Beanie Sigel Sentenced To Two Years

Back to the slammer Beans goes. Fox reports, the rapper has been sentenced to two years for failing to file $728,000 in federal income taxes from 1999-2005. He reports to prison September 12.



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  • Guare456

    shit i’d do 2 years to instead of giving up 730,000 that sounds fair

  • Dashing

    Death and Taxes. Damn shame.

    The road back to success was going to be a challenge already, but he had a shot. I think now it’ll be real hard for him. Coming back in 2014 trying to get hot again, not looking great.

    Best bet is living in the studio for the next 2 months and slowly releasing new material while he’s in jail.

    Damn shame.

  • Drake’s Eyebrows


  • Ivy Blue Hov

    Cant wait for him to blame hov for this too

  • @Artise1

    He still owe that f*cking money when he get out. We have to do better.

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    But really the fact is, we not in the same bracket.
    Not in the same league, don’t shoot at the same baskets.
    Don’t pay the same taxes.

  • The Truth

    Philly rappers just can’t catch a break , reverend Ike fucking with Meek now Beans going to jail, after Nas drops life is good the proceeds going straight to the IRS and he will stay out of jail, everybody that fucked with Jay-z with the exception of Ta-Ta and Kanye are fucked up right now!!!

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Pay ya taxes man. Damn. Feds don’t play.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Bleek good too. @The Truth

  • @gtfomike

    Beans is nasty though. One of the best to ever spit in a mic

  • @gtfomike

    @ Nathanial Hörnblowér

    compared to Beans you whack, though

  • Not Anonymous

    @gtfomike It’s a shame we’ll probably never get another quality album from Beans.

  • Itz Yourz

    Just when meek and jay and other heads are going to thro a concert down there come labor day, smh. I was hoping they will squash there differences and he would be brought out on stage. OR…jay doesn’t want any interruptions from him…lol, why is this shit happening now?

  • Blaxdon

    You breakin’ my heart beans your breaking my heart. The truth,roc the mic, mack bitch, feel it in the air,all those damn tours, two fairly successful movies, shoe deal,clothing deal,gold ,gold,platinum. Where is the money Beans. I remember that mtv diary where Jay had to come get you back from fighting in the club on camera. “I said he ain’t gonna babysit that nigga forever” How many times you gonna go to jail as an adult my nigga?! I can’t respect that shit. Not as some kid looking up to Lil wayne, odd future, drake, asap, meek mill etc, or as some grown man who has has to see the fall of Dmx,Wu-tang,Young buck,Dame dash,and now Sigel. 2 years. You ain’t got they money my nigga, you ain’t got nobody you can call ?Kanye on a newspaper everyday that was your man, Hov Opening up arenas and shit. You should be right with that nigga not putting your family out on they ass ‘for 2 years cause you ain’t got no European tour money?!! I’ma miss you Sigel cause I’m bumpin’ that Nas LOCO-motive right now. I once loved all these niggaz the same but as I get older I learn real recognize real. I liked dmx and jay the same way in 99. I can only respect one of them niggaz today. Loved beans and styles P the same way. Only one of them niggaz found piece today. Hey beans at least you’ll be right at home

  • Cant even say it was all good just a week ago. Dude’s been fucked for years now…..

  • hxxvaz

    Dis nigga look bummy as hell in that picture !!!

  • Jinx


  • musssssaaarddd

    he is all fucked up NEVER SEEN him lookin simple clean and fresh… lookin all homeless and shit and broke and he is lol…….LOOK AT HIS BLACK TEE all nasty white coke look at his NASTY NASTy ASS BEARD…………..MEMPHIS BLEEK stay rich with HOV ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! ITS THA ROOOCCCCC NATION BIATCH rot in jail

  • Devante

    Who’s fault is it now?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    DAMN Beans !!!!! He did that to himself just like Young Buck.

  • tucq

    I respected Beans, but wasn’t a huge fan.

    I just thought it was foul to go against Hov in public when he was given so many opportunites to shine. More than most rappers.

    If he was mad, keep that shit private.

  • DTrot

    It’s all good. As soon as 50 signs him he can pay those taxes. Right Fif? Fif?

    Asked for his comment and Jay-Z said: I tried to teach niggas how to be kings
    And all they ever wanted to be was soldiers. #shrug

  • It’s a dam shame when beans is on his game he never disapoints with putting out some Real hiphop the game is in dire need of some good Real hiphop now Thats gonna be Another cat that spit that Real shit out the game for A while.. Something the game Can do without Right now..

  • CJF

    @gtfomike says:
    Thursday, July 12 2012 at 3:00 PM EST
    Beans is nasty though. One of the best to ever spit in a mic

    The Truth was ill!!

  • moreffa

    fuck jay z

    you cant help beans out ?

  • JustMyOpinion

    “Grown men want me to sit ’em on my lap/but I don’t have a beard and Santa Claus ain’t black
    /I repeat, you can’t sit on my lap/I don’t have a beard, now get off my sack/Scream at me”

  • Realniggashit

    Damn Beans we need that music bruh

    • DTrot

      What music?! The dude hasnt been relevant since The Reason. What was that 01? And cats still cant see why Jay wouldnt vouch for him staying out of trouble? Hes an idiot. He let 50 dupe him into his marketing plan when he never had intentions of signing him. If he sticks with Jay he would probably own a piece of the 76ers or the Eagles. Poor bastard.

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  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    What an idiot (Napolean Dynamite voice).

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