BAD.

  • Straight outta Nigeria 2 Am in the morning am pissed off right this pastor a bitch he aint got time but to be listening to meek lyrics line for line damn man leave this dude alone and battle him Gospelically in ya ALBUM instead of coming to the radio to mess his credibility up when his so close to realising his album now u gonna have bill orally now yapping bout this now perhaps FIF behind this shit.

  • Tozo8

    meek mill crazy, i don’t believe in God… Cmmmon son

  • Word

    Rappers and athletes have TERRIBLE media skills. Y’all ever see a Chief Keef interview? Terrible! Meek is just another street nigga that only cares about himself. Unlike Athletes, rappers aren’t obligated to give a fuk or perform community service acts. The bad publicity they get is actually good! Look at all you sheep praising Meek! Its working! Y’all love the bad boy hood nigga persona. It seems more “real” to be so obviously flawed.

    Meek won’t face ANY backlash for this which is the sad part. But either way, I’m certain dude wont last long in the game. Either that life he keeps “preaching” about catches up to him and he ends up like Boosie or Max B, or he stops producing hits. Never really liked Meek. Dude brings NOTHING to a track musically. Just yelling.

  • Word

    How could anyone that listens to this side with Meek?

    And about the Eminem thing, SOOOOOOOOO many ppl protested Eminem. Don’t compare the two situations.

    And Meek is doing what he does best all through this interview, YELLING! SCREAMING! Stfu! How can u guys like his music? Must be the beats??

  • As much as the Pastor in Philly might be right be about Meek Mill and the “Amen” track, it wasn’t long ago when Ray Charles got the same flack from the church when he used whole chords and melodies from Hymns to make songs about sleeping around,promiscuity etc. Some things never change lol

  • deez

    thissss dude came out with a disstrack, lmao this pure comedy right now..

  • i told ya niggas was goon come with a track he justs did lol all the way from africa Nigeria and i was right nigga did lol hea really looking for that turkey money lol

  • SMH

    @welcome blah blah

    you’re an idiot and disgrace to Nigerians. You just found out about this article today and the diss song came out June 21st. Try again, loser.

  • lol u working for the pastor blablah u gotta be , i see u tapering with that offering money son for that quick turkey huh

  • Ricky Retardo

    this is one of the reasons i stop going to church. too much volitional chastising of the vessel instead of trying to save the soul. diss meek mill? so long to that soul…

  • Russelllll

    how is meek mill crazy if he said he dotn belive in god you idiot???? you might aswell be crazy 2 him if you belive in god then its the same thing………..SO JUST RESPECT EACH AND OTHER AND HANDLE YOUR OWN SHIT.^^

  • still best rite now!!

    Notice when the Pastor was challenged with direct valid questions he started rambling bible verses…lol There is no bigger hypocrites than Christians.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Word are you serious? Meek only cares about himself? So, him going back to Philly doing good for the kids, is him caring about himself? And I am not from Philly, no way connected to Philly.
    Your statement “unlike Athletes, rappers aren’t obligated to give a fuk or perform community service acts” contradicts your entire point. He’s doing so, because he’s not obligated. No one “loves the bad boy hood….persona” people (generally) do not want religion forced down their throat. The attack of rappers, going back to N.W.A is easy target practice, because just as you mentioned whose going to care about a bunch of hood dudes in the hood? Oh yeah, that’s right the cats that listen to RAP music.

    You see, its the only form of business where you can find yourself OUT the hood without a formal education. No, I am not condoning dropping out of High School. But, everyone seems to attack rappers, its easy, we get it. If Jay-z had not follow his dreams, his family wouldn’t be as straight as it is.
    If Eminem continued down his path, him and former spouse Kim would still be going through their drama, as told in his songs and finally, 50 Cent would probably still be a “hustla” somewhere in Queens.

    Anyone have a problem with rap music must always remember there is a “Parental Advisory” sticker on the front of the CD label for a reason. Its to alert parents, if this is not what you want your kids to hear DON’T buy. Kids don’t get money from out of thin air.

    Oh, and to your last point, what you want them to rap about? Their father graduating from Harvard and their mom being a professor at Columbia? You can only speak of what you see in your lifetime and that’s what Meek and every other rapper is doing. The reason people like Soulja Boy, Future, 2 Chainz can be relevant in rap music is because their telling a story that they lived-no matter how TERRIBLE they are at it-stop listening to the beat, listen to the words.

    I am sorry, I know most of you come to this site to berate rappers, but when I come here its to enjoy the culture and whether I like certain rappers or not anything that’s moving the culture forward is a good look. If you take it (the culture) for a joke I can’t respect it (2 Chainz, Future) which means you’re not trying to sharpen your skills.

    You think Meek wants this? Don’t know him, never met him, don’t care too, but you can see this guy DOESN’T want to go back to Philly under his old circumstances.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Pastor Jomo > MMG. MMG is under attack !!!

  • CommonSense

    it may be the usa but you still have to do the right thing and be a good person …all these godless people is a shame what this country is turning into and what people glorify…i dont like organized religion….fine idiots you dont need religion leave it if you want (it could only make you stonger) MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES LIKE YOU HAVE COMMON SENSE FINE DONT BELIEVE IN A GOD JUST DO THE RIGHT THING BE A GOOD PERSON AND TRY TO MAKE A POSITIVE INFLUENCE ON AND HELP THE WORLD……PEOPPLE THINK MONEY CAN MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER GO TO FUCKIN CHURCH MORONS OR DO SOMTHIN TO LEARN HOW TO BE GOOD PERSON IDC WHERE U LOOK TO FOR IT POSTIVE NOT NEGATIVE GOOD NOT BAD PERIOD IDIOTS

  • THE BREEZY Truth

    Fuck That faggot ass preacher!!!! talking about jesus , please …. get a fukn life believing in something u have no proof of.. are u white or black bitch!!!!

  • dallas

    @Word you are right. Sad part is he talks about his grandma whom i assume he would be close to since he brought up her name. How could you embarrass your own Grandma. SMH So much hatred in him, he cant stand to listen to the pastor. Like throwing holy water on the devil. Meek over there about to Cry because he feels the conviction but hate is so thick in his blood he over there going through his own exorcism.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Damnnn, i thought he genuinely cared. THIS NIGGA TRYNA GET ON!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • NoSoup4Yu


    good job finding his song RR. He gon get at pusha and kanye next.

    “The New New God Flow” HA!!

  • banks919

    Yall need to hear it again, Meek Mill did not say he dont believe in GOD, he said he dont belive in anything that pastor is saying and he only belives in GOD..just because he is a Pastor does not mean everything he says is right and you should read and interpret the Bible in your own personally i do kind of think the pastor is looking for some attention..because out of all the rappers and all the celebrities in the media that has said and done worst he comes after just Meek…but the way Meek responded to him does not look good

  • Cole World Even In Miami

    They Are Both Wrong In Their Own Way
    Amen is a holy Christian Term and to speak of Fornication, and things of that Nature on a song entitled ‘Amen” is wrong
    Pastor Jomo Was wrong simply for craving attention



  • Unknown

    “Blasphemy is a victimless crime.”

  • WHat????

    Hold the fuck…The pastor has a ANTI MEEK MILL BOOK OUT FOR SALE….…WOooooooooooooooooooooooW!

  • Cromer Beats


  • Righteous one

    This is a pointless argument….

    In other news…NEW BEATS:

  • the penguin

    hahahahah organized religion if so hypocritical…

  • Mark

    End of the day, that was a bad look for meek, pastor is the typical religious freak, using other people(usually celebs) to further their own gains.
    But meek came off foolish, which in turn gave the pastors argument credence.

  • kai

    it’s funny how anit nobody say anything about the song until this pastor did. everybody who saying meek is wrong is a hypocrite cause you probably got the song on your itunes, and as far as this thing with god goes, seeing is believing right? and nobody anit see god yet.

  • C.O.O.K.

    Alright its amazing that people bashing christianity and the origins of the black church. If any of you who are posting are black you should have a understanding that if it wasnt the black church and people of faith we would still be in slavery. The civil rights movement was started by southern black pastors including Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King coordinating the effort. I aint staying that everything that those who believe in God does everything right but who does.

  • zezzoi

    My god, this dude is trying really hard to attention. Meek, do your thing homie.

  • ron

    fam tweaking 4 real u cant speak for god at da end of the day we all human in trying to live life in feed our family meek mill only doing music wat errbody else doing cant jus blame dis me for wat goes on in the world we dont live in a perfect world so we get how we can jus because u decided to change yo life in go deep into the bible which i trutly belevie dat it been touch in rewriting by men u think the goverment want ppl like us to get hold of the real bible not in a million yrs

  • Rome

    You know what, this preacher may just be looking for publicity to sell some book or gospel album. But he did make a couple valid points. Meek did rap about raping a woman. He has to take responsibility for his words. He thinks the good that he does outweighs the negative impact his music has on his community. As far as the song “Amen” being blasphemous. I don’t like it, but get over it. Freedom of speech.

  • dallas

    @ron that’s the same concept of being the best thief or drug dealer. You don’t kill, steal or cheat people out of anything. You don’t jump off the roof because the next man did. Most people on this earth are only alive because of faith. With out faith you have know reason to live. I would hate for him to catch a real charge and go to prison for ever.

    People don’t realize how much God “faith” means to them until they are stuck in a corner with know one to help them. Oh….And of course the bible was rewritten unless you have the original copy and can read Hebrew? Also the words we use today are no where similar to the way they talked 400 B.C.E. Reason we have so many versions, to help people understand better. But all version all say the same thing in different wording.

  • dallas

    I do agree this preacher should focus on saving lives vs arguing with the devil or non believer… I wouldn’t go to a church that argues me down. If you spoke and they don’t understand it is not his job to argue religion. Make it simple and stop reading the entire bible. This is not up for debate for someone who refuses to believe. All you can do is pray for God to order their steps. Give Meek whom is full of hate Wisdom, knowledge and strength. Touch his heart and convict his heart to understand whats right from wrong. Remove the hate form his body and feel it with love.

    Proverbs 14:17 BBE
    He who is quickly angry will do what is foolish, but the man of good sense will have quiet.

  • MJ

    lmao I can name 50 niggas right now that rap about rape. Its not a big fucking deal. You think ,people gon find a bitch and rape her because they heard it in a song? Those are grown ass men on the streets! If they rape a bitch, it aint bout some song they heard. This paster needs to sit the fuck down. If he dont like meeks music then he dont have to listen to it. Amen is 22 on the billboard charts right now and is climbing quickly, SO IT DONT MATTER IF HE DONT LIKE THE SONG, THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF NIGGAS THAT DO.

    Fucking clown wants to diss mmg for fucking attention. I aint even a fan of mmg, but I got real reasons why i dont like them and it makes me mad that this nigga wants to call em out “because they promoting rape”.


    i remember when this shit dropped yall were dickriding is so bad. now the same niggas be aggreeing with the pastor

  • dallas

    One more and im done for the night. I got to mention Meek same line “where were you’ Negro know one passed out flyer’s asking to come help you pass out just $1500 worth of shoes so you’re not taxed as hard. Non Profit “Church” works alittle different. Taxes are not calculated the same. When they spend money, that come’s from the congregation. Same time i don’t like how the preacher say i spent 25 stacks. You dont discuss/boast church finance’s with Meek. Only the church board that handles financial affairs. So to both of them, they both wrong. What you do for the community is your business. Nothing to boast about unless you rebuilt the entire city.

  • MJ


    “it’s funny how anit nobody say anything about the song until this pastor did. everybody who saying meek is wrong is a hypocrite cause you probably got the song on your itunes”

    Bandwagon ass niggas

  • Meek Mill did NOT say

    Yo…Meek Mill did NOT say he doesn’t believe in God. It sounded like it at first (even the pastor thought so too) but if you go back and listen closely he says “I don’t believe in none of that stuff you talking about so don’t say it to me…I ONLY believe in God”.

    Just wanted to get that cleared up.

  • Here is why you hire PR people….

  • the war isn’t in the church. it’s in the streets. pastors can’t fight a war from the headquarters. he’s trying to grow his ministry that’s why he’s blurting out his address. until you come and fight the battle for these kids shoulder to shoulder with us and the rest of the soldiers, your words have no weight

  • MJ



  • Kali

    a pastor listening to to hardcore rap instead of gosple.Wow

  • MJ


  • frank

    believe me meek has step on wrong toes it is too early no album out..there is rap in his song n him saying i will kill niggas in church amen fuck he is going down pls never fuck with Christians

  • hows pastors bitchin at rappers
    when religion is the reason for war

  • Homie

    Just being real, I felt like “Amen” was over the top when I heard it. Like, when do your standards begin?
    I definitely liked the mixtape but, you gotta stop somewhere.

  • FTW

    See this is why these pastors are so fucked up.

    This is why we don’t fuck with the church. This is why young black men only go to the Mosque or Synagogue. An Imam or Rabbi would sit you down in a quiet room and talk things out.

    How did a Pastor hear the song in the first place? Why is he listening to secular music?

    Please tell this pastor to shut the fuck up. If he wanted to “save” Meek Mill he should have approached him on a personal level. Why have their primary meeting on the radio? Strictly is for attention, this pastor is blatantly telling lies. This guy Jomo studied Meek’s lyrics then planned an attack.

    BUT…. who the hell let Meek respond to this guy? MMG needs better public relation people.

    Amen (c)

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    Meek Mill just won my respect. How many celebs got the balls to go out and say that they don’t believe in God?

  • WestCoast

    Islam is the truth
    MMG = clowns

  • Itz Yourz

    If all you know is what someone that has enslaved you taught you, then you will always be their slave or a slave to their way of thinking. So the both of these guys are lost in there argument. Paster Jomo miss me with his whole Christian argument against meek.

    It’s is our jobs as black people to learn our history because you know damn well they not going to tell or teach you it…. that will be there inevitable downfall…like death. I like meek mil but I refuse to listen to his song Amen. In African scared literature(Egyptian) Amen Ra is the kepher, he who comes into being and brings into being. And ALL religions are derivatives from this literature, hence amen is used in all of them when praying. Look it up you will find Amen Ra is moderated on the Internet as myth legend…non European. So it comes off as dismissive to you. So you won’t feed into it. And keep black people “christians” another power mechanism used to keep you under control. Religion is a very serious thing and must be treated as such to protect their “american culture” that’s why its was the “white mans burden” to teach it to us and get us in line, for there shit to run smoothly. When a man is willing do die for something he wholehearted believes in is not good for business and must be completely separated, I.e church and government never mixes and exactly why our government is prsently at war with these Muslim countries.

    Meat and the potatoes of my wordy statement…lInlike meek mil, don’t like the song and can’t fault him for being lost..he was never told. The pastor should of used that forum to enlightened him instead of attacking him and then attack his welfare by telling others to boycott him, now you playing with this man money which he worships…your life and well being becomes immediately expendable to him and whoever is eating off his fortune. He may won’t to rethink his come up strategy….lol, meek is notnthenone for that.


    Hahaha, Meek said “so pretty much, you have a worse record than me…”

  • WestCoast

    ” سيدنا عيسى ” or ” jesus” son of god ??
    allah had no son .

    In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

    قل هو الله احد (1)

    Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)): “He is Allâh, (the) One

    الله الصمد (2)
    Allâh-us-Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks)

    لم يلد ولم يولد(3)
    He begets not, nor was He begotten. (3

    ولم يكن له كفوا احد(4)
    And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him

  • Devastation Inc.

    There’s always somebody on the religious front
    that has to tell people what’s right and wrong in the Media. If you did your job from the pulpit
    they would already know. If God doesn’t like
    what Meek did he will take care of it. Vengeance
    is mine said the Lord. As far as MMG, repetitive
    songs, bad concepts, all this R&B stuff. Relevance is as fleeting as irrelevance.

  • NickeyNegrito

    The one thing ppl fail to realize is that religion didn’t exist when this world, universe or galaxies was created. Therefore no person can’t judge any person on belief. If Meek is atheist, then so be it. Millions more are to. Just like folks are Buddhist, Moslem, Christian….etc

    Another thing is the word Amen comes from a African man who many of our ancestors look to as a God. His name was Amen-Ra. There were plenty of men in ancient times whose name started with Amen. Check Dr. Yocef Ben Jochannan AFRICAN ORIGINS OF WESTERN RELIGIONS. People have to do research and cut the “judgementalism” behavior out.

    Im still a fan of Meek and im glad he bought up Eminems name. But just like that’s an old topic, this will soon be to.

  • Sai


  • NickeyNegrito

    And he did’nt say he doesn’t believe in God. He said “only God can judge me.” It sounded like he may have said that. He also says he doesn’t believe in what the preacher believes in.

  • YO THIS PASTOR SOUNDS LIKE A FUCKIN NUTJOB…..yikes… wonder kids are coming up so differently now and running from the church with guys like THIS and Eddie Long. It’s crazy man….the approach is ALL WRONG….and not only that…..Meek is something from NOTHING and flipping his situation into something positive……he raps about his reality….and I’d rather him do THAT then to be out in the street damn near getting killed or drug dealing.

    Like……how do you say half the shit this pastor said…..Meek Mill condone’s rape!?!!!!!!??? Come on b. Life isn’t pixie sticks and fairy pops. This guy sounds UBER warped. Perception on reality is twisted.

    In GOD energy…..Meek is doin exactly what he’s supposed to do in the way GOD intends….

    Like meek said….”who is you to judge?”…….A lot more people need to check THEMSELVES before they get on that soapbox buddy. sheesh.

  • SIDENOTE: Meek didn’t say ANYTHING about not believe in GOD………he’s just not believing in anything this bozo is talking about because HE SOUNDS LIKE A NUTJOB…..and Religion is seperate from Faith. Get that right folks.

  • iPushkeys

    I believe in God wholeheartedly and the Pastor has a very good agruement, but he did not go about it decently and in order as the bible teaches us.

    Matthew 18:15 – 17 says 15 “If your brother or sister[a] sins,[b] go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

    Throughout the interveiw Meek said over and over why didnt you get at me, well thats exactly what should have been done, and Im sure the Pastor’s concerns would have been taken much differently, but to go on a radio station and voice your concerns without speaking to Meek put Meek on the defense and there was no way he would listen or hear anything the Pastor had to say.

  • Like iPushKeys……what do you mean bro?? Simply put: What is MEEK MILL doing wrong exactly??? Try to remember we are all human beings….and we come from different backgrounds. Not every person on earths job is to preach…….some people can help people by providing testimony.

    And testimony doesn’t have to be cut & paste………testimony can be telling your story….then seeing that you made it and you survived….I can see your testimony…..i don’t need you to rap it to me.

    LIke…..come on b…..This pastor is WILIN’

    • iPushkeys

      I dont think Meek did anything wrong at all, we all have our own walks in life and it is our own responsibility to have a personal relationship with God, because he is the only one who will judge when that day comes.

      Now what did Meek do wrong to spark all this, simple he’s a secular rapper and what he’s saying in his raps is opposite of the word of God, so no matter what he (and everyone else) will always catch backlash from Pastors

      Now my point was this, Pastor J didnt follow the word of God when it comes to telling your brother about their sins. This should have never gone to radio until after atleast 3 meetings. The first meeting with just Pastor J and Meek, the second with meek, Pastor J, and others, and then this should have been brought to the church. Thats the word of God. Now to approach a man about boycotting his song in a media space where he makes his money is going to put that man on the defense and once that happens he will not hear what you have to say because he is spending too much time telling you why his actions are justified and the conversation is not productive at all.

      No one is free from sin, NO ONE and no sin is greater than the other so this attack was wrong, and if Meek should up to Pastor J’s church on a sunday and did the same to him about his sins well Pastor J would react in the same manner Meek did.

  • How Wonderful..

    Whether you side with meek or the pastor, Im glad that somebody is taking a stand and challenging the substance of rap music. Contrary to belief, rap music and the residual effects of hiphop culture reinforce so many negative stereotypes for blacks. Stand for something or fall for anything! Its crazy in our society that when you stand up for something you become the bad guy, Didnt Saigon stand up and say that Rick Ross was poisoning people with his music? He was ridiculed as well…

  • NickeyNegrito

    @Pushkeys and @ Mico… was a very interesting interview. Meek was probably raised differently then Pastor Jomo was. I believe Meek may be Islamic, only because he used Mike Tyson’s rant against Lenox Lewis, and in the video INTRO for Dreamchasers, Meek made sure to be in synced when Tyson screamed “…all praise due to Allah!”

    Religion is always going to help, hinder, anger, confuse, love, hate…etc until the end of time. Something created this amazing world we live in, but is it one God, a Goddess or what? IDK.
    Will i ever know about life? That’s my everlasting mystery.

  • NickeyNegrito

    @Pushkeys. Very understandable comment

  • Maxx Plank

    Hey Rap Radar, you can syndicate my exclusive interview with the Pastor on why he boycotted Meek here:

  • The Truth

    The Pastor is using this as free promotion because he knows Meek isn’t the most media savvy person in the world you can tell by the way Meek speaks, they shouldn’t let Meek speak he needs a publicist, although the pastor maybe right on certain points his motives are questionable, he even has a rap song called no amenusing beat that Meek used , but Meek is right about because he is poppin in Philly the pastor is trying to take some of his shine and he is judging him as well, shame on you pastor!!!

  • fuk waka

    Fuck Jomo K. Johnson

  • micah

    Damn meek Lost, smh better ways to defend yourself. He talkin out like a bitch screaming and whining. But it should better with age and education. And this preacher might be wrong but he in the streets, meek not

  • G Disciple

    First and foremost this nigga Pastor JJ coming at Meek the wrong way. He clearly has an angle with him. He wants to capitalize off of Meek’s stardom. Meek asked this chump, “Why haven’t you been coming at these other rappers in Philly” he ain’t say nothing back to Meek then. On top of that, these fake ass christians always acting like if you don’t accept their fake ass jesus christ then you’re nothing. FOR THE RECORD..FUCK JESUS CHRIST! FUCK YO CHURCH! FUCK FAKE ASS HOUSE NIGGER PASTOR JJ! NO VASELINE NIGGER!

  • Damond

    So this pastors personal beliefs trumps meek mills freedom of speech? Sorry preacher man but it doesn’t work that way. He has the right to say whatever he want to say however he wants to say it. You have the right to be offended. But claiming that your gods’ feelings is hurt is taking it too far. If your god is as powerful as you say he is I’m sure it wouldn’t need you to speak for it. So why won’t you let it handle this situation? People are so damn sensitive these days. And christians are always whining when someone criticize their beliefs. News flash, all silly beliefs are open to criticism, get over it..

  • nep187215

    Im recording a song defaming the Islamic faith and none of you clowns better have anything to say about it.

  • whatisG (Gerald Wyatt)

    The song “Amen” is in NO way blasphemy…people do anything to ride of other people’s fame…yes, even preachers and pastors…Leave Meek alone man and go preach the word.

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  • Dre

    He came at him the wrong way. If you are concerned in earnest about a man’s salvation, reach out to him. Try and get to know him, don’t go and bash what he does in the media before you try to come him. When you don’t you misrepresent Christ and get people as affronted to Christ as Meek did here.

  • HK

    Noticing that quite a few artist mention Christ, God, Holy Spirit and make Biblical references. If you don’t believe in it why are you talking about it so much?



    Meek :
    Save the yelling for your music. Stop talking…. Start listening. Simmer down in these interviews.

    Address what you need to address in private so that your message can be taken more serious if it is really that important.

    You did speak of rape on that N.O.R.E joint at exactly 5:45 – and you were definitely blasphemous in that AMEN record so accept it family.

    Going at a street nigga in public, trying to boycott him and stop him and others from eating is not always the wisest decision. Mistake on your part.

    Ya’ll were both kinda wrong and kinda right.

    On that note: “DREAMS n NiGHTMARES” – August 28 lol



  • Tone

    Damn. Mill.

    Classic Roc-A-Fella Days

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    I won’t profess to know all of the pastors motives but I’m sure he as well as most pastors feel that hip hop is the leading influence on the youth as religion/the church is not .
    But I didnt’ hear his solo portion of the interview but I’m assuming his bottomline is that there is an overall desensitizing when it comes to morals and religion. the more loose people get, with hearing violence or mixing something thought to be associated with something holy with something thought be the antithesis of holiness, the more a person’s sense of boundaries fade. And yeah Christianity was introduced and in most cases forced on to African slaves {in my opinion to subdue or ancestors…but anyhow}
    the church as an organization/support group has been beneficial to families and peoples psyche during hard times. but for real you or anyone else can’t go wrong studying and following the guidance of proverbs or respecting the wisdom of Jesus Christ, the only lesson I have a hard time with is giving your cheek to eb slapped as many times as someone wanna slap your ass…tricknology?…probably…
    but I do believe God is real and that Jesus was sent to show us how we could walk and that the power is in us. and I believe in the holy ghost because I’ve felt it for myself..been in life or death situations more than a few times, been in situations where all I could do was pray and be sincere and seen what I believe to be modern day miracles. I do believe that those ancient stories of the bible have been manipulated and tailored for the powers that be purposes but there’s a bit of truth in every lie…you gotta read between the lines…see the woods beyond the trees and apply it to your life…
    I wasn’t tryin to preach or anything I’m just expressing my opinion…kids and young adults are listening to people like meek especially if they see him doing those charitable things, which are respected…what that pastor should realize is that these artists are in a tough role cuz if he’s not rapping about what he’s rapping about would he be able to do those charitable things and change peoples lives, giving peoples other means of income and showing them as well as himself a life that he probably wouldn’t have the luxury of living if he wasn’t entertaining….overall its good to create a conversation and give people who may not have even thought about the efeccts of the song, something to think about…..
    many will be called but few are chosen & who has eyes to hear let them hear and eyes to see let them see

  • Yeshua Lives.
    Meek RickRoss MMG + many other rappers are not the devil but their music does not and is not glorifying to God, therefore it being enemy of GOD the most high! If someone was to talk about your mom the way they disrespect God, Jesus(Yeshua) & The Holy Ghost you would say something. Well Christians can stand up and defend their God. Arguing on who is more right is not smart live your life as an example and speak life not death! And because someone is Christian does not mean they are perfect but that they are forgiven and covered in the blood of Christ seeking to be more like Christ everyday of their lives. !!!!!! The devil tries to desensitize us, the youth, and numb the evils that are clearly separating and destroying which is his sole purpose. the devil does not want to burn in hell alone and if he can deceive you he will just to have you burn along with him. Music is not the only resource used to desensitize movies tv internet etc…. !!!!!!! WARNING WAKE UP !!!!!!! i pray that the Truth be revealed to you! GOM

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    everyone on here should also note that yeah pastor Johnson could have possibly talked to meek mills solo but he wanted to reach yawl… a bigger audience and this was his way to do that

  • AOmega Global Military

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  • SanchoDick

    Goddamn that Nigga’s fucking annoying as shit. Probably bitched his way up to fame too.

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  • There isnt freedom of speech, you can go to jail for something that you freely said, I am not on either side, I feel like if God gave that pastor permission to speak on that subject, that things wouldve turned out peacefully, I dnt agree with sayin amen, preach, and cussing and talking about having sex, all in one setting, Ive never heard the word of God being said, with cussing and sinful thing being said, then saying amen, God knows the heart of man, so he knows what Meek ment in his song, judge not and you wont be judge, plus we have to save our self from this corrupt generation. Some of you said oh he did this for Philly, thats one state, and im not knocking him at all, its a good look, but Jesus died for the world, no one can beat that, and a man can be a killer, but helps feed the poor, does that make him good. The pastor and all of us was born into sin, and we all still fall short, so with that being said we all will be judge, and all of what we all wrote, are just our opinion. Yes the bible was wriiten by man, I seriouly dout that God would allow, someone to write something that will make us go astray, stand for something or fall for anything, he’s a forgiving God, that situation is really between God and Meek, because God has the last say so.

  • Pass Knowledge

    Christianity is not a “white man’s” religion. It existed in Africa long before America was even “discovered”.

  • Meek verse

    If I ever go broke, I’mma take yo money
    Have my nigga snatch yo bitch and rape yo honey
    Goonie shoot up yo wheel you need May Gold money
    Papi said he got that work just bring them Pesos for me (the money)