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    so nice and so effortless, Im starting to really like this dude more than the rest. still love the TDE conglomerate though

  • Truu

    Control System better than every rap album that’s been out so far. Ab-Soul is heavily slept on but dude is raw af.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    whats that song playing?

  • deez

    i repeat, only thing im now looking forward to from interscope is the black hippy album, and yeah sloppyhouse collabing wit em just sounds like a plain awful idea, lmao i really look forward to hearing this doodoo..

  • deez

    y even rub off the failure of one group onto another, it doesn’t make too much sense, i’d say distance the muthafuckin groups as far apart as possible…maybe even create a fake fuckin beef since thats becoming popular..

  • JReezy

    Damn he makes it look easy.

    @NoSoup4Yu That was Terrorist Threats.

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