• zeee

    this shit dope

  • Style-LIN on you

    Frank Ocean is killing it, with the melodies and harmonies right now. Dope!

  • his album is good. but this sounds like the pause music on Mario Sunshine


    i wish tylers verses werent always so dark, track still hot though. mi na into dem battiman ting de still

  • Karain

    this is dope!.

    Chris Brown Says “EVERYbody Worried About Rihanna Face, Nobody Ever Stopped to Ask Me How My Hand Felt” http://goo.gl/9WNAW …. Wow really??

  • JD

    tyler fucked up that last part

  • JackBahlzack

    2 Out da closet faggz

  • nice shit… feeeling it

  • Jendrican

    Can I just be honest for a minute? I see what he was trying to do with Channel Orange, but there are MAYBE like 2 new songs on there that are actually good. “Lost” and “White”. The rest of them have their place, but most of them are rambling and boring. I’ll play this shit by a pool with no more than 3 other people, including a minimum of 2 females. Other than that? Never.

  • Me


  • Jaymalls

    This shit is trash… It sounds like a reject stargate beat for Ne-Yo and the vocals sound dumb ass hell… I think the double is creating phase issues!

  • R

    Frank Ocean is Gay!

  • yo

    Tyler really knows how to be whack and corny sometimes….

  • schmoe

    the problem with people is they forget the past. Jimi hendrix was a genius. Donnie Hathaway was a genius. Earth Wind and Fire is genius. Michael Jackson is genius. Prince is a genius. The only reason people would call this music genius is because 1. They forgot about the past 2. They are comparing his music to the BLATANTLY terrible music of today. There are TONS and I MEAN TONS of singers that make frank look simple. The thing is, hes apart of the agenda, he’s going to push homosexuality (which is no ones business, but they are making it the masses business, ask luther vandross which shits on this nigga), and his music is dark as fuck. Again, he might seem like a fresh sound, but if you go back a little bit, or listen for other artists of today, you’ll find really seasoned singers with ridiculous production.

    My main gripe about this dude is he can’t hold a groove… He always putting pasues into everything he sing… he don’t really know how to build up a song.. listen to the masters.. like lenny williams… that nigga pours his soul in it, he builds up the energy, and keeps the energy up. This nigga is on some pretentious shit, like we just supposed to ride with this nigga…. Prince, another example… the range on that nigga, and the production is just fucking 100x on this… you think just cause hes better than ray J or some shallow shit that he’s the second coming? The game is graded on the curve these days ,cause they aint gonna let all the talented brothers in, cause niggas aint about the agenda and being gay, they will fuck around and sing about real shit, and the industry cant take no risks…. its operation lock down… frank is own with the illuminati nuff said..

  • M.T


  • Cruel Thing

    Dammit, Tyler should have spit something breezy (Not Chris Brown) sounding if that makes sense

  • Lisa

    lmao at jendrican….when is ya dvd coming out you a funny nigga

  • MacDiesel illegitimate son


    LMAO yo who hurt you fam? shut the fuck up and let this shit rock. Frank was getting buzz before niggas knew he was buy. You sound wild stupid right now nigga. Go sell some bean pies and take that alu akbar conspiracy bullshit up the block b. aint nobody tryna hear that bullshit.

  • Did he suck tylers cock after?

  • Russelllll




  • bold

    wow wtf is with tyler’s verse? that’s pretty bad


    So how do yall feel dick riding the dude now hey lol Frank is average at best and this song is no where close to being nice.

  • Devastation Inc.

    What’s the name of this song?
    “Golden Shower”

  • SirPoloDolo

    they should call it golden butt plugs for dudes… smh

  • cam LESEID

    yea we could def do without tylers verse…dude is so overrated, makes good beats, but everyone thinks hes a god at rapping…da fuck? He had one popular song which wasn’t even that great (yonkers) and everyone acts like hes a prodigy

  • cuff’em

    I kinda agree with @scmoe, here are a few examples of REAL modern day musical genius’ : Musiq Soulchild, Kanye West, hell, even D’angelo in his prime, but like you said Frank is great only in comparison to alot of todays GARBAGE —> tyler the creator, Rihanna etc.,

  • no body can do it like the dream

  • jayel24

    its really sad that some people dont know what a great melody is or a great vibe you know music that makes you feel a certain way music that sticks in you head all day. I just dont get it. Oh well Great record Frank

  • jayel25

    Yeah. That’s what it is. People just “don’t know what a great melody is”. That makes sense.

    GTFOH dumbfuck. There’s no standard for what makes a “great melody” or a “great vibe”, it’s all up to personal opinion. And the majority opinion seems to be that this sucks. Myself? I listened to the song 20 minutes ago, and I’ve already forgotten everything about it, because it’s boring as hell, and it sounds more or less like the rest of his pointless album; so it’s clearly NOT something that’s going to stick in my head all day.

  • Youknowiknow

    @macdieselillegimateson your an idiot close minded fool who wouldn’t understand the truth if it slapped you in the face. @schmoe preach the truth brother

  • HelloE

    weeknd…….just sayin

  • BxWavy

    @schmoe, straight like that. Bro all we can do is present the knowledge and leave the rest in Jah hands, their eyes will open.

  • brl

    At this point, Tyler needs Frank. His 15 minutes are up.

  • @Jendrican

    I’ve been saying the same thing and everyone tries to fight you on it because theyre caught up in the bandwagon hype. Once you wipe away all of the hooplah, you get a subpar album with two tracks.