Jay-Z Barclays Center Show Dates

Do you want more? Well in addition to Hov’s first concert at the Barclays Center on September 28, he has recently added two more shows on September 29 and 30.

Tix go on sale this Friday, July 13 at the venue’s site and ticketmaster and 7,000 of them for each show will be priced just under $30. Can’t beat that.

UPDATE: Two more dates! Five in total. October 3 and 4th. Again!

UPDATE #2: Three more dates added. Eight shows in total. October 1st, 5th & 6th. Via Angie Martinez.

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  • map chat
  • map chat

    why cant ths nigga just throw out a new record…

  • Black Shady

    word…we need a new album Hov

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  • B.Dot

    @Black Shady:

    word…we need a new album Hov

    It’s called Watch The Throne! lol

  • stop

    jigga promoting the same barclays which supported the apartheid in south africa smh

  • Slaughter

    We’re wi this be ?

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ Slaughter – Barclays Center is in Brooklyn bro…

    Im probly just gonna go to the Made in America Festival for my annual Jay-Z concert going….

  • damone

    I think I might make this trip… But I need a new Hov CD ASAP

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    I’m in there!!

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  • Jeezy wins again

    Good moves bringing team to Brooklyn..part owner..holds concerts in his stadium..nice!

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  • YunG based god

    the throne came out damn near a year ago

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  • figgside


    Watch The Throne is a kanye and Jay project, Black Shady is talkin about a solo album from Jay idiot

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Need a NEW SOLO album from Jay. Theses shows are gonna be crazy ! Damn i wish i lived in Brooklyn.

  • damone

    2 more dates… HOV

  • Jaymalls

    Lmao… People seen them $30 tickets and lost their minds… Started off as 1 date and had to add 4 more Hahahaha







  • Drake’s Eyebrows

    oh 2 more dates I’m thrilled !! ha ha Fuck Off

  • @ B.Dot i get what you saying, Watch the throne is basically all we going to get from jay ATLEAST for another year or so, jay aint stepping back in the studio till 2013

  • Junior

    Just got my Presales for the Oct. 3rd show. This shit is gonna be dope, I just wish he would do one of those freestyles he does at his shows the end up on his next album.

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  • How Wonderful…

    Ha…gotta add shows because Dwight Howard ain’t coming to play for the Nets. Those NBA tickets ain’t worth the high price now are they? Plan B looks like numerous Jay Z concerts to overcompensate.

  • Gambino

    ^they aren’t that expensive, learn to read

  • michelle michelle

    I hope some rappers check out his show and pick up some tips, he’s a great live performer.

    On another note, I think the surprise guest list is gonna be crazy.

  • Kemosabi

    I’m making my way there for sure. And I agree we need a new Jigga album!!

  • How Wonderful…

    @ Gambino, I can read and 7000 tix for thirty bucks won’t scratch the surface when u think of the money that was anticipated that Howard would generate. Brooklyn lost financially without Howard. Learn economics, we are talking long term money here. You just put your short term non critical thinking ass on the dartboard.

  • How Wonderful…

    Oh yeah, I hope u know that those thirty dollar tix are in the rafters. Nosebleed!

  • Jaymalls

    @How Wonderful

    You sound like a hater b! The first show was planned months ago… all the way back to last year he said he was going to “christen” HIS arena (part owner in the arena and the team) by doing the FIRST show there!

    And you said economics: well use it here fuq boy! If the pre-sale for the first show sells out IMMEDIATELY, why not add more shows??? He owns Roc Nation, which is under Live Nation, which is the is the world’s leading live entertainment and eCommerce company. They own Tickesmaster among other companies b! Stop hating and get of your ass..

  • How Wonderful…

    If I’m a hater then it a dickrider. Get off jay z’s dick. Fully aware that he planned it from last year, But of u think that they aren’t scrambling cuz Howard won’t be there then ur crazy. Look at the bigger picture son. And get a saddle for the dickriding. It might help.

  • super grover is my hero

    something about hov , i dont know mabe the aura this guy got its so dope . jay will reach 45 , 46 47 and ppl will still be beggin him to drop a new album …..

  • Sarah_Underwood

    The front row is going to be filled with a bunch of hedge fund investors and other white collar crooks.

  • Jaymalls

    @How Wonderful…

    U keep mention D. Howard like this post has anything to do with him. Get off Howard’s and Jay’s dick you troll!

  • i copped my $30 nosebleeds for Thursday October 4th

  • Man Eff Rease!

    I thought that it was already known that he was doing 8 shows when the new arena was opening in Brooklyn?

  • Arctic Monk

    Dwight Howard isn’t a good investment, Mr. “Longterm Money”. He’d be good to have for the opening season, but he doesn’t keep himself healthy and he’s the worst player in the game when it comes to dealing with the media. He can get away with it in Orlando where the entire city has nothing else going for it except Mickey Mouse, but if you take a player with a steep downside that likes to talk like he’s the center of the universe and drop him in NY? You might actually hurt the team once people get sick of him. Brook Lopez isn’t terrible, probably one of the top 10 centers in the league, and he leaves them a decent chunk of money to work with, instead of maxing out the next 3 years on Howard.