• Me


  • NoSoup4Yu

    ^cmon son. but anyway i listened to that whole 10 minute interview I thought he was gonna ask him about you know what. good interviewnonetheless

  • Jay Loan

    @me why must a man sexuality change how this young mans music is viewed , Furthermore he seems to have more sense to him then 2/3 of the artist now-a-days who hide behind there gimmicks


    Who all heard the album respond to me and ill no wether you liked it or not, its clearly a yes

  • Me

    Becuz what u guys are saying is a lil something like this “MJ made thriller so why is it wrong for him to like lil boys booty holes?” Cuz ITS WRONG

  • Me is trolling hard haha

  • Jack Bahlzack

    Has anybody heard thiz fruits album. Do u feel like hez singing to a gang of niggaz? I used to dig his music, but now that i know hes singing to other homos i juz cant take em serious..hez gettin banged out by duded!!!! WTF.


    LMAO ^

  • Clos1881

    I like his music I think at this point he needs to chill on interviews I think his “coming out” was kinda gimmicky being that he wrote that later last year but waited until it was almost time for his album to drop to post it they say controversy sells I’m sure it was made clear before the interview and or any future ones that he will not speak on his sexuality. I just think bruh trippin this nigga had the nerve to tweet some shit about Stevie j is the reason women think men are dogs I’m like you and niggas like you the reason people think black males are on the downlow Smh.

  • It’s funny that so many people are slurring this kid for doing something we claim most people in music don’t do and that’s be real. He was honest. Secondly, what changed about his music? Nothing… his sexuality has nothing to do with his music. So let me guess none of you all like any of Luther Vandross’s music either huh? Personally I been a fan and still am one. Channel Orange has the spot for album of the year thus far. A great cohesive album of good music. Something that has been missing for years. What’s the last front to back album you bought?

  • Me

    Yeah he REAL Gay he should do a duet wit lil B, Elton John, Lady Gaga, & your Dad

  • Jay Loan

    Hey to each his own this kid is seemingly going to succeed despite the stigma of the hip hop community. The worlds changing regardless if you want it to or not

  • Me

    Cuz he not Hip Hop let him had been a rapper it would be crucifix’es & Stones & your right the worlds changing into one big Gay Bar/Club smh

  • Jay Loan

    He may not be a rapper but he has had his hand in some pretty well recieved hip hop songs and your the type of person who is the reason America is going to shit…

  • Ridalen

    So basically you guys believe that he should be shunned based on his sexuality? Is that how America gets on the right track?

  • chief keef

    the same dudes who are supporting this dude is the same people hating on the lil b album im gay, the music industry just lick ass of whoever has a buzz!!

  • Arctic Monk

    All the good songs on his album came out at least a year ago (except Forrest Gump- that one sounds like it had potential before it went really, really gay)

  • Tone

    Classic Roc-A-Fella Days


  • brl

    This new album is boring aside from a few records. nostalgia,ULTRA is far superior. Not to mention the publicity stunt he pulled before the album was released.

  • brl

    Guaranteed his PR made sure there were no questions regarding his “coming out”.

  • AliX

    Gay ass nigga

  • NewDae

    WOW, niggas really cockblocking on this one… LITERALLY. So what if the dude goes both ways? Changes nothing. His music is quality as compared to a lot of his peers who are putting out straight dookie! This dude has nothing to do with all these other brothers on the downlow… because if those dudes were honest about their own sexuality (lie Frankie), women wouldn’t be getting strung along in the first place.

    I commend the nigga. FEARLESS.

  • hazz

    Does anyone else find it weird that guys are worried about if Frank is singing to a guy?

    Do these same guys not like female artist bcuz they are singing to a guys?

    Music is the universal language it touches the soul if you feel it you apply it to your situation.

    I get it tho you think if you like his music then you must be gay HAHAHAHA how dumb is that?
    there will be a lot of “closet” Frank Ocean fans no pun intended

  • K

    @ hazz

    real shit…

  • Jack Bahlzack

    @ hazz

    Nah playboy it aint about being a closet homo like you, its more like prefrence. Youll never catch me walking down the mall singing “The boy is mine” by Brandy cuz shes singing about a dude. Same with Frank. He’s singing a to a dude, but hey if you like gay music then that probly means you like gay pron to right? CASE CLOSED BIATCH!!!!!!!

    Now carry on..

  • Cam

    @JAck Bahlzack

    You idiot, Most of his songs on the album refer too a woman.. hence him saying “Her” or on “Lost” when he says “Double D’s, big full breasts, on my baby”.. majority of his songs are about women. He sexual preference is men & women.

    Its obvious that you arent comfortable with your sexualit, well heres a little news for you… ABOUT 90% OF YOUR WARDROBE WAS DESIGNED BY GAY MEN. So yeah.

    Carry on..

  • Jimmyu

    You know when he was singing about double D’s the nigga mean two dicks and when he said full breasts he meant full ball sacks. I want you to dwell on that for a moment….

  • Frank Ocean

    I want to give a sincere thanks to the men & boys standing up for my right to date who I please. Some of you sound like some real strong, sexy men who should come to my next show. I usually let a couple groupie niggas in the back at the end to kick it & sign autographs, maybe have a couple drinks and see where shit goes… no pressure….

  • deeep sooo deeeep

    frank you are one of the rare and real talents…keep on doing your thing man

  • Anon DCPL

    LMAO @ Frank Ocean

  • lmao @ deeep sooo deeeep’s username

  • @MrRight516

    YN’s yellow tongue is probably buried deep in this fag’s asshole. Is he the new carrier of the holy fortune cookie? Did Officer William really hand it over?



    I let them firefighter loving ass motherfuckers design my shit, that’s cool, but I ain’t never let em in my iPod. I keep that shit straight. Every time I thought this ball sack loving ass motherfucker was singing about hot females it was actually about niggas now that shit ain’t cool.