MGK Freestyles At Rucker Park

While en route to yesterday’s Entertainers Basketball Classic at The Rucker in Harlem, Machine Gun Kelley penned a rap. During the festivities, he then went above the rim and recited it for the crowd.

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  • are you serious?

    Was that supposed to be hot? Harlem…y’all used to have standards. Ex: The Apollo Theater…where legends were born and broken. The best part about that infinitely less than mediocre verse was him mentioning that he brought Bun B with him. Y’all cheer for anyfuckingthing now huh?

  • Pretty Fred

    what did you just wake up?

    Talent left this game in 2006

  • deez

    lol what’d bad boys team offer the crowd to cheer…lmao a lot of those people in the crowd are most likely what i like to call “fillers”..they do that a lot now .

  • George

    He raps knowing he’s whack.

  • Rachael5922

    I had a dream he was floating over a basketball hoop two weeks ago. I just had a dream he and Fifty cent were talking, one would talk over the other.

  • Rome

    look at these desperate haters above me. I don’t use that term lightly either. that shit was AS HIP HOP AS IT GETS. I don’t even listen to MGK like that, but I respect that this kid stays true to himself and is willing to rap for his fans at the Rucker while sitting on the rim. which other rapper would do that right now?

  • Trillionaire

    the rap was ok I guess but the scene is dope @ this nigga going around earning stripes

  • CJF

    its not a freestyle, hes reading it off his phone and jus sayin “mother fucker” .. wow

  • Belize

    this is hip hop. i swear there are no more hip hop heads in comment sections anymore..just pop fans