In The Pink: Cam’ron & Wiz Khalifa

Cam’Ron and Cameron are in the pink in their new vlog powered by Dame Dash’s DD12. This is more like a behind the scenes of their new collaboration, but it’s truncated at the 2:29 mark.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Is it me or has Wiz fallen off ??

  • Kanye Shrug

    @Your mother’s “friend” It’s you

  • troncity

    haha dress like me you get kicked out..even furniture. haa.

    What?? watch a video of a nigga shootin a video with a Cam??? and he fell off? thats camron. niggas making moves and I dont even like wiz.

    Bet tho if it was with 2 chainz youd be like oh wiz makin moves.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    It’s whatever i just don’t think niggas are checking for Wiz like that no more

  • ThatKid

    I am , wiz makes some mellow but hard music. You can relax and get hyped up at the same damn time

  • MOneybags

    Is wiz fallen off? Thats makes you think was he ever on right? @your mothers friend

  • The Truth

    Sad to say that Cam’ron is done stick a fork in him!!!

  • HMG

    Dead Nation proudly presents the Has been Music Group tour starring Camron DMX Nore Juelz Santana Busta Rhymes with 50 cent performing the lyp synced version of GRODT in it’s entirety plus special guests Fab and Havoc also featuring Snoop Dogg Game Cassidy T.I and Nelly.. tickets go on sale at 7pm on… ticket prices starting at $4.00.

  • Joey Crack

    Don’t forget about me I will be there too.

  • 0_0

    wiz gon sale more albums then any other rappers that drop in august O.N.I.F.C

  • 0_0

    o yeah and CamRon still the shit

  • Devante

    @Hmg has a point everyone you named should hang it up and make way for other rappers those guys are way outta their prime

  • Wiz sign this kid to Taylor Gang! Make this kids dream come true! He’s from Toronto and everyone down here know he’s the one responsible for giving The Weeknd his style. They even interview him on Complex

  • FTW

    It’s definitely you, Wiz is on an incline.


    Damon Dash is a business genius but I realize why he’s not as successful as he prali should be. If you have finagled your way to get a motor oil brand, with distribution….Congrats BTW… Which is prali 6 degrees away from establishing your own oil well in Alaska somewhere. Why in the hell would you put your name on it? Why not focus on quality, racing sponsorship…. create an individual brand, and just fall back and collect? I’ll tell you why.. Ego.

    Hey Yo Dame, seriously Sun…. stop putting your name and or initials on everything you touch.


  • Realniggashit

    Nah that last Wiz mixtape fire

  • Foekist

    Truncated? lol