• R

    he needs a better rap name

  • JustMyOpinion

    The last two years has been mixtapes galore. Do rappers drop albums anymore? Scared of those numbers? Seriously, why the sudden the of mixtapes?

  • troncity

    I know its @justyouropinion but

    uh the sudden the uh mixtape of the uh the drrrrrr

    seems like his fans are more special than him

  • Jager

    When you make a album, you have to do it through the label, And you have to do it how they want or not at all.
    Mixtapes give total creative freedom because they dont have to please the label and its necessary monetary income.

  • LoverofHipHop

    Looking forward to checking this out. Dude has been pretty consistent with his, like what I’ve heard thus far, the preemo video he had the other day was pretty dope.

  • das rapist

    lololol @ “long-awaited” ……….by cousin pookie up the block, maybe. 38 Spesh tho???? rappers need to stop naming themselves after heaters b4 they catch another 40 glocc style beatdown

  • BlackGods

    shit is dope

  • m1

    he go hard and he really bout that life ny stand up

  • z2

    Can he make a classic Lp? that shoud be the only requirement

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    Spesh keeps it totally 1 hundred, most rappers are frauds and dont live what they rap about. He does.