• TeeCartt

    Pusha puts that work in once again and Bun B, as always. This goesss!

  • Gambino

    can somebody explain who this guy is

  • @ gambino
    He’s basically the nigga that put jeezy on..n fact jeezy owes everything he has to dis nigga

  • @teecartt i said the same thing…but overall it’s a cool track.

  • B-LO

    @tommy gun jones You trippin. Jeezy don’t owe this nigga shit. Jeezy put himself on musically. This nigga bleu was nothin but a do boy for BMF anyway. Meech don’t even like this nigga. He a snitch too.

  • Push have Ye sign this kid! Make this kids dream come true! He’s from Toronto and everyone down here know he’s the one responsible for giving The Weeknd his style. They even interview him on Complex


  • Jack Bahlzack

    Calico joooooooonez!!!

  • deez

    william knew he had to have his own dj scream put out a tape for bleu, lmao made ridiculous amount of bread of the bmf name, u owe this muthafcka more than a mixtape..

  • B-Lo
    Snitch? U got paperwork? Cause dats hard 2 believe. From what I understand(cause I wasn’t part of the indictment,n u either)he stayed loyal n held it down. If that’s the case y is HE allowed 2 continue 2 represent the squad? Enlighten me.

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  • Rambo

    Pusha is the best that ever did it. F u


    blue DA DON…B.M.F

  • CJF

    tommy gun jones says:
    Thursday, July 12 2012 at 7:50 PM EST
    @ gambino
    He’s basically the nigga that put jeezy on..n fact jeezy owes everything he has to dis nigga


  • Fuck blue divinci its cte or nothing. Nigga wanna be jeezy so bad

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Bleu is wack. BIG MEECH made you homie. Your nothing without him. This song is trash.

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  • John

    Take a look at B.M.F member BlackFace from Detroit on youtube he exposes i guess the truth about Bleu Divinci saying he is a snitch. I still believe Bleu Divinci is the DoN of B.M.F with maybe Big Meech’s Consent. Also if you come across the lastest COME UP DVD Bleu divinci pulls up with a all black phantom talking about he is the Don of this street shit while Young Jeezy is a Homo (sntich nigga ). After serving 4 1/2 years in federal prison why go on DVD talking about street shit to draw attention towards B.M.F?? Is Bleu really working for the FEDs? Im pretty sure if he was working as a agent Big Meech or a loyal member of B.m.F would approach Bleu divinci.